#TheWalkingDead Season 7 Premiere 'The Day Will Come When You Wont Be' Recap and Review

The highly anticipated, long-awaited return of AMC's The Walking Dead has finally arrived! And it arrived with a crushing blow...  And need I say, damn was it gut-wrenchingly brutal... Sunday night, millions of fans waited the remaining hours out as the show slowly crept its way back to the television sets. Fans nervously waited as the six-month break finally came to an end and received the long awaited, unanswered question of who Negan's victim or victims really were... Finally, we were met with an answer... And it didn't settle well with others..


The episode opened up past the lethal blow of the victims of Negan's wrath. Rick was tossed into the RV as seen the 'Right Hand Man' trailer. Negan pounded Rick's axe into the table of the RV. He begged him to do something, which Rick's best chance was to drive that Axe deep into his skull. But Negan was prepared... He was at the ready with a semi-automatic weapon. Then they went for a drive... To break down Negan's words, he told Rick that everything he had was his. The Axe, The RV, the beans in the RV, everything. And Rick was to be his puppet. Bring him goods in return for... Well, in turn for no more head bashing. Negan and Rick drove to the spot where the Saviors had trapped the group with a burning stack of logs. He threw the axe out and told Rick to retrieve 'his axe.' After a while, and a hauntingly disgusting raise of Lucille, Rick followed his command. But they were deep into Walker territory. Rick was chased, taunted by Negan and almost bitten once or twice by walkers, before climbing onto the RV's roof... That's when the flashbacks began.

It started at the infamous lineup where we left off last season... Taunting the group through a never-seeming-to-end game of eene meany miny moe. But when the sadistic nursery rhyme ended, the soon-to-be victim was nonetheless Sergeant Abraham Ford. Many fans watched (myself included) as Negan brought down the crushing blow to Abraham'st head. Abe 'took it like a champ' until he couldn't anymore. Rosita cried out, same for Sasha (Abe had flashed her their commonly known peace sign right before) afterward, Negan approached Rosita. He wanted her to look at what Abe had done for the group, taken six or seven deadly blows to the cranium.

Negan wanted her to be proud! For it could have been someone else! But Daryl had seen enough; he was tired of Negan terrorizing her. So he jumped up and socked Negan best he could before two Saviors were on him, and Dwight had the crossbow at his head, begging Negan to let him kill him there. But Negan had other plans... He told the group "Now, I don't know what kind of lying bastards you have been dealing with, but I am a man of my word. And first impressions are everything." That's when he preceded to bashing in Glenn's skull as well. Daryl watched on in horror as his close friend from Atlanta, (since the beginning) was bashed in just like Abe. Maggie cried as the others watched in horror. But Glenn wasn't dead yet. His skull broke, brain exposed, eye gouging, he looked at a horrified Maggie and weakly said: "I will find you." Then Negan pumbles Glenn to nothing... Just like Abe. But what made it worse was when the camera showed Glenn's remains, his hand was moving, almost as if he was waving at Maggie one last time. 

Shortly after that, Negan killed all the remaining walkers that Rick hadn't been to yet and pulled him back inside the RV. He drove back, daylight breaking, and met up with everyone who was at the "meeting grounds." Negan threw Rick out of the RV, axe in Rick's possession and asked Simon if he had a pen. He did and gave it up.  He had his men line up at the remaining peoples' heads' and aim a weapon.

Then he called Carl over... Negan put a tourniquet above Carl's left elbow, laid him next to Rick and marked the spot in which he wanted Rick to cut his son's arm off. That's right, cut it off. Rick, horrified, begged Negan not to do it. That's when Negan said that he would be doing it. Rick begged and begged and begged before Negan began to count. Rick was about to do it when Negan told him "That's the look I wanted," and backed away.

Negan gave Dwight an order to pack up Daryl. Gladly, he followed command and threw him in the back of a van. The Saviors left, Negan reminding Rick that he'd be in Alexandria for the first pickup of supplies and left the group broken, humiliated and terrified. Maggie grabbed the keys to the vehicle that Negan left and began to protest about having gotten the group into this mess because she was ill. They assured her that it wasn't, but she wouldn't believe them. She planned to take Glenn somewhere, but Rick, Aaron, and Carl refused to let her go solo. She had a flashback... But it was the future.

Everyone at Alexandria is enjoying a meal outside, Glenn and Maggie had their son, and it looked as if Sasha was pregnant. Damn you, Negan!  They helped her load Glenn's body up. Sasha and Rosita mourned at Abraham's body when Eugene came by. They loaded up his body as well and prepared to leave. A walker suddenly appeared. Rick was going to kill it but backed away into the RV. As they pulled away, said Walker fell to the remains of either Glenn's or Abe's brain matter and proceeded to munch away... 

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Editor: Joeleen Gatlin