#TheWalkingDead Season 9 News And Production Updates

Monday, April 30th, 2018

Today, production begins for the ninth season of AMC's hit television series 'The Walking Dead.' The filming location has not been released, but there are two places to be speculated; their filming studio in either Senoia, Georgia or Atlanta, Georgia. The reason I bring up Atlanta is that 1) they began there before filming and 2) Morgan actor Lennie James stated in Talking Dead that they would be going back to Atlanta. Many people wondered if this was either a hint at something to come or for filming. I believe it's for filming. Let me know in the comments.

Below are some of the news stories before filming:

Andrew Lincoln on Rick VS Maggie in S9Before, The Walking Dead Season Eight, came to a close, it teased a civil war of sorts between Rick Grimes and Lauren Cohan's Maggie Rhee over the decision to keep Negan alive.Speaking to ComicBook.com in an exclusive interview, Rick and Andrew Lincoln gave a preview of what the feud between Rick and Maggie's groups might be like. In the event of Maggie's threats of striking her once-leader with Jesus and Daryl's help escalate in Season Nine, Lincoln and his Rick Grimes will have their hands full."She's terrifying. When she comes full-Cohan, that emotional force is like a freakin' hurricane," Lincoln said. "It's crazy. That's a big turn. It makes for a very interesting set up for this year, certainly. I'm excited. She's a wonderful actress, LC. She's so true. When she hits it, there's nobody like her. I think it's wonderful that she's got this power as a performer and also the stage that Maggie now has in the show and in the community, what she represents, I think it makes for a formidable force."Season Nine will examine what the fallout of Rick's decision regarding Negan's fate will do to his pre-existing relationships. "I think there's a very strong ideology from Rick that there are problems," Lincoln said. "Are those cracks gonna be able to mend or are they gonna move apart even wider? That makes for interesting drama, certainly."Scott M Gimple: Of course, the new dynamic won't necessarily be Team Hilltop vs. Team Alexandria either. Current showrunner Scott Gimple described to TVLine what Maggie is really after moving forward: What Maggie has said to Daryl and Jesus was, 'The Hilltop is going to flourish... I'm going to lead this place and make it work. But after that, I have this little thing on my to-do list, and it has to do with Negan.' That's the main thing. It isn't like, 'I wanna get Rick!' or something like that, it's about Negan.Scott M Simple on how different s9 will be (Vulture)

Gimple — who was promoted to oversee the entire TWD/Fear the Walking Dead universe at AMC — about all those things and more, including why Lennie James’s Morgan was the only choice to bridge the two shows. why they created a Fear the Walking Dead character just for Garret Dillahunt, and the possibilities of more spinoffs, including a movie.Was it a relief to not have to make one of those dreaded phone calls to a cast member for the season finale?Yes, yes, it was. Even though it was called “Wrath,” the finale was about mercy. It was to show that things were changing. I mean, there’s a line in the episode where Rick just says, “Things are changing.” So it was a very different story and completely intended to be that way.Eugene seemed like a candidate to be in that Talking Dead “In Memorium” montage, especially after he double-crossed Negan.Yeah, yeah. He struggled against becoming a human being. He tried not to, but he was infected by his humanity — by Abraham, by Rosita, by even Gabriel. He had to do it.There has been a lot of talk about The Walking Dead becoming a completely different show for season nine. What are the specific ways it will be different? Will there be a time jump, will they rebuild Alexandria, or will there be a completely different home for Rick’s people? You know, Angela Kang is our new showrunner, and I just don’t want her to kill me. I can say just, generally, that the show will evolve. The stories are evolving. The things that they’re facing are evolving. The stakes are even higher because of what they’re all trying to do, and how they come into conflict with big things. Yes, there’s some unfinished business from this season, but that isn’t the big, big drive. I’m very excited to break some new ground, to see them tackle very, very different issues, problems, and conflicts that we’ve seen in the last eight years. It is just going to be a very, very different show.The show has been about these characters learning how to survive and how to deal with the humanity, or lack thereof, that the apocalypse brings out in people. Are they now ready to go beyond that, to think in terms of rebuilding society?Yes, that kind of ambition is a big part of the show moving forward. It’s a much bigger thing that they’re all aspiring to. I suppose that’s where they should be; it’s where the comic went because they learned how to survive. How do they take that further? What do they do with that superpower, and what are their responsibilities? These are things that we’re gonna be exploring in season nine.They also have Georgie’s how-to book, and perhaps the help of Jadis and that helicopter, right?Well, that is … there is definitely something going on there, obviously. Something big to the story, and that’s something we’re gonna have to get into as well.What’s the feeling of the cast and the crew heading into season nine? The war with Negan was such a big storyline. Is there excitement about going in a new direction?Oh, absolutely.

There’s a great deal of ambition to the story that Angela wants to tell, but I think that’s very exciting for people, just feeling the difference. The war was a long, long story. It was like doing a 33-hour movie. It’s exciting to get into new stuff, to break new ground and discover new things. Yeah, I think people are charged up.There were a lot of surprises in the finale, the moment that drew the most gasps is that private meeting between Maggie and Jesus, with Daryl stepping out of the shadows to join them. Are they forming an alliance against Rick and Michonne, or just planning to make sure Negan is killed?Maggie said Rick was wrong, but I think her issue … I think it’s about Negan. Without going into it too much, her reaction to Rick letting Negan live was gigantic. She didn’t get to make the choice about Negan, and I don’t think Maggie is the type of person to just shrug, but I think she put her leadership at the Hilltop first. She was talking about the health and welfare of her community first, but she said this is also on my to-do list. This is not settled.And Daryl has a pretty intimate relationship with Negan. He has seen all sides of him. As far as Jesus goes, Jesus would not kill surviving Saviors, and he’s not really about killing people to start with, but he’s not Morgan. This isn’t like an utter code of his; he’ll do what he has to do, with a fairness about it. But does that really apply to Negan? Does Negan deserve that sort of mercy? I think even with Jesus it’s a different story, and I think he really has Maggie’s back. In many ways, in that moment, he’s feeling out Maggie’s feelings about the situation.Speaking of Morgan, had you always planned that the Fear the Walking Dead crossover would center on Morgan, or were any other characters considered?We knew where Morgan would be at the end of season eight, and we had known that for a while. When I started working very, very nascent on Fear, I was like, “Ooh, this could work well together.” In many ways, much is driven by where Morgan was emotionally in The Walking Dead … these things stuck together really well, and we decided to lean into it with Fear.The Fear premiere provides a brief peek at how badly things have gone, and it’s got that great meeting of Morgan with the always-intriguing Garret Dillahunt as John Dorie. Is it true that you created the Dorie role specifically for Dillahunt, who had pitched himself as a Negan candidate before Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast?In retrospect, I see that that’s pretty much what happened. It was lodged in my brain, and I was thinking of the sort of characters that would lead Morgan into the world of Fear.

When Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg came in [as the new FTWD showrunners], I started talking to them about what I had in my mind. You know, it was always Garret, Garret was sticking in my brain throughout the pretty quick birth of John Dorie because he was someone I absolutely wanted to work with. Though, especially in TV, I try not to get my hopes up too much. I try not to cement myself into the idea that it’s going to be this person or that person, because there’s a lot of TV being made and great people get snatched up immediately. I think I was trying to protect my heart.You are now the “chief content officer” for all things in the Walking Dead universe at AMC. We have the two series, which seem to be roughly on the same timeline. Are more spinoffs coming? Will the apocalypse go international? Or maybe Dwight goes off to find Sherry and finds another region of survivors in the United States?Oh, don’t be pitching me now. But yes, we’re working on that stuff. Right now, I’m working on Fear. I’m working on Walking Dead. I’m working on that new stuff, and there are all sorts of interesting possibilities that I dare not even address specifically. But the most important thing is that when we’re moving forward, whatever we do is different. That we see the world of The Walking Dead in a new way. We’re trying to achieve a variety, and to show every pocket that we can. There are all sorts of cool things ahead. The focus right now is on The Walking Dead season nine, which is going to be a new corner of the apocalypse in a lot of ways. It’s my goal to have it all under the same universe, the same umbrella, but to really be distinctive from one another.Does that also include a Walking Dead movie? Hmm, I mean, that kind of variety, that’s we’re talking about. All the differences of the ways we tell the story, yeah, what we can feature and all that. There’s a whole universe of possibilities.Chandler Riggs on Carl's Death:So, Carl’s death meant something, right? And this was Scott Gimple’s plan all along? Here’s what Chandler Riggs had to say about his own demise  right after it happened:“In the comics, Scott was trying to figure out why there was a hole between Rick slitting Negan’s throat at the end of the “All-Out War” arc and then there’s the time jump and Negan is alive and in prison and Rick didn’t kill Negan. Scott was trying to figure out how to bridge the gap between Rick not wanting to kill Negan and Rick also really wanting to kill Negan, which he does right now [in the show's story]. Scott’s way to get around that was to make Carl this really humanitarian figure and person who could see the good in people and see that people can change and not everyone out there is bad. That’s what Carl’s talk to Rick was in this episode: there’s no way that they can kill every one of the Saviors and not everyone is a bad person and there has to be some way forward than just killing people.”So this turn was essentially spelled out way ahead of time, only after viewing this episode, I just can’t buy the idea that it was necessary to kill Carl to achieve this.

Source: TheSpoilingDead.com 

  Upcoming Filming Location:

  • They booked a spot in Spalding County to use for 4/23-6/29. They won’t be filming there the entire time but that is how long the road closures will last. It’s a very rural location near a bridge off Line Creek Rd. I think this is the same location from season 3 where Merle and Daryl rescue the people on the bridge.
  • What’s this location mean for us? Unless someone wants to disguise themselves as a raccoon and float down a creek in a canoe, we are probably shit out of luck as far as sightings go.

Pre-Filming Activity:

  • Crews have been busy little bees over at the Gin (Alexandria) for weeks now. They have taken down some of the burned buildings and added a new part of the wall. We can probably expect to continue to see changes happening in Alexandria in the upcoming week

Season 9 premieres in October later this year. A trailer should be released during Comic-Con in a few months.

Author/Editor: Joeleen Gatlin