#TheWalkingDead Season 8 Episode 3 "Monsters" Recap and Questions

Sunday, November 5th

Sunday's episode of 'The Walking Dead' drew in a total of 8.5 million viewers. And, for a good reason. From start to finish, it was filled with action, fantastic battle sequences and a touch of drama. Are you ready to relive 'Monsters'? Let's do it!


In the opening scene, 'Monsters' started off with the King giving a speech as they listen to a radio call from The Sanctuary. It shows Ezekiel's group moving, becoming surrounded by Saviors. Then, they blast the Saviors. Ezekiel tells them that if they fallow the training, none will be lost. He smiles at Carol and says to the group "We won, we move onward." Suddenly, Shiva sends a warning roar.

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Morales tells Rick to put his guns down and he complies. He says, "So you're the Rick from Alexandria." Mentions the fact of how they made the same trip and how they aren't the same guys they once were. He calls Rick a prize and they don't wanna kill him, the King or The Widow unless necessary. Morales asks Rick why he's there but then he says it doesn't matter, says they'll get him to Negan. He tells Rick that the shit will be settled. Erick's crew is still firing on the group of Saviors they have cornered. The Saviors seize fire and retreat. Aaron and Erick hunker by a tree. Erick needs a doctor bad. Aaron apologizes for getting him into the battle. Erick asks where the guy is that shot him. He tells Aaron that he needs to get back, ensuring him he's okay. He tells Aaron he knows he loves him. They kiss. Erick tells him to stand his ass up, fight and win. Erick says he's always loved him. Tara leads a group of Saviors towards Hilltop Colony.

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The Savior that killed Benjamin antagonizes Morgan. Jesus tells Morgan they aren't far. He tells Morgan, "No matter what they've done, they're just people." Says that they can't just execute them. Morgan admits that he has. Rick asks Morales if his family is there. He tells Rick that they didn't make it, days he went crazy after losing his family. Rick tells Morales he's lost many; Lori, Shane, Andrea, Glenn. He tells him that Negan killed Glenn right before him and his pregnant wife. Morales then comments, "The Widow," after being temporarily shook. But he snaps back quickly, jumping to the Saviors defence. Morales says "we're just two assholes who'll do anything to keep going. Only difference is I'm holding the gun." Rick tells him he wouldn't wanna kill him, that he'd find another way. Morales basically tells Rick that he's all talk and that Officer Friendly will go down along with the others. Then, Daryl comes in and shoots Morales in the neck. Rick starts to ask if he saw who that was but Daryl tells him it doesn't matter. Rick says the guns aren't there. Then, the Saviors arrive. 

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 The Savior continues to harass Morgan, noticing that he has Benjamin's armor. Morgan goes to kill him when the walkers literally roll in. Some Saviors die while the Survivors fight. A small group escapes while Morgan and the others fight. Morgan tracks them down and starts shooting. He killed one when Jesus knocks the gun off course. Morgan says they won't change. Jesus says Maggie will find another way. Morgan says Maggie will want them dead for their actions. "War and then peace." Jesus and Morgan start to fight.

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Ezekiel's group carries on. He tells them that after each victory, another will follow. Rick and Daryl run. They dive for cover as the bullets fly. They fire back. Morgan and Jesus continue to fight. Morgan gets the drops on Jesus then Jesus drops Morgan. Jesus asks if Morgan wants to stop. Morgan gets the drops on Jesus, but Jesus drops Morgan. Daryl has no bullets. Rick creates a diversion and he and Daryl duck into a cubby. Then, their people come. Morgan and Jesus continue to fight. Jesus wins. He asks Morgan once again if it's over. Something in Morgan has changed. He asks, "What?" Then, he admits he isn't entirely right, but it doesn't make him wrong. Tara tells him he's right. Morgan walks off. 

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Back at Hilltop, Gregory arrives. He says he needs help. They won't open the gate. Maggie is there. She asks about Gabriel's car and his whereabouts. Gregory admits that he was fearful that they wouldn't defeat Negan but he sees now what they see. Gregory says that everything he said was brought on by Negan. Then Khal warns Maggie of the oncoming company. Maggie wants to kick all them out, but Jesus wants to pin them in two trailers. Turned Saviors eat the dead. Rick takes photos as the others load up and leave. He tares up GBE checklist. Aaron looks for  Erick. He isn't at the tree. He goes to the other SNF says "He can't." Scott tells him it isn't Erick. Aaron does t wanna leave. Rick brings baby Gracie out. Aaron takes her to Hilltop while Daryl and Rick load up. A kid shoots at them. They get the information out of him they want then Daryl kills him. They move out.

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 In the last scene of the episode, Ezekiel is pleased to know that no forces have been lost. But... a spotter is spotted and... disaster is afoot. The lone gunman fires and kills many. Then, they jump on Ezekiel to shield him.

This episode was INTENSE! What did you think? Will Erick live? Has he turned? What were your thoughts? Tell me in the comments below!

Editor: Joeleen Gatlin