They Who Hide Behind Masks #Gotham Season 4 Episode 3 Spoilers, Rate, Review

Alrighty then, this episode doesn’t have a whole lot of stuff going on compared to the last two episodes, but since it is Gotham, Stuff. Did. Occur.


            We take an enormous jump back in history, 125 A.D. in Arabia, to be exact. A man on a horse crosses over a battlefield of wounded bodies of wounded or dead soldiers in the wake. He scans his eyes among the many faces of warriors and rests his sights on one badly hurt man.

            He takes the man and plunges him into the waters of the Lazarus Pit. The water remains still for a moment. It then begins to rumble. Then the wounded man (Alexander Siddig) surges from the Pit, breathing the air of life once again. He is confused and asks why this man would save him and bring him back to the land of the living. The mysterious man presents him with a knife and tells him that he is his new heir and that he shall now take on his legacy and the new name of Ra’s al Ghul.

(I know! The freaking year 125! 125! That’s how long he’s been alive!)

            In present-day Gotham, Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) put his new suit to good use and investigates new merchandise being brought in the dock for the Penguin. Through radio transmission, Bruce informs Alfred (Sean Pertwee) that he isn’t the only one doing some snooping around the newly arrived shipment. Bruce sees a thief, also wearing a mask, approaching Penguin’s products.


    The thief gets on a truck and tries to take what is in the crate. Bruce carefully peers through the wooden planks covering the truck to see what exactly the thief is doing. Unfortunately, someone wearing a lot of black, armored clothing while standing outside a truck tends to draw some attention. The armed guards catch Bruce.

            His new bullet-proof duds give Bruce the confidence boost to totally kick the mess out of the guards, although he does sustain a knife injury to his hand. Bruce manages to thwart off the guards. Although in all the ruckus, the unknown masked thief gets away as well.

            Away from the line of fire, the masked thief reveals to us that it’s *gasp* Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova)!

            Meanwhile, Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) takes a little trip to Miami to have a chat with Carmine Falcone (John Doman). Jim joins Falcone at an al fresco café table, along with his daughter Sofia Falcone (Crystal Reed); Carmine Falcone’s only daughter, by the way.


            Jim asks Falcone for help in taking down Penguin and restoring some order back into the city. Carmine surprises us as well as Jim with information that he is slowly dying and cannot go back to Gotham. Sofia offers to go to Gotham in Carmine’s stead. He declines her request, saying that she is not ready for Gotham.


But come on, I mean, who is?

            Jim and Sofia talk a stroll along the shore. She talks about how she and her father’s relationship has always been a little rough. Sofia, even as a child, would always have to schedule an appointment just to spend time with her father. Now, because of his health, Sofia feels somewhat grateful that she can spend time with her father.

            Of course with Jim being Jim in this show, he and Sofia end up kissing.

We take a change of scenery to see Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) and Victor Zsasz (Anthony Carrigan) talk about the attempt at robbery on Penguin’s merchandise. Victor calms down Penguin in a tizzy as the turn off the lights and leaves the club.

            In the dark, a silhouette of a woman peers out from behind a corner and approaches the giant block of ice that has been the home of Edward Nygma (Corey Michael Smith) for around five months, a torching device in her hand…


         Edward Nygma awakens, panicked, and confused. He looks around to find himself laying in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar room. A cry of delight rings out to reveal Edward’s savior from his frozen state: A woman that has known Edward Nygma since elementary school, Myrtle Jenkins (Ilana Becker). Fortunately for Edward, she figured out Oswald’s schedule, somewhat late, so that she could find the right time to free him. Unfortunately for Edward, she is COMPLETELY obsessed with him, or his “number one fan”.


(So…. she kinda reminds me of a lot of fangirls/boys I have met or chatted with. And, to a degree, since I’m very insecure about talking about things I like, this Myrtle character reminds me of me.

            Anyway, as Myrtle self-names herself as Edward’s sidekick, “The Riddlette,” she takes it upon herself to bring Edward back to full strength so that he can truly become the Riddler again. However, Edward begins to show signs of brain damage, and Myrtle brings out a big book of riddles to help get the only muscle that counts for Edward Nygma, being the brain, up and running to genius level again.

            Easy riddle after easy riddle, Edward gets frustrated, saying that all of his answers were right and all of Myrtle’s answers were wrong. Myrtle reveals that the book of riddles she used to help Edward was a book of riddles for children.

(I mean seriously, one of the riddles was “What’s green, red, and spins round and round?”….A frog in a blender. Even I knew that)

            Realizing that something may, in fact, be wrong with him, in his frustration, Edward takes the book and strikes Myrtle with it, knocking her out and giving him time to escape.


            Back at the docks, Bruce goes undercover, clothes, accents, and all, and he discovers that the merchandise he got in trouble for sneaking around were items being auctioned off for the black market under Penguin’s authority. Once again, Bruce gets caught by a bunch of dock thugs when Alfred, also in disguise, pops up and he and Bruce kick some butt….just like the Bat team should.


            In the Iceberg Lounge, Barbara (Erin Richards) goes to Penguin and asks if she could get a certain knife before the auction proceeds. Oswald politely declines.


            At Wayne Manor, discussing the items up for auction, Bruce and Alfred find out that this certain knife was used as an embalming tool and it belonged to a ruler in first century Mesopotamia, King Balahsi. Finding out more about the knife in a book, Bruce finds a picture that looks very similar to Ra’s al Ghul that was taken around 2,000 years ago.


            Under the guise of Bruce Wayne, billionaire brat, he and Alfred attend the auction…..honestly, every single second of Bruce in this scene is pure awesome.

            After buying nearly every item, and battling Barbara for the embalming knife, Bruce walks away with said knife in his possession.


             Later that night, Selina sneaks into Wayne Manor to steal the knife. To her surprise, Bruce just so happened to be sitting in the library…quietly…with the knife…in the dark…okay. Selina admits that she was trying to steal the knife and asks Bruce to do her a solid. Bruce refuses to give up the knife and tells Selina to leave.. 


            Returning to Gotham with more Vitamin D than usual, Jim Gordon arrives to the GCPD to see Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) welcome a new detective. Jim is also surprised to see that Sofia had followed Jim back to his home, seemingly willing to help Jim in his quest to help Gotham.


            After finding out who unfroze Edward, Penguin and Zsasz confront Myrtle in her home. She confesses everything that happened, including Edward’s possible brain damage due to the freezing. In order to show an example for those who have been trying to steal from him, Penguin tells Victor to kill Myrtle. But not before complimenting her hand made dress.


            In her fully armed pad, Barbara pours herself a drink while a mysterious figure is seen behind her, sneaking in. Barbara goes toe to toe with the intruder, who turns out to be her newest teacher, Ra’s al Ghul. Some exposition about how he dipped Barbara in the Lazarus Pit and so on is had. Barbara informs Ra’s that Bruce Wayne obtained the embalming knife despite her best efforts. Ra’s is pleased instead of upset that the boy Bruce Wayne has the knife in his possession. Some more quips and retorts are had…..and then *sigh* Ra’s and Barbara kiss.


            I know not much happened in this episode action wise, but I do enjoy some moments in Gotham where I can just take a moment and asses everything that has happened and take closer notice as to what’s going on in current episodes and possibly make theories about scenarios in the future.

.....Okay I gotta say it. Sofia, welcome. Glad your a part of the Gotham family. But seriously! Put on a bra! It's not attractive

            I’d give this episode a 7.5/10


Alright, until next time. As always, stay weird.