#TheWalkingDead Season 8 Episode 4 "Some Guy" In-Depth Recap Plus Questions

Wow! "Some Guy" was gruesome, I think we all can agree on that. "Some Guy" may have been one of the most moving since last years' finale. But, one thing's for sure, the Saviors are slowly dwindling down. Are you ready for a recap? Let's do it!


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     In the opening scene of "Some Guy," Ezekiel was seen collecting himself in the early hours before the fight. His people prepared themselves and their families for what was to come: possibly never to return. Ezekiel watches this. Then, the King gathers his people. Benjamin's younger brother, Henry, looks to the King. "Fear not your King, Henry. You will be the brave because you are the brave." He tells the boy. He then proceeds to tell his people "We've faced dire challenge and chance. Our lives and way of life, it hangs in the balance. A fragile glass is standing on the wire, high above the asphalt, praying for not one drop of rain from an overcast sky. And yet, I smile. We will fight, and we will bleed. And yet, I smile. We will face many; some cornered into their role by circumstance. Some desperate murderers thrilled by blood. We shall end them all! As is our charge this day, as is our sorrow. And yet, I smile. We will leave our loved ones to traverse the dangerous world, lashing out Peace and War. And yet, I smile. For we will mine glory out of the rock of struggle, today. We will honor and protect this bastard of a life and the Dead. And we will win. You trust the King; we will win. I smile, I laugh and rejoice this day. For on this day, we are joined in purpose, and in vision. We are a singular heart and mind. On this day, we are one! We are one!" He shouts this as his people surround him, coming together as one. Then, it switches to the final scene from the last episode. Bodies are upon bodies. No movement. Then, Ezekiel busts from under a pile of bodies. He is wounded. He looks for survivors but finds none. He yells out. Then, they begin to turn, one after another. He's mortified. The walker below him starts to snarl and grab at Ezekiel. The walkers around him begin to gang up on the wounded King. 

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    When the credits ended, Ezekiel is seen being chased by his Turned men. He finds a rifle but can't get to it quick enough. He has a single bullet and kills the walker female who's nearly ready to bite him. Ezekiel desperately backs up when one of his only living men shows up. He helps the King to his feet, and they begin to hobble away. The scouters who blasted Ezekiel's men to bits quickly load up their guns, all aware that killer Carol is lurking not far away. When the two groups meet in the adjoining room, Carol blasts them from the ceiling. More come. She ducks for cover and they follow her. Ezekiel and his man are at the forest's line when he suddenly drops dead. Ezekiel falls. A Savior approaches and tells Ezekiel to raise his hands. He complies, helps the King to his feet then he forces him onward. 

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    After the break, the Savior is pushing Ezekiel at gunpoint. He stops Ezekiel and takes the blade from his cane. After he reveals where he's taking the King, Ezekiel informs him that The Sanctuary is overrun by the dead. He tells Ezekiel that he may be able to "remedy the situation." Five Saviors sneak the two military cases of machine guns out of the building, Carol just behind. She loads a new magazine into her rifle and prepares to shoot when the fire on her. Suddenly, Ezekiel falls. The Savior attempts to force the King to his feet when he makes a snide comment. It backfires, Ezekiel coming back with a slap in the face. The Savior makes yet another snide comment, further damaging Ezekiel's wound and forcing him to his feet. He tells Ezekiel that animals won't make it far in this circus, especially the tiger considering the bond. He tells Ezekiel he played the game well, even getting the people to follow him in death. So, in the end, what's left when you minus the tiger? A meaningless man in a costume. 

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    When the commercials end, Carol's in a gunfight. The bullets fly, but she can't get one fired off. She notices the gate button just above her. The Savior and Ezekiel stop momentarily. He asks Ezekiel if he still has men alive. Ezekiel hopes so. The Savior shoots a walker as Ezekiel goes for his blade, slicing the stomach of the Savior. He knocks Ezekiel to his back then tells him 'It's over.' When they get to the gate, a padlock is on the fence. So what does the Savior do? Strips the King of his jacket and leave him for walker bait. He tells Ezekiel that Negan wanted him on the wall, but his head on a pike shall suffice. When he's about to cut Ezekiel's head off, Jerry comes out of nowhere and slices the weasel in half. Go, Jerry! Carol slides her handgun under the truck and hangs her rifle on the truck. She tells them she'll tell them where everyone is if they let her live. A Savior approaches, and she grabs him. But, to the man's surprise, they blast him.  

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Carol unlocks "Gate 4". Jerry attempts to break the lock but his battleax breaks. The duo prepares for a massacre of the dead. Jerry thanks, Ezekiel. The King wonders why and Jerry tells him "For being such a cool dude." Carol sees the struggle ensuing just feet away as the Savior taunts her.

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    In the next scene, Carol and Ezekiel are seen walking and talking. She asks him if he's ever fought before. He reminds her that she's seen him in battle. What she means though is before the Saviors, before the Turn. Ezekiel tells her that he's trained for a long while and that he's ready for what's to become. He says to her of his past that he was a zookeeper and he was meek and weak. He tells her that he found Shiva bleeding and he decided to be the one to "take the leap." He then quotes what Benjamin used to say, "If you're asked to be a hero, be the hero." He asks Carol if she has always been strong, brave and tough and she tells him she made the decision, just as he did. It comes back to him fending off walkers. Carol comes and fires up the front lines of walkers. She opens the gate and locks the walkers out. Ezekiel tells Carol that they have to warn Rick. Carol smiles and says that they won't be getting to The Sanctuary. Flying under the radar just behind the weapons transport Jeep are Daryl and Rick. After a moment, they catch up. Daryl is shot off the road, but Rick speeds up. Rick's Jeep is shot, but he keeps coming. When the driver swerves, and the shooter is knocked sideways, Rick swerves, and Daryl gets the kill shot. Rick speeds up and evens the two cars together then he jumps in the Jeep. The driver attempts to shoot Rick, but the gun's blocked, and Rick stabs him in the gut. Suddenly, the Jeep veers off the road. Dar investigates. Rick is seen crawling from the weeds. Rick says they have the guns now. Daryl says Rick looks like shit. They investigate if the Savior is alive or not. 

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    Carol, Ezekiel, and Jerry are exiting the horrible scene. Walkers tail and approach all at once. The King falls and tells them to keep going, but Carol is having none of that. Jerry helps him to his feet. They reach a small bio hazardous creek with bloated walkers. Ezekiel says "He can't," but Jerry lowers him down to Carol. They get across when Ezekiel pulls his blade and begins to kill off walkers. He says he'll stay there and fend them off. In a fit of rage, Ezekiel shouts " I'm not your King! I'm not your majesty!" His voice loses its accent, and he continues, "I ain't no King, I'm just some guy. Just some guy..." Then, Shiva joins the party. Ezekiel shouts for the big cat to run but she must protect her master, her keeper, her protector. But, sadly, Shiva is not victorious. She too falls to her death.

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    In the final sorrowful scene of the episode, Ezekiel returns to The Kingdom with two warriors instead of fifty... The remaining people of the Kingdom surround the King, but he has nothing to say. He walks past them all, touching Henry's shoulder and limping towards his quarters...

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