#TheWalkingDead Season 7 Overview "Catch Up On Last Season In 5 Minutes"

Monday, October 16th

With only days remaining until the anxiously awaited season 8, 100th episode debut, fans across the globe sit back and bite their nails in anticipation...

Season 7 Episode 1: The Day Will Come When You Won't Be

The highly anticipated season 7 premiere left over 17 million fans heartbroken and down two fan favorites. Negan struck a home run by killing off not one but two of the shows' biggest favorites and announcing he was in charge, leaving the group broken and mournful.  

Season 7 Episode 2:  The Well

Morgan introduced an injured and weakened Carol to the world of The Kingdom. She meets the King. But she isn't happy there. She wants to be alone. She attempts to sneak off, but the King finds her. They talk for a while before she decides that its better for herself if she leaves. The following morning, she goes.

Season 7 Episode 3: The Cell

In The Cell, we saw a Daryl fans feared may never return to his normal self. With him feeling complete guilt over Glenn's death, he decides to pay his dues as best he can; rotting away slowly. But Negan wants Daryl as a recruit and an informant. But Daryl doesn't have it. So, he does what he feels is right by standing up then cowering back into the weakened shell he's decided to form.

Season 7 Episode 4: Service

Negan drops by Alexandria for a visit. He decides it's time for the group to pay up all the while dangling Daryl in front of Rick, his brother, and best friend. The Saviors collect everything they want inside the Safe Zone walls. Then, they leave. 

Season 7 Episode 5: Go-Getters 

While in the midst of danger, Maggie and Sasha find cover inside of The Hilltop. The Hilltop fights off walkers to save the community. The following day, a group of Saviors comes for collections. Gregory almost gives up the girls, but they hid.  

Season 7 Episode 6: Swear

While out on a search, Tara and Heath become separated. Tara finds a group called Oceanside, and she attempts to bring them to Alexandria, but they won't leave their compound. On her way back, Tara finds a small shop and finds a small trinket for her girlfriend Denise, only to find out she's dead when she returns home. 

Season 7 Episode 7: Sing Me A Song

Carl and Jesus hide inside of a truck designated for The Sanctuary. Jesus is on a rescue mission while Carl is on a vendetta mission. He meets Negan while Jesus rescues Daryl and they both escape the compound, one as a fugitive and one as a return. 

Season 7 Episode 8: Hearts Still Beating

In the mid-season finale, Negan visits Alexandria on a surprise mission. While waiting for Rick to return, Negan meets the people of the community, shoots some pool and stabs a guy. Just a normal day in the life of the crazed villain if you ask me. When Rick returns, he's got one helluva mess to clean up.

Season 7 Episode 9:  Rocks In The Road

In the mid-season premiere,  Rick and the others meet another group that's similar in comparison but much larger. They meet The Kingdom. King Ezekiel will not join them, however. He wishes to keep the peace they currently have with the Saviors. 

Season 7 Episode 10: New Best Friends

Rick and a few others meet with a new group of people while forming a treaty in the midst of battle and proving their grit. Rick and the gang form an alliance with some unlikely candidates that seem shady. But at this point in the game, they need all they can get.

Season 7 Episode 11: Hostiles and Calamities

 Hostiles and Calamities was a targeted episode focused on the Saviors and their new addition, Eugene. Strange enough, the cowardly Doctor made a befitting role within the community. Many fans wonder if it's true or a ploy. But, in the end, maybe he's better suited there. Negan got his hands on someone even perhaps more valuable than Daryl (for the knowledge), but in the end, it was a big mistake for many to betray their sides.

Season 7 Episode 12: Say Yes

Rick and Michonne follow leads on weapons and supplies, fulfilling their half of the bargain and agreement for Jadis and the Scavengers while one's at home struggle with their actions and decisions regarding Negan and the Saviors. 

Season 7 Episode 13: 

In the Kingdom-based episode, Carol returns, joining forces once again completely with Morgan and The King. But things do not go as planned during the weekly trade and some die. The Kingdom is shaken for the first official time since the inception of The Apocalypse.

Season 7 Episode 14:   The Other Side

With the Hilltop Colony housing, many fugitives from Alexandria, when the Saviors raided them for an additional supply run it made things more difficult than before. Daryl, Maggie, Rosita, and Sasha all hideaway, barely escaping by the skin of their teeth.  

Season 7 Episode 15: Something They Need

While the majority of the Alexandrians embark on a weapon run at Oceanside, Rosita and Sasha team up to take down the biggest threat to them all. While things go pretty smoothly at Oceanside, there's a snag with the duo murder squad. Sasha sacrifices herself while Rosita escapes the compound.  

Season 7 Episode 16: The First Day Of The End Of Your Life

Alexandrians in place, The Scavengers in place and the Kingdomers on their way (without Rick and Co's knowledge), war has commenced. But, to a surprising realization, Jadis and her crew have turned on Rick. Negan offered them something juicier. All thought to be lost until the bullets flew and the Hilltop Colony invaded, alongside the King and Carol and Morgan. The Saviors retreated along with the traders. They regrouped, finding ones who they thought they lost and they began to regroup, forming as one united force.


The Seventh season was jammed with action, but will the Eighth follow suit? There's promise that the new season will be unlike anything fans have ever seen. Will you be there October 22nd? Tune in Sunday to see the Eighth Season unfold only on AMC.

Writer/Editor: Joeleen Gatlin