#TheWalkingDead Season 9 News and Photos

Thursday, September 6th, 2018

Boy, oh boy are we getting close! Only one month remains until the 9th Season premieres on October 7th  and I think fans are getting antsier than before. This season is not only a huge milestone but, it's Rick Grimes' last season (sad face). But, on a happier note, it's almost dead time! We are so excited! Let's get this article started!

Over the last two days, AMC has released about 20 new photos and their official teaser trailer apart from the official trailer they dropped in July at Comic-Con. The most present thing is the growth, the visible growth in itself is amazing. A year and a half have passed since we last saw our beloved characters so much has happened! Here is a collage of the photos;


Great photos. They're all beautiful. They're so insightful yet they leave us with many questions. Yet, the main one is...why isn't it October 7th?!? They also released their main poster;


All of these photos are very intriguing. And The key things are the growth, the birds, the capitol building, the windmill and Rick in his police uniform and The Hat. Geez, these photos are killing me. I cannot wait.

In other news, some significant people have cast this season. Alpha and Beta have been cast as Samantha Morton being Alpha and Beta being cast to Ryan Hurst or Opie from Sons of Anarchy. Alpha's daughter, Lydia has also been cast to   Cassady McClincy. Eleanor Matsurura has been cast as Yumiko, and Nadia Hilker has been cast as Magna. These two are a vital key in The Whisperer War that is to come this season. Brett Butler will play Tammy Rose, and John Finn (better known for his role in Cold Case) will play Earl Sutton who in the comics is a blacksmith. Zach McGowan (from Black Sails) and Rhys Coiro were cast as Justin and Jed, both Saviors seen from the trailer. So, big casting news!

Aaron has been rumored to be losing an arm as well as maybe even taking over as lead. Carol and Ezekiel will be getting married! Henry actor Macsen Lintz will be playing the first few episodes, but after the second time jump, his older brother Matthew Lintz will be taking his role over as an older Henry. Carol is also rumored to have long hair after the second time jump.

Episode 1 of the new season has yet to be named but it will be 86 minutes long, and air from 9 pm to 10:26 p.m.  Greg Nicotero directed the episode.

Not too much has been in the news, they have been swamped keeping it hush hush. And since Comic-Con, the actors, showrunner, and directors have been very quite on the topic. I know that millions are amped up to get the season started! We are so excited.

The Walking Dead's 9th season airs October 7th @ 9 pm only on AMC.


Author/Editor: Joeleen Gatlin