#TheWalkingDead Season 8 Theories; 9 Things To Chew On

Friday, July 21th, 2017

With just hours to go, fans are biting at the bit waiting for the highly anticipated season 8 premiere trailer set to be released today around 1 p.m. But today, I am here to discuss nine personal theories that may or may not happen in the new season. THESE ARE PERSONAL GUESSES. Shall we start? 

 *This Article Contains Possible Spoilers For The New Season And The Comic Series*


Theory Number 1: Will Eugene stay with The Saviors or will he go back to Rick and the group?


This is a very popular thought many people are wondering about. 'No, Eugene has an ultimatum. Eugene hasn't turned. Eugene will bounce back! 'I think all of this is wrong. I believe that Mullet has truly left Rick and Co. I don't think he has an ultimatum. I think that Eugene is a Savior though and through. He's too comfortable with his title and power. Eugene Porter will not go back. He will fight until the end to keep who he is, now.

Theory Number 2:  Is there with potential love triangle forming between Carol, King
Ezekiel and Michonne?


From the moment they met, Carol and Ezekiel had a bond. They connected almost immediately. And now, Carol's helping the King in his decisions. There's something there, no doubt (Sorry Caryl shippers). But will AMC introduce a love triangle between her, the king and Michonne? In the comics, Michonne was the one who fell for the King. In the series, it's Carol. Michonne and Rick are together, they're a power duo, no question there, but will they break all that down and shake up the game? I personally think that AMC won't. I think Carol will take Michonne's spot in the series in that manner as Michonne did for Andrea's position. The Love Triangle is a no for me, but what about you?

Theory Number 3: Was the Junkyard Crew a stunt or did they fully abandon Rick and take Negan's side?


Has Jadis abandoned the man she vowed to lay with or is she playing possum to gain additional brownie points in the Alexandrians' favor? Jadis and her crew's stunt in the season finale was completely unforseen in my opinion. I never saw that. I had some speculation of trouble stemmed around them and their agreement from the beginning but I never would have thought that at all possible. Personally, I think that Jadis truly turned on Rick. The Saviors had a better offering to the garbage people. They're greedy, selfish and manipulating, just like their counterparts, the Saviors. So it's a yes for me. Jadis has abandoned Rick and the others.

Theory Number 4: What's going to play out for Heath?


Since Alexandria was introduced back in season five, Heath, (played by Corey Hawkins) has been seen only a handful of times. In the comics, he's a constant regular within the community. But in the show, there's been maybe five episodes with Heath in it. Back in the early part of season seven, Heath and Tara went on a weapon run when the got separated. When she returned to the spot, he was gone along with the R.V. Is he dead? Is he alive? Nobody knows. But will he return? I believe yes, he will make a return. Heath is too predominant of a character to not have him, plus, Corey Hawkins' current project (24 Legacy) has been cancelled. Does this mean he'll return? Of course not. But, there's a high probability of a return even if its to kill him off. AMC is known for doing that at times. So my personal opinion being stated, yes, he'll return. Even if its brief, sick and murderous.

Theory Number 5: What happened to Gregory?


In the pre-finale, we saw Gregory preparing to leave with one of his men undoubtedly for The Sanctuary. But, what was his motive? Perhaps the ass-of-a-leader has intentions of plan-foiling. Perhaps there's treachery afoot. Maybe he's just out for a joyride. Doubtful, but maybe so. Personally, I think the asshat is out for diversion against the group. He doesn't like that he was manhandled, made to look soft and weak and someone else taking his position. Well guess what, Gregory? Maggie has done a better job over a shorter period of time than your last kneeling session at Simon's command. Its a new day, Gregory. There's tens of people who deserve what you have. So yeah, Gregory has a plan of action to tare down the group. Asshat...

Theory Number 6: What does Negan have in store for Rick and the group? 


Negan is ruthless, sick and twisted, the king of destruction and a total badass. Many hate him for the plain and simple fact of him being the nastiest villain alive (argumentatively speaking). This last season, fans got a more intimate look at just how nasty this guy can be. How could he possibly get any worse? Easy. He's Negan. And now, Negan has a partner, Eugene Porter. Eugene is a world-renounced genius who was working with super illnesses and weaponized diseases. And, the dude's a modernized Einstein (with a weak side). With the brains (Eugene), the bronze (The Saviors) and their leader (Negan), they're a powerhouse. This could be bad for Rick and the group. But something else tells me that maybe not...

Theory 7: Will AMC follow the All-Out War story arc?


Where the seventh season ended began the start of All Out War in the comics? Will AMC follow this or will they veer in another direction? I believe they will follow the story arc closely with some path changes but as a whole, remaining very close. AMC had done a brilliant job this past season on following the comic series, argumentatively speaking, perhaps the closest of all the seasons so far. I would think it would follow pretty close this coming season, as well. I think that they'll follow this the same way in the new season.

Theory 8: When (and if) will AMC introduce The Whisperers?


Thousands of people are with me when I say this: When will the Whisperers arrive?!? The Whisperers are such an iconic group within the comic series that many people are dying to know when they're coming... and if at all. At their 2017 San Diego Comic Con panel, AMC released its high anticipated eighth season trailer and needless to say, they killed it! BUT, something unsettling was seen at the end... Rick emerging from his coma, a greyed beard, fresh flowers and a cane... WHAT?!? I know, it was completely defuddling (Trailer break-down coming in two articles). Does this mean there is an end in sight for the series? I hope not, but... there may be...

Theory 9: Will this be the last season of The Walking Dead?


As I stated in the previous theory above, Rick was seen awakening from his coma almost exactly following the inception of both comic and series. The noticeable difference? Rick was completely grayed in both his hair and his loggers beard. Does this hint at the season 8 finale being the series finale or does this mean maybe another dream sequence hinting at maybe Rick dying?

October 22nd cannot get here fast enough! With theodd ending to the trailer, fans are left yet again with questions and 93 days to try and figure them out. Curse you, AMC!

What do you guys agree or disagree with with my theories? Am I spot on or am I way off? Let me know your personal theories below! I'd love to hear what you guys have to say.

Until next time.

Editor: Joeleen Gatlin