#TheWalkingDead Season 9 Episode 7 "Stradivarius" In-Depth Recap

The Whisperers is here!

Sunday night's episode of The Walking Dead proved yet again why they are the most watched show on television. From good old action to reunited friends with the right amount of drama and animals, AMC knows how to bring it home.

Sunday's episode picked up where it left us at; Rosita terrified, bloody and running for her life all the while whispers are being heard. Taunting her, a group called "The Whisperers" chased her through the woods with their pack of the undead. "She's still here, catch her, this way, and we're getting close" was only some of what they 'whispered.' Then, Rosita suddenly dropped.

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When the episode came back from commercial, Daryl, Carol and Henry were walking to Daryl's campsite. Various traps are scattered, and Carol warns Henry to be aware of them. Carol asks about the boat not being fixed then a dog comes up and brings a hand. Carol asks when Daryl ate last, and he tells her that the dog had eaten the day before. Michonne, DJ and Siddiq are on the way to Hilltop with the survivors. Michonne wanted Siddiq to admit to her that her decision to move the survivors to Hilltop is stupid. He won't say yay or nay, but he tells her that he thinks she's going far to prove their story wrong. Michonne admits that there is no trust established. Magna gets riled up about them not having their weapons, so Kelly tells them to chill. Yumiko apologizes to Michonne about Magna's behavior and gives her some insight on the guy they lost to the herd they were being chased by. Then, she asked about Hilltop and Michonne told her to trust her. It skips to The Hilltop where things are going well. Large crop fields are shown, livestock and training are in order, and Jesus is running the show in Maggie's absence. She has been away with Georgie. Tara brings the daily report to him and gives him the rundown of things. Dismissing all things, Jesus stands and says he's going to favor Tammy Rose's expansion and check further out. Daryl and Carol talk while he hunts. He snags a snake and a rabbit. Carol wants Daryl to come with them. He asks her if she wants a babysitter for Henry and she denies that. She tells Daryl Henry is an idealist like Ezekiel. Daryl says Henry has to learn like himself and he did.

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When the episode comes back, the group has arrived at the shaken campsite of the new people. They jump out and admit its worse than they thought. They grabbed improvised weapons and killed the few walkers that remained. Michonne and Siddiq watched them. Magna is looking for something when Yumiko came up and told her to take memorabilia of Bernie's to remember him by. Siddiq finds a flute on the ground and tells Michonne that his mother got him one as a child but quickly changed to painting for her sanity. Connie signs to Siddiq that Luke has an obsession or a "fetish" for them. Michonne has DJ load up the weapons, and Magna isn't happy.

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Michonne says she won't be having armed strangers entering the Hilltop. She gives them the option of getting their weapons and staying on their own or keeping their weapons and getting a chance at a better future. Kelly thinks they'd be okay on their own, but Yumiko wants to favor with Luke and stay with a better plan. Jesus is seen on his horse when he is suddenly knocked off and tackled. It's Aaron! The two men spar until Jesus sweeps Aaron and the fight is over with. Afterward, they talk about the communities coming back together and the fair. They both want the communities back as one, but the conversation quickly shifts when a flare is seen. They find Rosita shortly after and she is injured. She tells them that Eugene is held up in a barn. They decide he'll have to wait for now and loaded her up and get her to The Hilltop.

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Back at Daryl's camp, Dog brings Daryl a piece of the foot. Henry asks why he does that and Daryl tells Henry he has his reasons. He throws it into the fire and starts to prepare dinner. He skins the snake, and Carol says she's impressed. Henry asks her if the real reason they came in for a "shaperone" (Beth flashback). She doesn't answer. Daryl says that dinner will be ready in about thirty minutes and Carol tells him that's perfect timing. "Time for what?" A haircut! She gives him a rugged (season 5) Daryl haircut, and he tells her that he knows she thinks he's out there looking for Rick. She asks if he is and he says that he has never found a body. He admits to her that after a while it just got more comfortable to be out by himself. He acknowledged that it was more peaceful as well. Dinner is done, and they begin to eat. Henry asks about Daryl's scar over his eye, but he dismisses it calling for Dog. Nightfall has come, and everyone is tucked in...or, so Michonne thinks. She was on watch when she heard a noise. Investigating, Michonne finds Luke messing around with something, and when he goes to turn around, she slices it. Everyone comes only to find that she has disarmed him of a vintage Stativarious cut into two. Henry can't sleep. He sees Daryl and follows him only to find a walker in a trap. Daryl confronts Henry then goes away when he hears a bark and a panicked one at that. They find Dog snagged in rope and various walkers trying to get at him. Daryl tells Henry to stay as he goes to kill the undead. Daryl gets snagged but quickly gets out of it and releases Dog just as a walker who was snagged in a trap lunges. Henry stops the walker from getting on Daryl but gets an injured foot. They head back to the camp as Carol watches from a distance, at the ready if needed.

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Jesus was coming around the corner to check on Rosita when Tara came from the infirmary and told him she was just a little dehydrated. She said to him it was strange seeing her and Aaron and asked about it. Jesus tells her that he's been training Aaron and trying to keep the line of communication open between the communities. Tara says that people have been taking notice in his long disappearances and tells him that he needs to remember he has people counting on him. Tara says she will go out and look for Eugene. Back at the camp, Daryl was changing shirts when Henry (and us) took notice of an X in the same spot as Michonne (which is strangely enough placed in the same area where the rebar impaled rick). He brings Henry a jar of something for the infection and tells him the meaning of Dog's limb is bringing. He checks the traps and tells him if it's snagged one or not. Henry tells Daryl that Carol misses her best friend and she shouldn't have to. While Luke expresses his profound disturbance of the murder of the violin, Magna and Yumiko cozy up together. He tells them that instruments are an essential piece of humanity, of communities and a key to what makes them not an animal. The next morning, Siddiq tries convincing Michonne one more time to come with them. She tells him that it's not a good idea and he spills the secret of Maggie's departure with Hershel and Georgie. Connie warns everyone of a herd is moving toward them. They run out and see the horde nearing. After a minute, they convince Michonne to let them have their weapons. They all jump into action. Yumiko shot down a shed roof to protect the horses, and they took out enough of the walkers to get away. Magna suddenly cries and leans on Yumiko as a walker-died Bernie comes. Michonne kills it gently. They move on.

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At the camp, Daryl is loading up when Carol comes out of the tent. A little awkwardness is exchanged as Daryl asks how she slept and she returns the question. They load up and leave. Michonne tells Yumiko that she understands their pain of loss. She tells Michonne that they'll all get over it. Siddiq apologizes to Michonne about not saying something earlier. Two Hilltop guards suddenly come with news about Rosita. Michonne reluctantly tells them to tell Alexandria that she and her party are moving safely towards Hilltop. Connie spotted something but dismissed it. They run on.

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Daryl, Carol, and Henry arrive at Hilltop with a welcome party. Tara and Aaron meet Henry wonders about Enid and Carol and Daryl. After a quick exchange of hugs and greetings, Aaron brings them up to date with Rosita. He tells Daryl Eugene is still out there and they need a tracker. Daryl agrees, and Henry wants to go. Carol tells him no and takes him to get settled in. Jesus tells Tara that he's going with because he knows the terrain best. Tara says she'll stay back. Jesus armors up then they head out with Daryl and Dog in the lead.

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Episode 7 was excellent, a great one for the books. Even though Rick isn't around with them, he's still in the presence, and I can feel him. Can you? How will they deal with The Whisperers in the Mid Finale next week? How will The Whisperer war begin? Next week is only the start. Are you ready?

Author/Editor: Joeleen Gatlin