#TheWalkingDead Season 7A Recap (Episodes 1-8)

From the second the long awaited seventh season began, fans were shaken to the core, disturbed, and all around pissed off. With the second half approaching fast, millions are waiting to see what's to come of Negan's terror, Rick taking back control and the impending war against the Saviors. 

 ~The Day Will Come When You Won't Be~


The season seven premiere opened up with a bang, starting right after the infamous 'head bashing.' Negan took Rick from the lineup and threw him inside the RV and took him on a trip to show him who was the boss. Rick fought off walkers per Negan's request to "bring him his axe." While going through this, Rick suffered from flashbacks of the incident. He watched as Negan's 'Eni Meanie Miney Moe' victim was chosen, Sergeant Abraham Ford was sacrificed to Negan's cause. Then, Daryl hit Negan due to him harassing Rosita about 'Red.' He then proceeded to bash in Glenn's head with an already covered in Abe's brains Lucille. Negan apologized then beat him to a bloody pulp. When finished, Negan made a snide comment, 'Lucille is thirsty. She's a vampire bat.' When returned, Rick was almost forced to chop off Carl's arm, Dwight loaded up Daryl because Negan wanted him and even took Polaroid photos of Glenn's bashed head. When they left, a sorrowful moment of silence was shared between the remaining group before Maggie's fight kicked in. She said they needed to prepare for war. The group loaded up the remains and Sasha took Maggie and the deceased to The Hilltop. Rick and the others went home four members down... 

   ~The Well~    


In The Well, we saw how Carol and Morgan made it to the Kingdom. When Carol woke, Morgan took her on a quick tour around the kingdom before meeting Ezekiel and Shiva. King Ezekiel was pleased to meet Carol and see Morgan again. When they left, Carol wanted to leave immediately. King Ezekiel's right-hand man Richard, the king himself, a boy named Benjamin, Jerry, Morgan, and a few others went out on a supply run for meat. They gathered feral Hogs and harvested them for the weekly pick up for the Saviors. When they met, Richard got into it with the head savior. Once resolved, they returned to the Kingdom. The King approached Morgan and requested he trains Benjamin. Morgan complied, and he began to train him. Carol left that night but was caught by Ezekiel and Morgan. They talk before she left, bonding and sharing stories. Then, Morgan escorts Carol to the house they passed on the way to the Kingdom. But Ezekiel showed up and surprised her with a pomegranate.

   ~The Cell~  


The Cell was a pisser-offer episode. From the irritatingly catchy tunes to the endless fido sandwiches, Daryl struggled day in and day out with the endless torture of Dwight. Dwight met with Negan on a few occasions to inform him of the process, Negan even offering to reward him for his progress but he declined. When Dwight left, a Savior by the name of Fat Joey was in charge of Daryl. He "accidentally" left the door open and Daryl went for it. Despite the warning from Sherry, he went for it but regretted it. He was beaten down by a group of the Saviors. When Dwight returned, he checked up and saw the Daryl was messed up. They met with Negan who wanted Daryl's compliance but didn't get it. So, he was put back in The Cell.



Episode 4 open up with everyone showing the struggle of losing family. Blood or not, a family is a family. Michonne woke up before Rick and decided to snipe. Then, dun dun dun dun... Negan and co arrived. Negan barked orders and made his way around Alexandria. Rick saw Daryl for the first time since the premiere, but they weren't allowed to speak. Dwight sent Rosita and Spencer out on a mission for Daryl's bike while they loaded up half of Alexandria. Olivia was brought to Negan by Arat for missing weapons. Rick had a meeting to tell everyone that he is not in charge anymore. Come to find out; Spencer had the two weapons stashed. He gave them up. Carl wasn't happy about them taking their medications and almost shot one of the Saviors. Negan talked Carl down, and they carried on. As they went to leave, Michonne showed up with a deer and was forced to leave it and the rifle. Negan took it, and they left. Rosita returned with the bike and Dwight took it. Later on, Rick and Michonne had an intimate conversation about Shane, Lori, and Judith. Shane being her biological dad but Rick's her father

   ~Go Getters~


Episode 5 was an action-packed episode filled with Kung-Fu walker slaying goodness and all around badass-ery. Jesus, Maggie, and Sasha made a dynamite team. But, they had to deal with two problems; Gregory and Simon. If it wasn't for Gregory being an ass, it was Simon bringing in the Saviors for a pickup. But, Gregory's real colors shined bright, also showing who was really the boss. Her name? Maggie Rhee. She took over after sacking Gregory in the jaw and laid down the law. She was in charge, and she demanded to be respected. In the end, we saw Carl and Enid. She snuck into The Hilltop while Carl got into the back of the truck headed to The Sanctuary, only to find out Jesus had the same idea...



Episode 6 was a laid back yet not episode. It was Tara-dominated with the discovery of Oceanside, a new community to the series. She was held captive until they felt she was safe to be free. The leader and her daughters had dinner with Tara and you d out that they too were once ruled by The Saviors. But, they escaped. When they let Tara go (with guides), she was almost killed. But Sydney, one of the granddaughters of the leader saved her yet again. Tara and Sydney made it to the bridge where Tara was freed to the bridge and Sydney was forced back to Oceanside. Tara returned to Alexandria but was struck with the news of losing Denise to Dwight and Glenn and Abe to Negan and Lucille.

  ~Sing Me A Song ~


Episode 7 was a 90-minute special that was Savior Dominated. Jesus jumped off the truck at the front gates while Carl stayed in the truck. When he was spotted, he machine gunned some of Negan's men, demanded to meet Negan and he'd leave everyone else alone. Well, he got that. More than that. Negan showed him around the compound, even showed Carl his wives room. He bared witness to what Negan calls 'The Iron' and what happens when you cheat on him. IT'S NOT NICE... Negan made Carl lose the eye patch and leave it off because he thought it made him look tougher. After Carl sung to him and Lucille, he decided to bring him home where he met with Olivia again. He wanted to 'screw her brains out' but she wasn't a game. He was slapped hard and denied a little 'fun.' At the end of the episode, Daryl was slipped a note with his bike key that said 'Go Now.'

   ~Hearts Still Beating~


In the mid-season finale, so much happened. Rick and Aaron returned from their supply run to find the Saviors back yet again, two deaths rocked the Alexandrians and Judith discovered a new friend... Rosita and Eugene went on a supply run while Spencer went on one himself. He returned, pleasing the Saviors. One of the females even hinted at him coming home with her... Rosita had Eugene make her a bullet. Spencer met with Negan and they shared some liquor and a round of pool. But Spencer had one objective in mind; get rid of Rick. Negan played into his game until he'd heard enough and put an end to it. He killed Spencer. Then, Rosita took a shot at Negan but missed. Arat tackled her, held a blade to her face and cut her cheek then killed Olivia. Rick heard the gunshot but couldn't move. Aaron was getting the snot beat out of him by two Saviors. Then, he rushed to see the commotion. Negan informed Rick of all the happenings before he left, taking Eugene with them. Daryl escaped unharmed, beating Fat Joey to a pulp and him and Jesus escaped. Rick, Rosita, Carl, Michonne and Tara met up with Maggie and found out Daryl made it out alive. A bittersweet reunion was between the group, Rick and Daryl hugging tightly. Then, they made their way up to Gregory's office. 

Rick and the gang are back together. Rick and Co are ready to fight and take the Saviors down. But it won't be easy. The Saviors are a tricky bunch. They're dangerous and deadly. They will stop at nothing to achieve what they feel is right. Can Rick and Co do what needs to be done? We will find out next Sunday...


The Walking Dead returns to AMC next Sunday at 9p.m. 


Editor: Joeleen Gatlin