#TheWalkingDead Season 8B Predictions Plus Plotline

Oh my goodness! Season 8B is about to begin, and I can barely contain myself. The first-half of the season was jaw-dropping, full of action, awe moments and fist fights galore. I just can't get enough of the body-dropping, exploding mayhem of this season. Are you ready for the back half to begin?


Before I begin, I would like to thank all of you who read this. It's quite lengthy so just a forewarning.

To start this post off, I'm beginning with the most talked about topic of the series; Carl's imminent death. As it was hinted at and finally revealed, the son of Rick Grimes had been bitten. 'The Future Serial Killer' had made it to the mid-season finale without confirming whether or not he'd been bitten. But, in the final moments of 'How It's Gotta Be,' it was revealed what many had indeed speculated. As expected, both Rick and Michonne had become riddled with shock. Rick is becoming still as stone and Michonne crying; we can only begin to think about the possibility of what this means. So, what exactly does this mean? Well, according to Creator and Exclusive producer Robert Kirkman, it could either be devastating, a hoax and Carl may actually live, or it could be as it was seen: imminent. To be honest, Kirkman has been unusually unhelpful with fans, taunting and teasing, poking and prodding at fans. He's stated everything from 'Its as obvious as its seen' to 'Carl might not die after all!' Wait, what? Okay, thanks, Kirkman. Given how disturbed the cast has been over the break, including Riggs' dad, it may (or may not) be safe to assume Carl's demise is happening. Poor Carl...

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Next, I'd like to mention Siddiq and what his arrival means. In the comics, his arrival is part of the discovery of Oceanside which happens to take place AFTER the All Out War arc. But, in the show, he comes during. As we all know, Oceanside is a manless community. Maybe this means one male survived the Savior assassination line. Or, perhaps it's starting Kirkman's way of starting the Fear and Non-Fear cross-over. If that's the case, it may be an interesting way to introduce that. My personal opinion is that Siddiq is the start of the two shows crossing over. 

Next, Will Morgan get to Ezekiel in time? In the mid-season finale, we saw Ezekiel King up and sacrifice himself by locking himself behind the gates after creating a diversion. In the finale pan-away moments of the episode, we saw Morgan peering inside the gates of the Kingdom. I believe Morgan will get to Ezekiel in time. I think Morgan will take out almost all of the Saviors, saving Ezekiel from death. 

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What's Negan's plan for the Safe Zone and does he intend to ride out the missing Alexandrian? In the mid-season finale, Negan and his band of misfits arrived pissed off. I mean, I can understand, but they had it coming. As far as staying until the Alexandrians emerge, I don't think so. They don't know where they've gone to, the community is engulfed in flames, and Negan gets bored quickly. So, given that, I don't believe they'll stay, but I DO think that Negan and the Saviors will light the community further on fire, leaving nothing but rubble. 

Will Laura, the female savior who survived Dwight's ambush, dish on Dwight to Negan? Laura, Laura, Laura, why couldn't you have just died? In the mid-season finale, Dwight led a group of Saviors into an ambush. All but Dwight died, or so they thought. Laura suddenly appeared, she confronted him and shot him, quickly disappearing. Dwight tells the others that he can't go back to the Saviors now because she will tell Negan. Will she get back to Negan in time? I don't think so. I believe that either Dwight will kill her, a walker might get to her or wind up dead at the hands of someone on Rick's side.

What's Maggie's train of thought and what's her plan for the hostages? Taking her actions into consideration, I'd say Maggie is we on hey way to becoming a mini-Negan. No, not as a villain or a ruthless murderer but as in a no shit taker. With her comment, "we aren't even, but it's a start." that tells me she has some nasty things planned for her lawn ornaments. Personally, I believe Maggie will set an example through her hostages. And, with Negan being unaware of her captives, this may work out to her advantage. Or, perhaps not. We all know Negan is a self-absorbed villain who only cares for himself. But, the psycho-sociopath has a compassionate side. Mainly for his wives and the future serial killer, but it's still there. The Saviors numbers are dwindling; this may make him act. But, it could also be bad for him.

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Will Rick go 'Full Shane'? So far in the series, Rick has gone 'Full Shane' three times. Once after Lori died, once after a run-in with Joe and his bandits and once after Pete tried to kill him and Rick beat him down. Will he go for a fourth? I think he might. With Carl's death approaching quick and the frustration rising, Rick may reach the point of no return. Maybe Michonne can save him from that point. Carl might just be the thing that pushes him over the edge, making him act as irrational as Negan. Rick may eventually return to the 'officer friendly' we remember, but it may take more than a quick talk-to. Rick may blame Negan or even Siddiq for Carl's death. 

Next, I'd like to talk about Daryl; where's his mind and what's the plan for Dwight? Personally, I think Daryl is the most solid mindset since Abraham and Glenn's death back in the season 7 premiere. From that point through three-quarters of the seventh season, Daryl suffered from guilt, anger, and nakedness. After Honey gave him a way out and Jesus led him back to safety at The Colony, he hasn't looked back. Daryl has been a nonstop ass-kicking, and he isn't looking back. At this point, I don't see his fire dying down. As far as his plan for Dwight goes, it depends on his mindset at that moment. Dwight has two notches against him for Daryl and one for Tara. Maybe two wrongs don't make a right, but three notches may make one helluva bloody mess. He may allow Dwight to live for a while. But, he may kill him later on. 

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Next, I have three topics rolled up in one; Eugene, Dr. Carson, and Father Gabriel, who'll survive, who'll die and who'll arrive? As we saw in the mid-season finale, Eugene had a change of heart and managed to create a diversion for the two to escape. Gabriel offered for Eugene to come with but he declined. So, exactly how big of a chance do they have at escaping? At this point, a large one. With the Saviors being so thinly placed among the communities and with Maggie possessing about thirty, maybe two were left to guard the Sanctuary. As long as Carson can get Gabriel out quick enough, they should make it. Eugene, however, may not. Eugene may be deemed a traitor, and Negan may kill him himself. Eugene may turn the tables and snitch on the wives' plan to kill him with poison, and in the end, they all may die. 

Okay! We have finally reached my last prediction. Can anyone guess what it is? It's Negan. Where exactly is the crazy villain's mind and what are his plans? Well, I think he's flustered as all get out. Rick and his group are the only ones to buck against the Saviors way as they have and have been continually successful. Not to mention, gaining and obtaining some serious firepower. Negan doesn't possess the understanding of compromise, and he isn't very nice. But, I think he knew he bit off a little much when he decided to collect Rick and Co into his community of producers. Negan's plan may go like this: after leaving Alexandria a blazing mess, Negan and his Saviors may retreat to The Sanctuary. After realizing it's not as bad, they'll take back their home and regroup. In the end, they'll fall, and the Survivors will rise...

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The eighth season of AMC's hit series has been explosive and dynamic as hell, and the second half will only follow. Here's how I think it will unfold: I believe the majority will be war-based. Strategies will be exchanged, and death will occur. Everyone at Alexandria will head to the Hilltop and become a hell on earth wrecking team. It should follow the last of the all-out-war arc. 

The last few episodes disregarding the finale should showcase the aftermath of the war, the imprisonment of Negan and a hint at normal civilization. Rick may kill Negan after Carl, but I think they'll follow the comic closely on this. They're going to need the villain soon enough.

The season 8 finale should hint at the two-year time gap after the war, showing Santa Rick and preparing the audiences. Negan may be seen once or twice, bearded out and somewhat docile. They may also hint at the Whisperers...

My GOD, this season has been one crazy ride and the back half is going to be just as crazy. Will you be there Sunday night to watch the madness unfold? Tune in at 9 p.m only on AMC. 

Editor: Joeleen Gatlin