#TheWalkingDead Season 8 Promo Photos, News and Production Updates

Thursday,, July 20th, 2017 

With just days remaining, fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new season's official trailer. AMC's The Walking Dead  has scheduled the release of its Season 8 Trailer to take place on Friday, July 21st at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con event. Fans count down the hours remaining until then. AMC just released their official promo art for the new season. 

Official Photo From AMC

Official Photo From AMC

On July 13, 2017, AMC reported that their incredibly seasoned stuntman John Bernecker had been rushed to the hospital from a stunt-gone-wrong on set in Senoia, Georgia where they film the show. Production was cut to an immediate halt until further notice. Later, they reported that he had died from his injuries. The coroner stated that John had passed from swelling inside of his brain, along with irreversible damage. He passed away inside of an Atlanta, Georgia hospital. Cast members, producers and other crew mourned his death, saying he was part of the family and that they pray for his family. Production is in order once again. 

R.I.P. John Bernecker.

Stuntman John Bernecker (age 33) passed away July 13th From His Injures

Stuntman John Bernecker (age 33) passed away July 13th From His Injures


Another Iconic Figure Gone  

July 9th, 2017

Randy Schell, whose work includes promos and narration for numerous TV shows including The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Dancing With the Stars and Life in Pieces, died Saturday, July 9th in a parachuting accident in Houston. Originally reports stated he wasn't involved in the accident but later investigation proved that he was. He died on scene. He was 64 years of age. 

R.I.P. Randy Schell 

Dean Morgan On "Cooling Negan's Role"?  

Since he began playing The Walking Dead's most notorious villain Negan, Jeffrey Dean has picked up speed with his film career, signing to two brand new movies just in 2017. 

This is a news article from Metro.Co:   

The Walking Dead triggered All-Out-War in the season seven finale. 

  • While rumors are swirling over whether Michonne’s Danai Gurira could swap her character for commitments to Marvel’s cinematic universe, it seems Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s villainous Negan might be taking a backseat in the next season too.

    According to DigitalSpy, Jeffrey Dean Morgan hasn’t been spotted on set since filming episode one, with the show currently shooting its fifth episode.

    There’s also speculation filming for Dwayne Johnson’s upcoming movie Rampage could be clashing with shooting on The Walking Dead, with Morgan having a role in the flick of unknown size.If true, it indicates the show might take a similar approach to season seven – where Negan becomes a lingering presence on the periphery with the occasional dedicated episode.

    It’s potentially worrying, however, considering the next season is expected to follow the All-Out-War arc, which sees Rick go head-to-head with the Saviors leader.

    Within that arc however Negan becomes trapped inside the Sanctuary following an epic confrontation, so could it simply mean Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s scenes take place within a confined set which doesn't require set visits in Georgia?

    Either way, we need Negan. We’re all Negan. 

AMC has been especially good at keeping a low profile this season and have been very meticulous about what they're releasing to the general public.


In this first photo, (source: Entertainment Weekly) we see a reunion between Daryl and Carol. Perhaps a battle strategy is afoot. Maybe they're scoping out The Sanctuary. Who knows. No one does... yet. 


In this second photo, we see Daryl, Morgan, Jesus and Enid. It appears to be where the season left off, in the battlezone inside of Alexandria. Daryl has someone in his sights. Perhaps the last few Saviors leaving the Safe Zone. Intent stares are always key, Rick being the holder for that title. But, what are they really looking at?


In this final photo, we see Rick and Maggie. He's got a hold of her shoulder, an intent stare fixed upon her. The background appears to be The Hilltop, but this is only a guess. We won't know the exact answer to this conversation until this particular episode, but my guess is either they're focusing on a plan of attack, Rick wondering if she's still game. Maggie being an even bigger badass since Glenn's passing is still on, she and the community of Hilltop will partake. 

We won't truly know the answers behind these photos for at least another three months, but speculation is always a good start. Many rumors surface every season, some are true, and some are not. Maybe Negan will be featured in every episode, or maybe he won't be featured. Maybe The Kingdom will follow through on the dance night. Highly doubtful, but you never know. One rule of thumb when it comes to The Walking Dead always have an open mind. Anything truly is possible in the world of the dead.  

Something To Chew On... 

There are a few things that have many fans wondering "Really?" or "Are they going to do that?" One rather big bite is how large of a time gap are the producers willing to cut out. Maybe they plan to resume at the current time in the series. Maybe they plan to skip up to The Whisperers discovery. Personally, I believe there will be some time jumping into the new season but nothing too substantial. All Out War has been declared. Negan intends to destroy Rick and the others. But how far is AMC willing to go? Are they planning a massive plot twist or are they going to follow the comics closely this season? I believe they'll follow pretty closely. They veered substantially last season in many cases. Perhaps getting back onto the tracks is what they have planned. I know I'm eager to find out, myself. 

Does Eugene have an ultimatum or has he truly turned on the group? Will Gregory foil everything for The Hilltop and Alexandria? Does the surprise drop-in Carol managed to wrangle up mean everyone is ready to fight in the War against The Saviors? I do. But there's going to be a substantial loss within the communities, unfortunately. There always is... 

Let me know what your opinions are below! Let me know if you agree, disagree or have another theory!  

Until next time guys!  

Editor: Joeleen Gatlin