#TheWalkingDead Season 9 Episode 6 "Who Are You Now" In-Depth Recap

Episode 6 was an excellent way to start the painful reminder that Rick won't be back...on the show...but, overall it was a good episode. From the fun, Negan and Judith scenes to the ending surprise of Whisperers making their official debut in the TV series, 'Who Are You Now' was the beautiful start of something new.

The episode began with Michonne at the last place they saw Rick alive; which the bridge. Six years have passed, and things have changed. She talks about the difficulty of things since his "death" and that he has never left her mind. She says that no matter the dark situation, there's some guidance in the dark. Then, in the final moments of her speech, she tells him that she hasn't and will not give up hope. She's talking to what she believes may be Rick's presence as she does various things as well as Daryl fishing then losing said fish to kill a walker. It then shows Carol waking up next to the King staring at a quote. She walks to the window and sees Henry grown up practicing his staff Morgan showed him. On the way home, she finds a sheriff figurine inside of a large and abandoned vehicle along with some other things.

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When the commercials end, we see Aaron, Rosita, Beatrice, Laura, and a few others out searching for Judith. She comes up finally and brings the group of survivors she found. She takes it upon herself to a stake in their survival and gives Yumiko water. Rosita reminds her that they can't make them in, but Judith says if they don't go back to Alexandria then she wouldn't. Judith tells Aaron that they need help. Carol is frustrated over the Kingdom falling apart. Jerry jokes and says the only thing staying together is the loyalty to "the Queen." A bang is heard, and they run to where it is. It's a pipe and Henry is in the process of fixing it. King Ezekiel comes and sees that Henry has done a good job. Henry is upset, though. He wants "dad" to let him go learn something valuable from Earl. Unconvinced, Ezekiel doesn't want to come around, but Carol persuades him. "It's his home. Its only natural that he'll wanna fix it." She smiles and quotes their bedroom quote. Judith and the others arrive at Alexandria with the group, and they aren't too sure. Judith tries to reassure them and brings them in. Just as they come and everyone comes around to greet the new people, Michonne rides in. She investigates and wants answers. Aaron takes the fault, but Judith steps up and tells mom that she brought them because they needed help. Michonne eyes Magna and isn't happy about something. Father Gabriel says they can decide tomorrow at council and Michonne agrees to keep them in holding until then. Siddiq takes Yumiko to the infirmary, and the others get a night in holding. Judith finds the small sheriff figurine that Michonne found on the ground.

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King Ezekiel has finally come around to let Henry learn a craft. He hugs him and tells him that's for the boy he is and shakes his hand telling him that's for the man Henry's become. Ezekiel's uneasy about him and Carol traveling alone bit she reassures him that they'll be fine and The Kingdom needs their King. He tells her that he wished the communities were not as decided. She says to him to not worry so much, and she and Henry leave. Afterward, Gabriel is seen at the council as well as the others. He tells them that it's been a while since they found newcomers and their gesture will not be mistaken for a weak act. Luke tells Gabriel their entire story of how things went, how they came about and how they did what they had to. They bring up a fallen friend, and Connie comforts Kelly. They tell their story of who they "used to" be and "who they are now," the only thing is Michonne doesn't buy it. She tells her to pull her glove off and pulls her "prison" tattoo for everyone to see. She tells her to take off the other knife and then tells the community to vote, and the 2nd's their motion. Magna wants to ask Michonne a question, but she leaves.

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Following the council meeting, Gabriel is seen messing around with a CB radio. Finding those survivors gave him some hope of finding others, but he needs to get a farther signal. She tells him what he already knows; Michonne won't go for it. Gabriel says there is still time for her to change her mind. After kissing Gabriel (what? Okay, I ship it), Rosita tells him that he should stay and she and Eugene will go out and set frequency boxes up. Judith was walking up the stairs of their home when she heard Michonne talking. She wasn't talking to anyone but people of the past. Judith is busted, and Michonne reminds her that it's almost time for her lesson. Judith leaves. Henry is confused by Carol's direction and their late turnoff. They suddenly hear a cry for help and Henry runs to help but is quickly surprised by who they see; Saviors led by Jed. "Hey there, boss lady."

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Eugene tells Rosita that the connection box is almost ready. In his gibberish lingo, he asks Rosita about Gabriel and says to her that she has more viable options than just him. She laughs it off then pulls the horses to a stop when they see the trail of a massive herd crossing the road. Siddiq is seen caring for Yumiko as Magna watches over her. She gets up angrily and watches Michonne and Judith training. Luke asks Siddiq about how he got to their group, and he tells him that his acceptance was at a different time for different reasons. Jed takes Carol AMD Henry's peace offering to Hilltop and tells her that was going to spare her, her things and their lives. Carol asks why they have walkers where the horses should be, and he says to her they got hungry.

Ezekiel tells her, he wants her ring as well, and Henry goes off. He drops him like he dropped Justin but they quickly gang up. Carol falls on top of him and gives up her ring. Judith is seen outside of Negan's cell and asks him a question from the book. He tells her that he will help her, but he needs a real-time question for a solution. She says to him that Michonne is going to make her survivors leave. Negan tells her of a story that when he was younger, he rescued stray dogs and continued to do so until one unruly stray killed the other dogs and bit his mom's ear half off. She asked what he did ad he told her to be wised up. She begins to pack up, but he's confused. "It doesn't matter if you're a good person on the inside or not; the numbers don't care." Eugene has successfully set a signal extender. Rosita gives the cue that its good when he spots a massive horde coming at them. Quickly he shimmies down the latter, but they're coming fast. Their horses spook and run off. Eugene gets to the bottom ten feet and has to jump off. It's his knee, and it isn't good. As nightfall comes, Henry and Carol tuck in for the night. He's upset because what she did went against what she taught him. Angry, he leaves. Later, Carol is seen at the Saviors hideout. She takes Jed's match and lights them up, walking away smiling.

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Magna and her group try to strategize a plan to win over Michonne

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Connie tells Magna not to be an asshole and Luke takes her knife necklace away. Later, someone is sneaking around Michonne's home. It's Magna. She is about to sneak in when a baby boy runs up. She knocks on the front door and hands the knife over saying "you missed one." Mutual respect is formed. After Michonne closes the door, she sees Judith with Rick's python. Michonne angry at first tells her that Rick and Carl would have been proud. She tells Momma Michonne she knows she's talking to Rick and Carl and hopes that she can still hear their voices. After Judith leaves, Michonne gets teary, and then the baby boy runs up, and she embraces him. Eugene and Rosita are seen running through the forest. He tells her that he would gladly sacrifice himself for her, but she refuses him to die. They crawl into a ditch, and she covers them in the mud. The herd is upon them and within the deads cries for hunger whispers are heard... "Where are they? Who let them get away?"

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Author/Editor: Joeleen Gatlin