#TheWalkingDead season 8 Death Watch; Who will it be?

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 


Season 7 of AMC's The Walking Dead was definitely one of the hardest seasons to watch, many fans becoming emotionally and mentally drained, excited and becoming instilled with fear for many. Many beloved characters died, some we hated died, and others we chanted for death. But many of the cast are suggesting that season 8 "feels like our show, again". What exactly does that mean? Blood, death and sheer chaos.

Today, I am here to bring upon a list of PERSONAL deaths that could and more or less will happen. My theories are based on FACTS and PERSONAL THOUGHTS.


 Death Watch Theory #1; Morgan

In the comics, Morgan dies in the war against the Saviors. So far in the television series, he's survived. But for how long? Morgan, like a handful of others, are running on borrowed time. This means in my words, that the character(s) evolved are running on the writers, therefore may be killed off at any given time. Morgan is a highly likely candidate for a death in the eight season. 

TWD Carol.jpg

Death Watch Theory #2; Carol

Carol has been living on burrowed time since season 3-4, essentially living on her daughter's time instead of her own. We have seen Carol go through many struggles since the inception of the show, becoming something entirely better than her role in the comics which was mentally weak.  In the show, Carol is involved with the King of The Kingdom but in the comics, it's Michonne. Carol is my next candidate for a death in the eight season.


Death Watch Theory #3: Ezekiel

In the comics, Ezekiel dies in the War against the Saviors, longer in than Morgan. But, in the series (so far), he and his beloved tiger, Shiva, still remain. In the finale, we saw the Kingdomers come to the Alexandrians' help as the Saviors reigned down. But, Ezekiel is such an imperative character to many, they may not kill him off...yet. Ezekiel is my third candidate for a death this coming season.


Death Theory #4; Rosita

Rosita does not die in the war against the Saviors in the comics, but she does against the Whisperers (another group to come after the Saviors War). But given the circumstances, she may die earlier than planned. Rosita is head strong, and she just recently lost many who she loved and one betrayed her for the wrong side. Right now, she's emotionally unstable, which could result in her dying this season. But, Negan may have other plans, he may want to wife her, instead of kill her unless he has no other choice. Rosita is my forth Death Theory for the eight season.


Death Theory #5; Daryl

Daryl is a television series only character. Originally, it was only Merle but then Daryl was created. Daryl is a fan favorite and has been since season 1. As the seasons carried on, we saw Daryl both lighten then darken again after Beth. But this past season, after Glenn, Daryl has been regaining himself. The first half of the season, he was weak, beaten and mentally unstable. But after Jesus rescued him, Daryl became Daryl again. Daryl has a rather large target between his eyes, though. Negan wants his Daryl back, preferably alive, but he may settle for him being dead. He's a threat and he needs that threat neutralized. Daryl is a midway candidate for a season 8 death.


Death Theory #6; Eugene

In the current comics, Dr. Eugene Porter is still very much alive and doing well. Same in the show, only its a little different. In the comics, Eugene was kidnapped by The Saviors and beaten, but he escaped amidst the war. But in the show, he's traded sides. He is now calling himself a Savior, not a Survivor. To fans, it appears our favorite hair has turned against us. But some are thinking it's a ploy. Personally, I don't. The crew of The Walking Dead are known for shaking things up. This is why I believe Eugene could die this season. I believe there is a high possibility for Eugene to be a Season 8 Death. 


Death Theory #7; Judith

Judith, like Carol and Morgan, are living on burrowed time. Judith, like Lori, did not make it out of the prison in the comics when the Governor and his men attacked. Last season, Negan discovered little Judith and raised many eyebrows while doing so. The villain is known for having compassion but he's known specifically for his savage side. He will kill anything living, breathing or dead if it crosses him. Or, even if it means leverage. Little baby Judith would be a devastating impact to many fans, but it would be a way for Negan to get under Rick's skin...even deeper than he already has. Judith is a moderate Death candidate for the new season.


Death Theory #8; Carl

Carl Grimes has become one of the worst characters next to Daryl and his father, Rick. But in the world of the dead, surprise and violence is everything. In the comics, he is still alive. In the series, he is still alive. But will he last? Given some factors, the actor Chandler Riggs will be beginning college in the fall. This may impact the show and the character as a whole. Will Negan guy succeed in lobbying Carl's head off? Carl is a moderate Death Candidate for this season.

What did you think of my theories? Do you agree or disagree? Am I spot on or a universe a way? Let me know below! What are YOUR theories for this coming season? I want to know, let me know In the comments below!

Editor: Joeleen Gatlin