#TheWalkingDead Season 9 Episode 10 "Omega" In-Depth Recap

AMC is known for their powerful flashbacks but Omega took the gold home for demonstrating why The Walking Dead is the powerful show we known it to be.


Omega started off with a flashback to the early days of the apocalypse. The man that is revealed as Lydia's dad or Frank, is livid. Her mom attempts to de-escalate the sitionation. A young and scared Lydia clings to her mother. She begins to sing to her and trace a tattoo that is on the inside of her arm. The flashback comes back to the “present" and Lydia is telling Henry that she remembers the cold look in his eyes and still sees it vividly. Daryl is seen outside listening to their conversation. She tells Henry how her people waork. Henry tells her that he thinks her people are messed up for using the skins of the dead and moving with them. She tells him that thinking a place like Hilltop will not fall is messed up. She asks Henry about the lookout and his “Dad.” He tells her that Daryl isn't his dad . Lydia tells Henry that her mom kept her safe and she's a lot like his mom in the sense that she shouldn't be messed with. Another flashback happens and it shows Frank dying.


After the commercials ended, Tara headed out with a group who included Magna's group as well as Khal and Marco. The come upon Luke and Alden's trail. Connie spots something in the distance and they come across a pack of walkers devouring their horses. After they kill all of the dead, Connie and Kelly discover that the horses were sabotaged and left for the walkers. Kelly tells them that Connie noticed the horses died by more than the dead. Tara tells them that it's too dangerous to be out there without a plan and they need to head back. Mama's group format agree but they head back anyways. Back at Hilltop, Henry wants to help Lydia but she isn't keen on it and is actually confused by the generosity. She tells him that hunters a “gift” . He tells her that when he, his brother and father were found, they were messed up but kindness from people brought them back. She tells Henry that according to her dad, the world would never be okay again. In another flashback, it shows a group of people includimy Frank strategizing about leaving. Syria's mom overheard and they fight about whether or not to leave. She tells him that they're staying. He grabs a pair of scissors and begins to cut his beard. Henry begins to tell her about his home, The Kingdom. When he begins to tell her how to get thartl Daryl busts in and pulls Henry from his cell. When they reached ground level, news breaks that they had been listening to their conversations. Henry says that Lydia is a good person who got messed up in the world of the dead. Daryl heads downstairs to visit Lydia and she asks if he finally came down to kill her. He pulls up a chair and pulls out a pill in a bottle and tells her that she keeps pulling at her ear like it hurts. When we doesn't take it, he puts the meds away and tells her that her people have two of theirs and asks what her mom would do to them. She tells him that she would kill them if need be. In a mother flashbavk, it shows the early days again and the group who Lydia and her parents reside with are beginning to lose their minds. A guy tries to pry the boards from the walls and get free but Lydia's mom pulls him down and throws him down. “You're weak, pathetic, and there is no room for you here. So shut your damn mouth!” She tells him before she snaps his neck. Frank and Lydia both saw. He sings to her and she traces his tattoo, the tattoo that was on her mom's arm. She tells Daryl everything and he tells her that it sounds like her mom did what she had to do. He tells her that Hilltop has many good people and gives her the meds but as she goes to drink the water, she tries to hit him. He grabs her arm and shoved up her sleeve to reveal bruises. Daryl leaves. Yumiko, Kelly, Connie and Magna debate whether or not to sneak out and look for Like themselves. Magna doesn't want to go against Tara and lose what they gained. They decide to go that night.


Daryl went back down later on with a branch. As he picks it clean it smaller twigs and leaves, he tells her that some dad's try and come up with any excuse to beat their kid. He tells her that belts don't compare to a birch switch. He tells her that her dad sounded like the type that liked to See their kids afraid. Daryl then told her that that was the only part of her story he didn't believe was complete bullshit. He asks about the bruises and she tells him they came from her mom. Daryl asks why she's protecting her. Lydia tells Daryl that her mom molded to the world. Her tells her that her mom was wrong in so many words. In another flashback, it shows the truth. Her dad was actually the affectionate one and her mom was the abusive and headstrong one. Alpha and the others are forming a plan. Frank then checks on Lydia. When night falls, Lydia sneaks over to the dead but and she looks at him. Nothing happens. When he is covered back up, his fingers suddenly move. Lydia heard him and screams and Frank comes out which lands him a bite to the neck. Daryl tells her that that wasn't her fault but she said because she was weak, he died. Daryl tells her that things will come back, they're already working up to thst. She tells him that he Disney belong with them. Yumiko, Connie, Kelly and Magna sneak out of Hilltop. Daryl emerges from the cells and Henry confronts him. He tells Daryl that he should have just asked for his help. Then, he asks what'll be done with her. Henry then asks if Daryl was beaten too. Henry tells Daryl that he overheard telling Ezekiel that she kept her hair short because her ex husband used to grab it when she would run away. Henry tells Daryl that he thinks he can show Lydia the right way but Daryl says he cannot do it alone. Connie, Kelly, Magna and Yumiko get back t l the tracks but it's too dark to pick anything up. Magna and Yumiko want to head back but Kelly can't live with the thought that Luke is out there. Connie and Kelly stay out for the night. Yumiko and Magna head back.


Henry goes back down into the cell with Lydia. He tells her that Hilltop is a great place and he wants to show her that. He unlocks her cell door and they sneak out. When they see a guard, they duck. They decide to hang tight. Lydia digs into the ground and pulls out an Earthworm. She eats it. Henry watches her intently. She pulls another and sucks it clean and offers it to him. He takes it and eats it. “I just ate a worm.” After a while, they start to walk. She feels a hammer and is about to do something regrettable when she hears a baby cry. This triggers her to see the truth of the past. She asks Henry to take her back. He does. She doesn't want to be left alone though. He stays with her. The next morning, Daryl brings her some breakfast and finds Henry there. After some food, Lydis spills the beans about her former people. She tells them that her mom probably ki!led their people. She apologises for that. She then apologises for being a waste of time. Daryl tells her that she wasn't that at all. Yumiko and Magna reach the gates and she tells Magna that she'll talk to Tara. When she goes up there, Tara tells her that she already knew. Yumiko spots movement and she sees Kelly and Connie. Then…She sees danger. Kelly gets rescued but Connie gets stuck in a corn field as The Whisperers approach. Tara calls for Daryl and he comes up. Alpha walks up to the gate and smirks. She tells him that her name is Alpha and all she wants is her daughter.


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Author/ Editor: Joeleen Gatlin