#TheWalkingDead Season 8 Episode 7 "Time For After" In-Depth Recap Plus Questions

Sunday, December 3rd


Sunday's episode 'Time For After' started off with Rick in the holding container. A stripped Rick waits and listens as the door comes open. As it does, Jadis is waiting along with a drawer. She takes three photos while he draws Rick. Okay... Well, Rick asks why the pictures and Jadis tell him "For After."

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Eugene is seen pacing. Eugene scribbles three columns into a notebook then ponders. Next thing, Eugene knocking on Dwight's door. Eugene confronts Dwight about being the backstabbing trader. Eugene says to Dwight that he'll hide all he knows from Negan if Dwight agrees to stop. Dwight forces Eugene down on his couch and tells Eugene that the Saviors, Negan and the Sanctuary are finished. Dwight tells Eugene that the Sanctuary is going to fall, so Eugene needed just to watch and let it play out. Dwight tells Eugene that he doesn't have blood on his hands yet, but once it does, it becomes a part of them, staying with them and making them something bad. Dwight tells Eugene that he knows Eugene heard the screams, seen the horror and smelt the burning flesh. 

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"There's no coming back, no forgetting it," 

Eugene says he's better off there and where he is It's saving people. "It ain't perfect, but we're Saviors. We save people". Eugene then reiterated his no tell no more trade deal then he leaves. Eugene goes to the work floor and sees the crew watching the reanimated corpses banging on the doors. Eugene asks a female Savior what she was thinking about and she tells him she was thinking about her father. As Eugene walking back to his room, Dr. Carson calls Eugene to Gabriel's makeshift hospital room. Dr. Carson tells Eugene that Gabriel has multiple infections with no meds to counteract the spread. Dr. Carson tells Eugene that he's going to go search for some herbs to treat Gabriel with some eastern medicine. When Eugene goes to the Father's side, he helps the dying Gabriel by giving him water. Gabriel wants to know if Eugene decided to help him get the Dr. Carson to Maggie. In a lengthy, overdrawn out response, Eugene tells him no; he can't. Gabriel tells Eugene all he wants is for him to do the right thing, and to have faith that it'll work out.

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 Morgan is a sniper watch tower scouting the Sanctuary. One of Negan's wives visits Eugene, wanting her boom box back. When she finds out it hasn't been fixed; she leaves with the other half of their deal; a bottle of wine. Eugene begs for it, needing it for a bedtime consumption solution. She knows Eugene's pain and blames Eugene for not helping them fix "this place." She gives it to him and leaves, saying Negan wants to speak to him. Daryl scopes out the surrounding area as the group talks. They're planning to ram a truck into the workstation and flood the compound with walkers. Morgan wants it done. Michonne and Rosita think it's a bad idea. Tara says she could've ended it before, but she didn't. Morgan tells her where a vehicle is. Michonne tells Rosita that she's come this far and she wants to see it through. Rosita tells her that sometimes you just have to wait, but she wishes it wouldn't have taken Sasha coming out of the coffin the way she did to prove the case. Daryl, Tara, and Michonne head out. 

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Negan and Eugene meet. Negan tells the genius that if they don't do something quickly, many people are gonna die. Not Negan, of course. But many of his people and he doesn't wanna see that. Negan asks Eugene if his bullet maker and can he still produce. Eugene says he can. Negan then tells Eugene that this place is based on "pooling and organizing strengths." And Negan says he knows Eugene's mind is strong. Negan reaches out his hand for Eugene to shakes, but Eugene tried to kiss Negan's hand, Negan explains to Eugene that he just wanted a handshake. "A handshake is a sign of mutual respect." Suddenly, Eugene says "There's much work to do," and bails.

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Eugene works on the radio and pulls out the speaker from the boom box and comes up with an idea. Eugene goes on the search for something and comes across Sasha's casket. Eugene has a frightening flashback then opens the lid and pulls her mp3 player. 

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Morgan tells them to kill the engine. As Tara gets out, Daryl notices Michonne's hesitation. Daryl asks if MIchonne was okay, Michonne tells Daryl that she wanted to see things for herself, but what they're about to do, it isn't worth risking "us" to her. Daryl says it is for him. Michonne tells Daryl that she hopes it works but she can't do it. Daryl tells her, "Then you shouldn't." She gets out. Tara walks around the truck and says that they can do it with Morgan and the Scouters.

Eugene has created a flight object that he attached the player. As Eugene is working on it, he records his progress. Dwight comes from behind and tells Eugene to back away from the device. Daryl's at the ready, and so is Tara. Eugene tells Dwight that he's going to be saving people. Dwight tells Eugene that if he does that, Negan will kill Rick and the others. Dwight says he can get rid of Negan. Dwight tells Eugene not to launch his aircraft thing, but Eugene gets a sudden burst of courage and launches it in spite of the fun to his head. Daryl guns it. Tara and Morgan fire. Dwight fires at the aircraft thing taking it down. Daryl busts through the outer wall and sends the truck into the wall but he jumps out, and he and Tara run. 

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Walkers invade the compound. Workers scramble and Saviors fire and defend, but many still die. Eugene watches in terror, and then, he gets angry. Eugene goes to Gabriel's room and tells Gabriel that he declines helping very angrily and tells Gabriel that he's loyal to Negan. Eugene meets with the boss man again, Negan wants to know how good it feels to be the second most important person there and to help people. Eugene says he likes it. There's a knock. A brood of Saviors come in. She tells Negan that the dead ones have taken the bottom floor. Cheerful Negan tells her that Eugene has a plan plus, a topper! But, the topper is a letdown to Negan. Eugene hopes to fix the intercom system. Dwight just knew his ass was grass... Next time Eugene is seen, he's in his room. As the bullets fly, he gets up, drinks something yellowish and chases it with wine. He throws up some them chugs the wine. 

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Jadis has requested Rick,  One of Junkers gets Rick from the holding container and makes Rick kneel in the circle. Jadis and another Junker emerge with a savage and blinded walker. As it comes nears to Rick, he knocks the Junker holding him upside the head and beats both the Junker and the walker handler then turns to Jadis. 

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Rick wins that battle and announces to the Junkers "I'm walking out of here which means you're all dead. I have a lot of people. We won't attack today, but we will attack. You, people, can play your games, draw your pictures, sculpt whatever shit you want but I'm leaving!" Rick looks at Jadis and asks if it's over. Rick lets her up from the ground and asks if they have a deal. Jadis says they get the Saviors things once it's won. Rick says a fourth, Jadis says a half. Rick says a fourth, so Jadis says a fourth and she sculpts him nude. Seriously, Jadis...what's your deal? Rick tells Jadis his binds need to come off and his clothes and boots are returned now. They agree to a fourth. Rick and the Scavengers head out. They stop at the scout outpost and find a dead scouter (one of theirs). Rick radios to his people but no one comes back. Rick climbs up and looks through the scope and is struck with sheer horror as he looks at an empty Sanctuary both of walkers and humans...

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Rick and his crew have a helluva mess to clean up. With the Sanctuary empty, what does this mean for the others? Where have they gone? Will Jadis betray them again? Will Dwight split and join Rick full-fledged? Will Tara, Daryl, Morgan and Michonne's stay alive through the Midseason Finale? 

Tune in Sunday for the Mid-Season finale at 9 p.m. only on AMC.

Editor: Joeleen Gatlin