#TheWalkingDead Season 9 News Update Plus More...

The Walking Dead's Season 9 Trailer is only days away! And with that said, let the news stories begin!


AMC has been filming since May, and they have been very elusive about any and everything to do with the filming as they always are. But, there have been many eyebrow raised moment already, and they're only in their second month of filming...

The largest eyebrow moment so far has been the supposed report that Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln is leaving the show. That was reported just days after filming began. Contracts were still drying, and Norman Reedus actor who plays Daryl Dixon had been rumored to be absorbing a 20 million dollar contract in new light of this rumor. Yes, I am still calling it a rumor because neither actor nor AMC or anyone to do with the show has confirmed the reports.

While Andrew Lincoln has yet to answer if he is leaving or not, it has been stated that he may be in as few as 5 to 6 episodes of the new season. Around a week after that, a producer posted on his personal Instagram a "goodbye" message that was deleted days later... Seeing the red flags? Many people have said that it was because he had gotten into trouble for posting that but I believe it was yet another publicity stunt. Daryl Dixon actor Norman Reedus did something similar by posting a black and white photo to his personal Instagram. That, however, hasn't been taken down.

In the recent light, a community named "The Spoiling Dead Army" posted that in Rick's "death" episode, in the first light it appeared that the actor died, but in recent days they have manipulated it to where the actor "could" escape. So, I stick to my guns with Rick Grimes staying put...at least for now.

Another thing that bothered many people was that after the "death" episode, he went home to the U.K. where his family is. This many many people think. But as of two days ago (July 13th), Maggie Greene actor Lauren Cohan had been rumored to be renegotiating her contract. She originally was slated for only six episodes as well. It looks like that has changed. Does the same apply to our beloved Andrew Lincoln?


In other news, AMC and all of its components, actors, and walkers have been hard at work, filming, planning and driving fans wildly mad with wonder and eagerness. About five episodes have been rumored complete, and the sixth should be wrapped up by the time the Season 9 trailer drop come July 20th at the annual San Diego Comic-Con in a few short days. Fans, including myself, are sitting in wait at the first hint of The New World...

The Walking Dead finally gave fans their first glace into the new season. They released their Comic-Con poster on the 5th of July. Many things were noticed like the decayed Capitol building as well as the helicopter that has been giving people fits for a season now. All but two characters look very different from the finale. Rick's hair is neat as well as his beard, Carol is looking like the TV version of Andrea's comic character, Michonne and Daryl look similar to how they looked in the finale, but Maggie is the most noticeably different. Her mild baby bump is no longer, and she has long hair showing that there in the deed was a remarkable time jump.

Two-time jumps are being rumored this season. One is immediately and a second one is about 5 to 6 episodes in. The first is being rumored 12-18 months, and the latter could be as much as 5 YEARS. Crazy, eh? Well, that's what the consensus is as of The Spoiling Dead Army.

Nothing too significant has been seen or heard other than the possibility of Andrew leaving and *SPOILER* Gregory being offed. Many things have been rumored and spoke of, but nothing is set in stone until actually seeing the proof.

Okay, guys, this is all I have for now. I'll be posting again with a trailer break-down and a Comic-Con recap for The Walking Dead. Until then, be safe everyone. Have a good one.


Author/Editor: Joeleen Gatlin