#TheWalkingDead Season 8 Episode 10 "The Lost And The Plunderers" In-Depth Recap Plus Questions

Sunday, March 4th, 2018


Sunday's episode was extremely important because last week Carl died, changing the whole dynamic of the show. The episode was spliced into pieces rather than a whole, going from person to person instead of a free-flowing episode. So, let's get this recap on the roll, shall we?

Michonne: Michonne and Rick could be seen hovering over Carl's grave. Rick goes to leave the gun on Carl's grave as they walk away but thinks twice. He grabs it, and they head to the van. Michonne spots the cabana Carl sat on and sees its on fire. So, she and Rick decide to put it out. But after walkers surround them, they bail. They leave the Safe Zone infested with walkers and empty. A while down the road, Rick is seen fighting back the tears. He asks her how long Carl means, do they surrender to Negan and stop fighting? Michonne says they could pull over and read the letters. He doesn't want to yet. She sees a letter addressed to Negan. Then, Rick says he has to talk to Jadis. When they arrive, the Junkyard is empty. They trigger a trap that sends a bunch of trash down, and walkers suddenly pile in. 

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Negan: He's radioing to someone, mentioning the Hilltop is surrounded so they'll see them if and when they arrive. Simon walks in, and Negan tells him the 'one-eyed pride and joy' was 'built for this shit.' Simon wants to do more, but Negan wants Simon front and center. Negan wants Simon to be reniform them of their "suck my barrel" deal that Negan had in place for them. He tells him the standard deal, just one. Negan senses Simon's disdain, so Negan tells him to speak up. He tells Negan that they should cut all ties with them and find another community. Negan tells Simon to take his own advice. Negan tells Simon that what they do is hard. Rick is the target, and once he is taken out, the order will be resolved. Three Saviors bring in Maggie's delivery. They leave it, and Simon opens the box. They kill the Walker inside, and Simon becomes irate. Negan yells, ordering Simon to do his job. 

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Enid: Enid and Aaron are escorted into the main building and are tied to the radiator like Tara was when she was held captive. Beatris, Sydney and two others talk over what to do with the captives. Rachel says they should just kill them. Aaron pleads. They leave. Enid tells Aaron that she made her kill her. She confesses she would do it again if she had to know how it felt. When they come back, Sydney tells them to take them to the beach, but Enid pops up and says they better have a good reason for killing them and demands to know why.  Then she tells them not to make the same mistake Sydney's grandmother did. Sydney lets them live. They want to know when the war is one. They escort them out of Oceanside. Once they leave, Aaron tells her he won't leave. She says they'll kill him. They make a promise to see one another alive and safe again. 

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Simon: Simon's crew awaits his order. When he arrives, he tells them they're going to The Junkyard. When they arrive, guns are drawn. He tells them to chill. He needs a heartfelt apology and an act of confession. Jadis tells him there was no deal made with Rick. Simon calls bullshit. He says all can be forgiven for their guns. Jadis says there is a need. But, the guns are handed over. Simon comments on Jadis' artwork and asks why the Junkyard. She says "ours." Simon wants to know about the helipad and solar panels, but she isn't giving that one up. He wants a new deal, and he shoots Jadis' right hand and her lead commander. She hits him and yells in unbroken English that this is remorse you son of a bitch. Simon doesn't believe and tells his men to kill them. When he arrives at the Sanctuary, Negan is scowling. He awaits. Simon is acting guilty. Negan sees the guns then walks away. He looks down and sees blue paint on in his boot. 

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Jadis: Rick and Michonne are seen fighting off walkers that are presumably the walker versions of The Junkyard Crew. They scramble to the top of a pile where she is heard calling to them. She tells them the Saviors. She says she used to come to the junkyard and find things to paint on. Now the world is the canvas, and they're the paint. Rick says they're all dead and it's on her. Rick makes a shield and he and Michonne smash through walkers. Jadis follows. Rick shoots, and they head for her. She runs. They escape. Jadis is seen calling the walkers. She leads them to a giant meat grinder and grinds them into a ground walker. She watches helplessly as her former people become mush. She even contemplates joining I think. But, she turns the machine off. She grabs a box of applesauce and eats. She thinks...

Rick: He's driving. He says he just wanted Jadis gone, not dead. She says it felt like what Can meant, what they should do. He pulls over and tells her he needs a second. He grabs the stack of letters and a walkie and walks off. The first letter as an address to him; Dad. The second letter is addressed to Negan. He opens it. After reading it, Rick whispers "No." He walkies to talk to Negan. The quick-witted villain which response. Rick breaks the news quickly and Negan look visibly disturbed. He apologizes to Rick and asks if it was them. Rick tells him that Carl got bitten helping someone. He told Negan that Carl asked for peace and the war to end. But, it's too late for that. "I'm gonna kill you," Rick tells him. Negan tells Rick he had plans for Carl and that Carl was the future. Rick tells Negan that the only future is one where Negan's dead. Negan asks Rick why he's still fighting. He blames Carl's death on Rick because he wasn't there. Negan says he saves people; he stops people from dying. He says he is the answer. He tells him not to let shit decisions get anyone else killed. He says he killed Rick's friends (Abraham and Glenn) so that no one else had to die. He then tells Rick that's why he failed as a leader and as a Father. He tells Rick to give up because he has already lost...

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Damn you Negan!?! Why do you have to twist words as you do?!? What did you think of Sunday's episode? Will Negan find out about Simon's assassination lineup? Will Jadis join Oceanside? Tune in to AMC at 9 p.m. this Sunday to find out. 

Author/Editor: Joeleen Gatlin