#TheWalkingDead Season 8 Episode 5 'The Big Scary U' In-Depth Recap and Questions

Sunday, November 19th

Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead was fantastic! Slowly but surely, everything is beginning to show how it all came to fruition. From the "pancake" comment directed at Gregory in 'Monsters' to Negan's arrival back into The Sanctuary, all questions left unanswered were finally resolved. Let's get down to it, shall we?


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For the past four episode of this season, we hadn't seen Father Gabriel until now. When the episode opened, he was seen (presumably) inside the Alexandrian church. He was making a final prayer, praying for a purposeful death if it may fall upon him. Simon is seen bringing Gregory pancakes Simon made "himself." He tells the cowardly former leader of The Colony that he did well by coming to him when things went disarray. Gregory repeats for the umpteenth time what happened to Simon, but Simon isn't the one who needs persuading. It's Negan. When brought to the meeting, he addresses Negan, Dwight, Eugene, Regina and another Savior. Gregory has all, but Negan convinced. Negan  addresses Gregory's comment about "not liking to kill." "I like to kill. But it's about killing the right people. If you kill the right people at the right time, everything falls into place, everybody's happy. If you kill one, you could save hundreds." As Dwight excuses himself, Gregory says he can stop it before it begins. But, Negan questions Gregory's roll in the whole situation. Negan wants to know why "the guy" didn't know how the Widow planned driving an army up his ass if they were truly underneath his command. Negan believes Gregory is a "thin dicked politician who likes to thread the needle with his thin, thin dick."

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Negan asks if they should listen to him or continue with "another route". Gregory says Maggie and her people took advantage of his generosity. Simon lays out a plan A which Negan doesn't find too appealing. Negan asks Simon if he's backsliding. Simon says no. Taking Rick, the Widow, and King Assface and killing them publicly is plan A. Gunfire is heard. Negan says the "Well Shit," line as he and the others pile out. When it came back to the 'present', he and Gabriel are seen in the trailer. Negan tackles him and checks his weapons. One's empty and one's full. Gabriel says he wasn't planning to fire and Negan praises him for doing so. He helps him to a sitting position and they talk. Negan tells him Rick's gonna get people killed. Negan admits to killing Glenn and Abe but Rick got them killed. Negan just killed them. Gabriel says his worst fear to Negan: a fruitful death.  Negan laughs. Then, Gabriel says "Maybe I'm here to take your confession."   

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   When the commercials end, Rick and Daryl question the Savior who they got the machine guns from. He tells them everyone at the chemical plant is dead including the King, the Axeman, and the psycho short-haired lady. The Savior dies. Negan tells Gregory the only thing that he has to confess is he rubbed one out where Gabriel currently sat. Negan asks why Gregory became reverent. Gabriel says to help people. Negan says him, also. Regina and the others are in the meeting hall. Regina says they must assume Negan is dead. Simon says he's Negan as are the rest of them. She lays out a plan which Eugene does no5 agree with. She says maybe they should put "The Thinking Man" out there. Dwight agrees with Eugene. Gavin says that someone in the room is responsible for what happened there. Dwight and Simon banter back and forth before Dwight finally says that Simon can't lead but he can. Simon gets in his face and congratulates him. Dwight meets back with Eugene and Eugene thanks him for having his back and offers him his jar of cucumbers. Dwight says if he didn't say it, he would've. Negan tells Gabriel he helped kids "before." Negan calls people weak. Gabe calls Negan weak, and he both agrees and disagrees with the reverent. Negan says he's both strong as f weak because "everyone is a mix. If you use your weaknesses to drive your strength, they obviously you become strong as shit." He tells Gabriel the Sanctuary is where it is because of him. He tells Gabriel he's gonna find his special purpose. Gabe says he's strong; he asks Negan what makes him weak. He touches a nerve in the big villain about the wives, asking if be had a wife "before." Negan raises Lucille and says "Lucille, give me strength," then Gabriel goes to grab the gun and Negan swings. He ducks into a closet. Negan tells Gabriel "It's time to go."

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   Daryl struts down the incline and investigates the truck that's currently dripping gasoline. He and Rick pull out a crate full of dynamite. Daryl wants to blow up the compound. Rick isn't for it. Daryl won't listen to Rick's reasoning, and he socks him. Rick jumps up and tackles Daryl. Daryl lands one helluva sucker punch to the ground when Rick rolls. Then, Daryl gets Rick in a choke hold. Rick throws the dynamite into the flaming truck. Rick calls to Daryl, and they jump out of the way as the truck explodes. They watch the pyrotechnics.

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   Rick attempts to start the ditched truck, but it's not working. Daryl pulls up. Rick tells him to follow the plan. Daryl says they need to win. Rick says "Uh yeah. And choke hold's illegal, asshole." Daryl says "uh huh, sure is." They split up. Daryl goes one way, and Rick goes the other. Negan begins mapping out their escape. Gabriel confesses his early doomsday acts and tells Negan that he'll come along with him if he confesses. So, Negan does. "My first wife was a real wife, my only real wife, till death do us part. I lied to her, screwed around on her. She was sick. When she went out, it was during this. I couldn't put her down. That's how I was weak." Gabe comes out and offers the handgun. Says he's forgiven. Negan thanks him. Then, they begin covering themselves in putrid walker guts. They make noise then the walkers are let in. They go unnoticed for a while until Gregory trips. Negan and he go to battle then get to the stairs where more walkers wait.

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   In the meeting room, the blonde Savior that flirted with Spencer comes in, says the workers are coming. Simon addresses them. Tempers are high, but Dwight defuses. The workers demand answers. Simon tells them to get back to the factory floor. Regina suddenly shoots a worker and then Negan's whistle is heard. He ridicules Regina, says he's in need of a sandwich, a shower and a deep tissue thing a guy named Frankie learned in San Fransisco. He then proceeds to reiterate them just who he is. He carries Lucille, he wears a leather jacket and has nuts of steel. He then turns to Gabe and says "That's why I'm here." They discuss who took the guns and who let it happen. Rick is seen walking. Suddenly, a helicopter is seen going over his head. Wait, what!? 

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   When the meeting lets out, Negan calls Eugene back. He offers him a way out with either a luxury life or an easy death. Rick is seen through a blurry scope. The scout whistles. Eugene is seen bringing Gabriel a pillow and welcoming him to The Sanctuary. When he doesn't respond, he unlocks the door. Gabe is seen sweating. He says he found his purpose; to get Doctor Carson back to Maggie.

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What did you think of this episode? Will Gabriel Survive? Was he bitten? Why has Rick gone back to the Scavengers? Where is Daryl headed and why is Negan in total buddy mood? Tune in this Sunday at 9 p.m. only on AMC.

Editor: Joeleen Gatlin