#TheWalkingDead Season 8 Episode 14 "Still Gotta Mean Something" Recap + Questions and Theories

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Sunday, April 1st, 2018

After another action-packed heart string pulling the episode, many people are left with questions about Negan and his new ride-along, Tara and Daryl's relationship and Rick's current mindset.



 Episode 14 started off in pure mayhem. Jadis was seen in pure panic, shuffling items and creating a scene to appear as though she was dead. She passed expectation. After a while. it transitioned to silence. A different Jadis came of this and she removed her junkyard apparel and stripped down to her nighty. Next, it showed a living quarter inside of a storage container. Hers. Negan's bat is propped against the wall. She's packing. She leaves and goes to another and retrieves a tied up Negan who asks "What the shit?" twice. She ignores him and pulls him behind her.


 Walkers begin to pile up outside of the Hilltop gates. Ezekiel approaches Carol as she chops wood. He wonders if she's going but she says that she's needed there. Ezekiel thinks her grounding at Hilltop is because of believing Henry is dead. He's surprised but doesn't press the matter. But, it leaves her thinking. Tara meets up with Daryl. She tells him that the doctor says its been days so she's more than likely in the clear. Daryl won't give Dwight the same credit that Tara does about shooting her with a clean arrow. He asks if Dwight gets a pass and Tara says he does. Tara believes they need him but Daryl wants him dead. She says he needs to do what he needs to for him but his action would only be fore him. She leaves. Michonne is seen crying when Rick enters their room. He wipes her tears away and hugs her. She asks what was inside of Rick's letter. Rick says he doesn't know because he couldn't. She tells him he has to. She tells him that when she lost hers, she was like 'that', just moving to move through it. But Andrea pulled her out and she's going to do that for him. She tells him he's staying and takes his jacket. Rick squeezes the bridge of  his nose for a good moment then goes to the dresser and pulls out Carl's note that says 'Dad'. Morgan is going to search for the Saviors. Carol says she's going with him. Rosita, Daryl, Maggie and her guard are chatting back and forth. They believe the Saviors are running low on bullets but Rosita points out that they have their bullet maker. Negan tries to talk Jadis out of her plans. He says he had nothing to do with the assassination. People are a resource and he wouldn't get rid of them. He says he took a chance but punched himself in the dick. He apologized and says he can help get it back. Jadis picks up Lucile and swings her within an inch of Negan's face.


Morgan and Carol are tracing the tracks through the forest. Carol finds a Hilltop turnip. Morgan catches a glimpse of something and they chase after it. A ghostly looking Henry is there and taunts Morgan, saying "You know what it is, you were supposed to." Morgan says that he isn't there and he wasn't supposed to be there. He says he's dead and walks past Carol. She follows him until he stops and tells him that she came to keep an eye on him. He tells her that she saves people and he's seen that but he isn't meant to save people, he just watches them die. He says he won't die. Rick babysits Judith and stares at the sheriff's hat. He jumps up and visits Alden. He's got a semi-automatic and his killing jacket on. He asks Alden about what he knows. At first, he says he already told Maggie then he tells him that there's a dive bar about 3 miles out. Alden asks if he can give them mercy. Rick says "I could," with a shit eaten grin. Jadis is creating some kind of burning pit with Lucille inside. He's trying to talk her out of it. She disappears momentarily and Negan wheels himself to get something. When she returns with a chained up walker, Negan has a flair and a gun. He laughs and says she mustn't want him dead because she wouldn't have left him with a bag of guns. He tells her to come out and says "Let the healing begin!"  


  Morgan and Carol debate going through a herd. Carol sees a walker with Henry's staff. Morgan kills it. She begs him to stop and says it came from the other road. She wants to go but Morgan doesn't think its a good idea.  She says he saved her but he doesn't believe he's as strong as her. He admits he watched what happened with Henry and he waited for it to happen. He says  he has to kill them and he leaves. Negan taunts. She begs him to leave the pictures be. He asks again, "What the shit?" He asks her if that's how she kills people and she quotes him by saying "people are a resource." She's asks him to throw the flair away. He tells her that his wife was named Lucille and that's who got him through. Then, the bat got him through much like the snaps for her. She jumps on him and wrestles him for the flair. The flair rolls into a puddle and she runs. A helicopter comes and he says "what the shit?" but it leaves before she can signal. Angry, she goes to burn Lucille but he begs her. He promises to settle it with Simon and swears 'on his sack.' Rick goes through the forest and finds a herd. Morgan appears and is nearly lost already. Rick talks to him and they plan on taking out the Saviors together. He and Morgan hunt but Rick is knocked out.


 Rick awakes to find that he and Morgan a begin held by the Saviors who escaped in the dive bar Alden said they'd probably be held up in. They banter back and forth on what to do when Rick says he'll let them become a part of the community if they go with them. Jared, the one who killed Henry's brother and the main Savior says to his men that they cannot believe Rick and his proposal. Rick says that a mans word has gotta mean something since not much else does nowadays. Morgan decides to taunt Jared and say that he won't be much fun killing once he's 'one of them'. The herd arrives and the Saviors scatter. One cuts Rick and Morgan free and Morgan and Rick return the gesture with their death for a decoy. Morgan hunts down Jared and kicks him into a cave with a pack of walkers. When he begs for him to save him, Morgan holds him until the undead come to devour him. Then, he walks away. Morgan tells Rick "everyone turns."Rick says Morgan saved him outside of his house and asks why. Morgan says because his son was there. 


Negan is free, dressed and in possession of Lucille once more. He tells Jadis that she didn't lose herself then he asked what happened 'here'. He says she can come with now or later because he'll be back and she can get her stake. Carol finds something (perhaps the lock) and hears Henry scream. She kills all walkers and rescues Henry. He apologizes. She apologizes and says she was wrong and that he can in fact survive. Jerry smiles and Khal leads the walkers away from the gate. He calls out to the king. When he turns, Henry runs to him and they embrace.  


Carol and the King talk. He admits she was fearful but she isn't a coward. She tells him about the group and Sophia. She says they helped her find a better her but she fears it could all be wiped out. Rick and Morgan come inside the wall. Morgan sees Henry and touches his shoulder. He smiles and says he killed the Savior that killed Benjamin. Henry apologizes but Morgan tells him to never be sorry. Rick glares at Alden and Michonne follows him. Morgan sits alone and weeps. Jadis unpacks her things inside of her container and lays down. Negan is driving when be stops and opens the door. He says "If shit could shit it still wouldn't look shittier than you." He drives to the Sanctuary and is greeted by a Savior. Negan laughs and says he's got all kinds of surprises. Rosita and Daryl scout the bullet factory. She tells him to take out the men, not the machinery. Rick changes and retrieves the letter labeled 'Dad', Michonne appears and he apologizes to her. They says their 'I love you's' and she leaves. He sits on the bed and begins to read the letter.   


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  • First off, who did Negan let into the car? Many people believe either Sherry or Laura. I'm leaning towards Laura. 
  • After Dwight's attempt to save Tara from a sure death, Tara wants to safe face and give him one more chance. Daryl on the other hand does not. What is Dwight's fate? Daryl may not have a chance to get his vengeance because of Negan's roadside pickup. If it's Laura, he is undoubtedly screwed. So Daryl may not get his chance.  
  • Is Morgan seeing things differently? He certainly had a slight change after finding Henry alive and safe at the Hilltop. Does this change his mind? Possibly. Morgan seemed to have a slight epiphany where life and death is concerned. Maybe he'll be able to change for the better. 

Let me know what you guys think whether you agree with me or think differently. A new episode of The Walking Dead premieres Sunday at 9p.m. only on AMC.

Author/Editor: Joeleen Gatlin