#TheWalkingDead Season 9B Teaser Video Theories

AMC, You have done it again!

While AMC has been driving us crazy with very little information regarding the new season, they strategically dropped two photos and two teasers. And the latest is the trickiest yet to decipher.


 While they're "hinting" at the fact that it's a Whisperer, I've caught on to a little something that makes me wonder if it's really a Whisperer or a 'friend' in disguise... If you look close at the "Walker" in the grey/while attire, you can see that it's a human in the walker flesh. But, what I was first thinking was Beta may actually be Negan in hiding. To me, this does not look like Ryan , none of the characteristics resemble him in my opinion. The jawline, the eyes, even the mouth are different. To me, this looks to be Negan. The shape of tbe mouth and the darkened stubble definitely favors Negan. Take a closer look...


In the comics, Negan has a very healthy role alongside the Whisperers and their mayhem resulting in quite the ending. I won't be discussing that today though. But, I do believe AMC has tried to pull a fast one on us!

There is no doubt in my mind that 9B will be full of crazy things including plenty of Whisperer action. I know I am so excited to get to the second half of the season. Just over a month and it will finally be here! The writers and the crew have done a phenomenal job this season amping things up. I definitely am looking forward to the rest of season 9.

Let me know what you think of my theory! Do you think the same? Different? Let me know below! Thanks for reading.

Author/Editor: Joeleen Gatlin

Check out the teaser video by clicking the link above!