#TheWalkingDead Season 8 Episode 13 'Don't Send Us Astray' In-depth Recap + Questions

Sunday, March 25th, 2018

Wait a minute, wait a minute, what?!? No! Why?!?


This episode was the largest battle of the back half of season 8 and by far the most craziest. From the surprise drive-by of Daryl only minutes into the reveal of why Negan was so excited about the pale of Walker's guts, fans all over were on the edge of their seats. And yet, Negan was nowhere to be found...


When the episode began, Morgan was staring at a vehicle. When he turned, Ghost Gaven was harassing him (as he did throughout the episode). When the signal was announced, he blew his horn, then the others did. Daryl finished it off with an air horn, and Jerry tells the others at Hilltop that "it's on." Everyone inside of The Hilltop is preparing. Henry asks the King if he can. Posses a weapon that isn't his staff. Ezekiel refuses him, So he asks Carol, and she says he could die. Ezekiel notices Henry's anger and tells him to watch "them."  Siddiq brings a stack of blankets and the doctor questions him. He tells her then he asks why she's questioning him and not telling him how he can help. She smiles and says she likes him. She tells him to get ready. As night falls, the Saviors begin to arrive. Maggie says "Here we go."


When Simon and the others arrive, they're met with spike strips. Simon has his people to remove said spike strips and creates a plan. Maggie radios to put Negan on the radio. Simon responds with a snide comment, and he asks who he has on the radio, and she says Maggie Rhee, the Widow. Simon says hello and tells her that Negan received her package next day loud and clear and is delaying a message for him. She tells him "Your 38 people are alive and breathing. Leave us be, and they'll stay that way. But if you don't, I have 38 bullets that I will fire into all 38." Alden radios to confirm.  Simon, in the end, says "screw them." Gregory mocks but Maggie thinks it will work.  Simon tells his people they're there for the conclusion. Dwight says Negan wouldn't want this. This angers Simon.   

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Daryl comes out of the blue and fires. A truckload chases after and smashes into a bus. The King, Carol, and others fire on them. They duck, and Dwight hides. Saviors begin to drop. Then a line of Saviors fires a line of arrows. Multiple drops. Maggie ducks and goes back into the house. Simon is honing in on Tara, and Dwight shoots her with an arrow. No! Bombs go off when the lights go out, and silence follows. Simon peaks out over the bus after a moment and says he can't see anything. They step carefully and search.  Dwight and Simon head towards the house, but lights suddenly disrupt their plan as well as flying bullets. They run. They run into more lights and bullets led by Rick, and they dodge incoming bullets. Maggie and Rick chase them out, and only one rig leaves. Maggie says she wanted them all dead. She asks about Negan, and he says he wasn't there, but he tried to kill him when he saw him.  


Walkers are seen piling up on the Hilltop wall. They're cleaning up after the fight. Maggie tells Enid that they don't have the resources for another bout. Daryl tells Tara she shouldn't be out there, but she says it's a scratch. Daryl says he went back with them because he is one but she defends him. After a few words, Daryl asks if they're even after he killed her girl. She says it is. Daryl says he tried to kill her and he saw what he saw. He's seen upstairs, and Michonne offers him a turnip. He is busy pulling planks so airflow can circulate through the home for the kids. She helps him. Rick says he saw him, that's why he had to try. Jerry digs a grave. Maggie's guard tells her they won because of her and they're alive because of her leadership. She questions her leadership skills after admitting all she wanted to see was Negan laying eyes on Glenn's grave before he died. Carol apologizes to Tobin for the way she left things, but he says there's no reason for her to do so. He admits that he wonders how much of her facade was true. She acknowledged that she was pretending but only because she wanted to live instead of pretending to live. He asks if she's going to leave after the fight.  She answers in a subtle riddle, and he says the end is what they're fighting for. Henry is seen grabbing a rifle and leaving the room.

Rick is reloading the python when Siddiq comes and offers his assistance. After agreeing, he wanted to say a prayer for the ones who died, but Rick decided to leave. He said, "Don't," while doing so. Maggie makes her way around the Barrington home when night falls, and everyone is tucking in for the evening.  A man preparing for slumber tells her that Hilltop is standing only because of her. If Gregory were still in charge, there would be no Hilltop. Tobin and another man are in hospital beds asleep. Then, Tobin dies. R.I.P. Tobin. At 3:26 in the morning, the watcher wakes and so does walker Tobin. He hunts down the watcher and bites him, turning him as well. The Doctor gets up from her trailer and goes to check on things but it surprised by blood and Tobin sneaks up on her and turns her as well. The four of them head for the Barrington home. Gregory is roused from his sleep and is at gunpoint. Henry is requesting who killed his brother and if he isn't answered, he'll start shooting. Alden rises and tries to convince him not to do it, but he's bound and determined. After unlocking the pen and going inside, screams echo throughout the night, and one of the Saviors takes advantage, grabs the gun from Henry and all the Saviors escape. Mayhem in the Barrington house is in full swing. Walkers are killing people left and right. Daryl, Ezekiel, Rick, and others kill off and eliminate the walkers. Siddiq has Rick amputate a man bitten.  

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They begin to clean up the aftermath of the Walker problem and questions begin to arise. Daryl points out that no one had been bitten. Rick brings up that Negan had Lucille soaking in Walker blood and they begin to piece things together. Tobin enters a room, and Carol comes. She kills him, and the others come when they hear the sounds of a struggle. The man in the bed says its the temperature and begs for someone to kill him. After the discovery, they go upstairs. Rick tells Tara about the discovery and says "okay." Daryl tells her that he probably should've killed him, but she defends him, saying he wanted to be there with them and not the Saviors. Siddiq is helping clean up the walkers outside when Maggie comes and asks what happened. He tells him that a kid came in pen and the Saviors got out and ran. She found it suspicious that he stayed but also surprised. The next morning, Carol and Ezekiel are looking for Henry but cannot find him. Morgan is revisited by Gaven and harassed. Jerry is burying all that was lost, and Maggie says out loud, "The Cost."


 My God, there are so many questions that they have left us with! 

  • Will Tara survive? Personally, I believe Dwight shot her with the arrow to spare her. Simon's bullets would have been coated whereas j don't think Dwight's were.  
  •   Will Daryl kill Dwight after this last incident?  I don't think so, not this time. Maybe later, but I don't think so.
  •   Where has Henry gone? I think he's disappeared and hunting down the Saviors who escaped. Henry may get himself killed if he isn't careful. 
  • What does Gaven's Ghost mean? I believe Gaven has latched on to Morgan because he's trying to warn him and keep him on his toes. But, Morgan is fighting it so that he doesn't go off the deep end again.
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  • What I think she's going to create a way to trap the Saviors along with Rick and Daryl and they'll figure out the best way possible to use their slaves. are Maggie's plan

What do you guys think? Do you agree or see it another way? Let me know in the comments below!

Author/Editor: Joeleen Gatlin