#TheWalkingDead Season 9: Is Andrew Lincoln Really Leaving The Show?

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018 

Is Andrew Lincoln TRULY leaving The Walking Dead?  

Actor Andrew Lincoln AKA Rick Grimes. Season 8 Episode 2 "The Damned".

Actor Andrew Lincoln AKA Rick Grimes. Season 8 Episode 2 "The Damned".

 By now, I'm sure everyone who has any type of internet access has seen the headlines. "Andrew Lincoln exits 'The Walking Dead' after season 9." As shocked as the entire internet has been over the last 24 hours, I'm sure there has been both negative and positive feedback. I know I must've done a Negan and said "Oh you gotta be joking!" I'll admit it, I may have screamed and thrown my cellphone across the room. But, then I got to thinking; is AMC really ballsy enough to pull this large of a move? Or is this just another move by producers and the showrunner to detour fans from unveiling their filming...?


 AMC isn't shy of diverting from the comics (most recently noted would be Carl's shocking death at the season 8 mid-season premiere). But, something this drastic isn't possible...is it? While AMC producers and showrunners haven't spoken out on the reports and rumors nor the actor himself, the entire Walking Dead Universe has seemingly come to the conclusion that this is true. I on the other hand think something else may be in the works...

There have been many subtle hints that The Walking Dead can and will carry on without their precious Rick Grimes. Andrew Lincoln had actually stated back before season 5 aired that The Walking Dead could in fact carry on successfully without Rick as it's leader. Was this his way of preparing fans for this moment? Possibly. Many people have wondered why they have decided to spoil this juicy fact rather than just let it be seen on-screen like Carl's shocker death. I honestly think it's a diversion tactic that they do every year. There are too many coincidences that point to this;

  • Coincidence #1). NO ONE directly in or on the show's team, actors, producers or other NOR the actor himself has confirmed this report. While the actor has stated that he will eventually want to exit the show, this would not be a smart move on anyone unless they are wanting to remove the show from the broadcast. 
  • Coincidence #2). Rick Grimes' sidekick Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus was rumored to have recently been offered an obserdly large contract ($20 Million to be exact) to take over the role as A #1 Man. This in itself seems a little strange concidering the fact that NO ONE has been offered a higher compansation salary than $10.5 million which was Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus' salaries for this past season. So either they're going to combine Andrew and Norman's salary for ONE actor over two or they're throwing bait out for the fans to nibble on while they sneak under their noses to film closer than they ever have to the comics...
  • Coincidence #3). Something else that makes me personally stop and think is that it's a little coincidental that Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan have six episode confirmed for season 9. They may be baiting fans to think that they'll be in those episodes together and duel it out together to the nitty gritty end. Considering Maggie's possible departure because of her new show Whiskey Cavalier, they could be leaving Amdrew Lincoln's contract open ended to 'play it by ear' instead of dead setting one way or another. 
  • I'm just gonna be brutally honest here, The Walking Dead is  Rick Grimes. I mean, c'mon! The Show (and comics) started about a man looking for his wife and child (AKA Rick Grimes)! If they decided to kill him off, what good would that be anymore. Basically, it would just be a group of survivors surviving. How good of a show would that be? If that's what they decide to do, I very highly doubt the show would be renewed after the ninth season. IF they kill Rick Grimes off, The Walking Dead would lose all purpose and probably interest in the millions of fans it currently has.
  • Andrew Lincoln has only been signed for 6 episodes. This DOES NOT MEAN HE WILL DIE. Maybe he will be in the first six episode of the ninth season and part ways momentarily, maybe to go to Morgan and bring him and the Fear cast to Atlanta. Just becauae he is LEAVING does not mean he has to die. Beth left for multiple episodes before returning. Granted, she died in the season 5 mid finale but she still left and then returned. Just because Andrew Lincoln is LEAVING does not mean Rick Grimes will die on the show.

If AMC decided to go with this route and kill off it's leading leader, they may end up closing the show period. The Walking Dead holds the number one spot in many categories including most watched show ever. Over the past two seasons, it's viewimg party has peetered out. This means less money for production and inevitably, the cast and crew. This could be their way of warning fans that they are preparing to end AMC'S number 1 Series. If this is true, they may kill off everyone during the Whisperer war (which does NOT happen in the comics). But, if they are entertaining this possibility, that could be a viable way for them to end out the series. Rick could die very easily in this theory against the Whisperers as well as everyone else. I'm just not too keen on Rick's life being cut short in the series and the series ending... I meam if they were going to do that, why not let Negan kill him  and end the series there? I do know one thing: AMC, Andrew Lincoln and Angela Kang need to set the record straight one way or another because I as well as 10 million plus fans are going insane entertaining these reports...


Let me know in the comments below what you think and what your train of thought is.


Author/Editor: Joeleen Gatlin