#TheWalkingDead Season 9 Episode 12 "Guardians" Recap

AMC has done a helluva job this season with its newest enemy, The Whisperers. The Whisperers whole dynamic has been ridiculous and in my opinion, they are more badass over the comics. Let's get to the recap, shall we?


From the opening minutes, Alpha ridiculed Lydia and non stop questioned her from where she was somewhat they did for her. Lydia came to the realization that she only came to her rescue for the information that she held. When confronted, Alpha returned the question with “What a stupid thing to say.” And they began to more toward camp.

During a council meeting, Michonne begins questioning all of those who knew about Rosota and Eugene‘s plans. She told them that the because of their decision to keep it hidden from her, it killed Jesus and almost killed others not to mention it opened them wide for a new threat like the one they're dealing with. Aaron agrees with her but says that what he did he didn't regret because it may have very well may have happened anyway. Nonetheless, it's something that they should have considered beforehand. SIddiq tells them that Carol came to them and said that the Kingdom is in worse condition than Ezekiel is letting on. He asks for her to reconsider but knows that she would just veto the votes. Richmond says that the roads are too dangerous for them to even get there and on top of that, with the new enemy, there is target on their back.

Rosita was in the bedroom attempting to button her jeans when Gabriel came home. After the struggle of putting them on, she went into the living room where he was. She asked if it went well and he told her it went spectacular. She asks about it and he says that he’d rather not say. Gabriel apologises and so does she. She apologises for it all, including the fact that her pregnancy was not something either of them foresaw. She considers it a blessing but tells him that she knows it may be too mmuvh. She leaves. Alpha and the Whisperers stop for a quick moment. Lydia is near a tree when she finds a yoyo. She keeps it. She glances up and sees Henry. A Whisperer comes up to Henry and he easily takes him down but Beta sneaks him and snatches him up. He asks him questions which he does not answer so he brings him forth to Alpha and he compounds his arm to the point of almost breaking it. She tells Henry that she'll let him break each of his limbs and leave him there for the hungry ones. He tells them that he came from Hilltop. They move forth and they take Henry with.


Gabriel begins to clean up the meeting room when Eugene stops by. He brings Gabriel a “chart" to show him the predicted Rosita “happy" chart. He tells Gabriel that he's got a winner and he would be a damn fool to let her go. Gabriel tells Eugene that it's not his place, that it's between Siddiq and Rosita. He tells him that he will be there for her regardless and offers him a peace offering for her "ever expanding breadbasket.” Alpha asks Lydia about Henry. Lydia doesn't want to give her mom any answers. Alpha tells Lydia why she prefers the dead and it's because they don't lie. She tells them that words are just air. THen, she gives her an apple. They need a herd and follow them. When they get to the camp, Henry and Lydia walk together for a short while. Alpha orders Beta to get get Lydia a new skin. Negan was in his cell when Michonne came to visit him. “Welcome home.” He greets her. She tells him that she wants answers since he requested her personally. He tells her that she shouldn't blame Gabriel because a dog like him would have eventually escape his cage. She asked what kind of dog would return to said cage. He told her that he could have waited in her room to bash her head in but didn’t. Michonne tells him that he probably came to the realization that the world would swallow him up and spit him out. Negan then admits that the world isn't what it was but asks for some form of trust since he's “a new man.” Michonne tells him that if sprouting a new line of buckshot is changing them congrats . He tells her that he can be of help because he over hears their conversations. He tells her that he can be a leader to former leader sounding board. He brings up the community write-up and she cute him off. She tells her guy to cover up his window but catches Judith eavesdropping.


Connie and Daryl are close to tracking down Henry and the Whisperers. She writes a note that says “he caught up with them". Dog searches the gully where Henry hid and came up with his staff. He praises him. Two walkers come and Daryl kills them. Dog retrieves his arrows and Daryl gets an idea… Beta is seen skinning a walker and Henry is watching him as he's tied to the tree. Alpha comes up. While she's talking to him, two of her people come up. They have an issue with Alpha breaking protocol for her own kid when they've lost people themselves. She tells them that as anyone is allowed, they can challenge her. She asks her people if she had ever failed them. They all stay quiet. She tells the challengers that she protects them. She tells them that she saw them plotting in the woods. They don't have any words. Alpha pulls out a wire and beheads the woman and hands her head to her boyfriend. She walks up to him softly and shushes him then stabs him in the side.

Michonne checks on a sleeping R.J. and meets Judith in the hallway as she is coming home from practice. She asks her if she was spying on her and she tells her she was just checking in Negan. When Michonne asks her why, she tells her mom that she feels sorry for him. Michonne tells her that he is not her friend. She tells Michonne that Negan actually listens to her. Michonne doesn't want Judith seeing him and calls him an animal. Judith says that he's changed. When she tells him that people don't change, Judith tells her that she did. Michonne tells her to go to her room. Henry watches Lydia and sees the Hiltop coin. Beta takes Alpha's mask off and hangs it up. He tells her that it's good to remind people of who she is. She tells him a story of when Lydia was small, she had wrapped herself in plastic. When she freed her, she slapped her to remind her not to do that again. She tells him you do what you have to for the ones you love. Beta worried about the backlash of having the “boy". Whisperers drag team bodies of the dead out and leave. The walkers begin to devour the fresh meat. Daryl and Connie scout in the bushes just feet away. They're close…


Gabriel is walking back home when he sees Rosita and SIddiq talking. They both stand and all three to back inside. Eugene sees and smiles. Michonne visits Aaron. She tells him that she wanted to tell him first over anyone else. She has decided to do the council vote and agreed not to veto the votes. Aaron brings up the fact that the roads are broken and dangerous but it's a communities decision. The them begin to pack up food, livestock and other goods for the fare. Beta snatches Henry up and brings him to a circle meeting are a where Lydia is with Alpha. A knife is thrown to Lydia's feet. Alpha orders her to pick up the knife and kill Henry but walkers come and bust the party side open. They get their masks on and begin to head out. Many die. Lydia and Henry get separated then he is grabbed by a Whisperer only to see that it's Daryl and Connie in disguise. All four run for the hills and get out of dodge.

This episode was insane. What Did you thing of Guardians? Let me known in the comments below!

Author/Editor: Joeleen Gatlin