#TheWalkingDead Season 8 Episode 2 "The Damned" Recap Plus Questions

Sunday, October 29th


Oh my Lord! What an episode! I mean seriously, holy great balls of fire! That episode was jam-packed full of F you's to the Saviors, holy sh*t was from the fans and smacked full of surprises. Then, Morales reappears?! Oh, my GOODNESS! Oh, the game just changed... let's get down to business!

War has commenced in the World of the Dead. And it isn't about where the next meal is coming from... right now. In the opening scene, it shows everyone either in laser beam focus or a daze. Then, it cuts to a group of Saviors in a gun assembly order. A female is in charge, she radios into another Savior, receiving no callback she calls to another. Finally, she hears back and tells them to close off the stairwells. Then, as if on cue, shielded vehicles drive up and start taking fire. Then, we see Eric leading the group. Sweet! Morgan and a group organize a plan outside the compound they once raided two seasons back. Morgan plans to do his part alone. 

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The King and Queen are seen in a smoke field. Walker growls are heard. The group commences to beating the undead down while Ezekiel shouts, "The Damned are upon us!" They quickly take them all out. Carol tells them that they need to find the Savior before he reports back to the compound. Ezekiel insists on trusting the King. He gives a young guard a mission to release Shiva. They move out to find the Savior. Back at Eric's firing range, they're flying led on the Saviors. Two who guard a building get headshots as Rick, Daryl and their group moves in. He and Daryl go one way while the other men take another route. Eric's brigade is keeping The Saviors at bay, but the female in charge wants to drive out. 

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Morgan is approaching the far end of the fence. The walkers are seen piling up which distracts the two Saviors. They get shot dead then Tara and Jesus move in with the others. They kill off the Saviors within the compound. Rick follows a diagram, but Daryl backs Dwight's handy work. They decide to move upstairs. Eric's crew fire as Saviors moves closer. Aaron tells them to keep the Saviors back. Eric and Aaron fire. Tara and Jesus move in. They mow down the Saviors. Morgan and two men aim at a door. When it's opened, they shoot the only Savior. But then, they drop dead! What?!?

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Daryl opens up the roof of the elevator, and he and Rick get to the top floor. They're looking for a gun supply (probably the guns Rick supplied Jadis with). Tara and Jesus find a guy cowering in a closet covered in his own urine, his hands raised. Tara wants to shoot him, but Jesus won't let her. They pull him from the closet. They interrogate him, finding his name is Dean. But, one thing leads to another and Dean takes Jesus' gun. He takes him as a hostage and puts a gun to his head. After a bit of nagging, Jesus whoops on Dean and pistol whips him. Tara still wants him dead. They get a call, and they move out. Jesus shows them a back away out. Then, wait, Morgan's alive?!? He's... untouched? He rolls out!

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Tobin's hit! Aaron and Eric's crew still fire on the small Savior group. The lead female sees one of her men turn then her throat is ripped from her neck. Carol and the King talk while they move onto the next compound. "Fake it 'til you make it, baby!" Ezekiel tells Carol that's what he did.  They find a blood trail. Daryl busts in a door, finding an abandoned makeshift office. He finds a torture chamber in a back closet. He remembers. Rick walks down a long corridor. He clears, finding a bedroom. He is about to clear another room when a man jumps on his back. They fight. Finally, Rick wins as the guy is shoved into the wall spike. Morgan is plagued with his own words as he embarks on a killing spree. Jesus and Tara's group surround a garage door. The Savior inside raises the door and drops his gun, making the others with him. Morgan kills on. He comes upon a bright light that throws him into a single focus view of the Savior that killed Richard. Jesus stops him.

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Rick continues to search. He finds a nursery. A baby lays sleeping in a crib with the name 'Gracie' written above in bubble letters. He looks up and sees himself in the mirror and walks out. Carol and Ezekiel follow the blood path. Ezekiel sees something that makes him run for it. He watches as Shiva malls the runaway. Eric and Co fire on. Marcy is shot. Aaron is desperate to get to Eric, so he hops in a car and mows down some Saviors. He runs to Eric, finding out he's been shot in the gut. 

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"And there it is, our certain victory. This, I am not glad for his death." He says as he pets, Shiva. They hear on the radio that their jig is up. Ezekiel isn't done, though. They still have much to do. 

In the final scene of the episode, Rick finds a photo inside of a room, recognizing the person(s). A Savior walks up on Rick and...oh my God, Morales?!? Rick names him immediately. Daryl is seen in a daze, Morgan similar. Aaron is trying to get Eric to safety. Ezekiel is smiling, Carol too. Then, Rick is seen staring down Morales as he pulls the hammer down!

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My brain does not have enough power to digest this episode fully! What did you guys think? Was Rick hallucinating? Was Morales there? Who's baby was that? Will the Kingdom crew be successful again? Will Eric survive? Tell me in the comments below! 

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Editor: Joeleen Gatlin