#TheWalkingDead Season 9 First Round Theories: 11 Things To Chew On

First off, I would like to take a second to say Happy Birthday to the most amazing mother in the world. I love you, momma.  Friday, April 27th, 2018  

  The eighth season of AMC's hit television series The Walking Dead ended with a brilliant conclusion on its finale, but it left fans with many questions that they are dying to have answered.

Today, I'll be listing and theorizing some things that I feel should be answered in the ninth season coming in October of 2018. All of these theories are personal and only hints. There is no viable information behind them other than hints in the show and comparisons from the graphic novel.


1). My first theory is will either Sherry or Heath be seen in the new season? Sherry, Honey or D's girl, whatever you may know her by was hinted at being alive in the season 8 finale that aired April 15th. Does that mean we'll be seeing her again? Possibly. And, not to mention Daryl's comment of "to make it right." In my opinion, this is all pointing to Sherry's premiere and perhaps her and Dwight's takeover over the Sanctuary. But this could potentially cause problems with him and Daryl. Daryl gave him a second chance again, and Dwight may take it for granted. He may still be harboring anger where Negan is concerned, and that may create a more significant issue between the Sanctuary and The Survivors. Heath, on the other hand, may never return. He left us with many questions including what the key card of 'PPP' meant. Heath may never return as a character even though he is a main character in the comics at this point in the story. They may try and make another character mold into his role as they have seemed to do with perhaps Georgie as Paula Milton and Alden as Dante. So, maybe they'll find another character who will take on Heath's role. 


 2). Who is Georgie and will we be seeing her in the near future? Although we only got a small taste of this new character, it left fans with many questions and wondering what exactly her arrival meant. Many of the Walking Dead fandoms could not rest at night knowing she may be a "new character." They had to dig. Many fans have speculated that Georgie is Pamela Milton, the Governor of a highly evolved community of 50,000 plus survivors known as The Commonwealth. With the show finale ending at the All Out War arc ending, many people believe there will be a time gap. Will that lead to Georgie or Pamela? Maybe. In the comics, Commonwealth was only recently discovered so little is known. That may mean that we may not see this group until a little further into the series. Then again, maybe not. I believe that they will hint at Georgie in the ninth season but not highlighting the character or what her people and group may contain. They may be revealed in Season 10.



3). Did The Walking Dead throw out its next threat? Okay, we all saw it. And for those of you who read the comics and watch the show, we couldn't help but make the meaningful comparison of the borderline of sticks that was put in place for a group of survivors called "The Whisperers" and not to mention the gigantic swarm of "walkers" just down yonder. Was this their way of preparing us? I think so. The comparison was eerily recognizable. So much that it seemed to be coming later in that episode. It didn't, however. But it was that realistic to have been happening at that moment. And based on the fact that they are due for a time gap, it was appropriate to make this hint. Maybe it's just a giant horde. Maybe it was an illusion. But I think it's The Whisperers coming.

4). How large of a time gap will there be? In the comics, it jumps years into the future, showcasing thriving communities with a successful trade routine, healthy people, and peace throughout. So how long of a gap is the show going to jump? At first, maybe nothing but the following days. It may build up to a year's time gap, maybe even two. The first three to four episodes may showcase the few months then the gap will show a thriving community built and continuously being built stronger after the jump.

5). Will all of the communities join together as one? No, I don't believe that they will. I think that the communities will stay their separate towns with a great understanding that they will all work together as one. Rick and Michonne want to establish some form of civilization so by keeping the communities apart will create a system of township perhaps. But later down the road, the Sanctuary may takej away from Rick's way of things and follow the comic storyline.

6). Will Rick and Co rebuild Alexandria? Definitely. Alexandria is home; it's the first place that they found stability after the prison and Terminus, not to mention everything in between. Alexandria is home, and home is everything. And I couldn't help but think about the similarity behind the owl statue that grown-up Judith told Santa Rick about and the owl statue that Jesse was building back when they first got to Alexandria. Maybe that's Rick's way of symbolizing those who've been lost and celebrate those still around. Maybe I'm crazy, but I think that maybe there's something to that. Alexandria will be the heart of the communities once more, and they will make it stronger and bigger than before. 


7). Is love in the air for some of the survivors? Since Paul 'Jesus' Rovia made his debut in season 6, many fans have both wondered and speculated if Daryl and Jesus were going to become an item. Since the show began, many people have wondered with the occasional tease that Daryl is gay. But no one knows. The gruff and tough red neck is known to have his romantic moments, most memorable is the connection between he and Beth Greene before she had her untimely demise. Daryl and Jesus have had their moments with the occasional lovingly look between them. So many have decided to 'ship' Desus. Another relationship that I hope they explore further is Ezekiel and Carol or Carzekiel. Hints at the possible love interest have been teased throughout the past couple of seasons. Undoubtedly, they are a helluva team. In the comics, Ezekiel connects with Michonne. That won't be happening so I think these two are going to connect semantically more so than ever. 


8). How big of a threat will Maggie be to Rick in the new season? Believe it or not, I don't think Maggie will be a large threat to Rick. Negan, on the other hand, maybe another story. I think she'll sit in the corner while she plots. But I don't think she would harm Rick. She wants revenge, but I highly doubt she'll risk becoming a mini Negan to get her point across. With Daryl and Jesus appearing to be on her side, many people are wondering how far they will go. Personally, I don't think that Daryl will turn on his brother. This may be a way of gaining Maggie's trust abetting Rick know. He knows Rick is trying to reshape humanity so if he tells him what she's plotting, maybe she'll be put behind bars like Negan but only briefly to show that he isn't messing around. Jesus is the other story. He has proven that he would do anything for Maggie. This could pose problems. I think that Jesus could be a larger threat than Maggie as a whole while she barks the orders. Jesus may need to be under the microscope more so than Maggie. 

9). Will Negan tell all to Rick? Oh yes, I think Negan will become a chatty Cathy for the plain and simple fact that he wants to gain his trust to get him to let him out. And oh do I look forward to hearing the juicy details and memories that float around that man's brain. At first, Rick may not want to but Negan may role him in with the topic of Carl. This may start the long journey of the ll all between the two. Negan may open up about his wife quickly as well, mentioning that Carl mentioned how he killed Lori due to her death during childbearing. I think Negan will open up to Rick about a lot of things.


10). Will Jadis/Anne's helicopter and funky symbol be explored in season 9? I think so. Although there hasn't been must that's been elaborated on with this; I believe that we will hear something about this. I think that maybe Jadis is part of The Commonwealth and her junkyard was an outpost. The helicopter may have been their transport back and forth between the communities (the Commonwealth is located in Ohio in the comics). So maybe that's the similarity, and maybe the bio symbol is their trademark. 


 11). Last but not least! Will Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead become one show? There is a good possibility of this. In the season 4 premiere of Fear, Morgan had left after the war and stumbled upon Madison and the others in Texas. His story was recorded by Al and discovered by Nick. With him seeing this, he's going to want to tell Madison of this more significant community, and this may trigger them traveling to Virginia to join the community. I think that the end of Fear TWD will pave the way so to speak of another groundbreaking milestone in the New World.

I hope you enjoyed my article! Whether you agree, disagree or want to add your opinion, drop a line in the comments below. I love reading your feedback. Thanks for reading!

Author/Editor: Joeleen Gatlin