#ThisIsUs S1 Episode 4 "The Pool" Recap & Review

United Pearson clan.

This week's episode has the Pearson's of yesteryear attending a pool day. Jack's not drinking, Rebecca has a chance to finish that book she started two years ago, Kate's excited to show off her new Care Bears bikini, Randall has his own agenda, and young Kevin seems to be the only one not super psyched about the outing.

Grandpa William lending a helping hand with the Pearson's morning routine.

In the present, William is settling in with Randall and his family almost seamlessly.  The girls have even started calling him Grandpa.  Kevin chooses this moment to call in and chat with Randall and the girls, he's got an audition for a play later and he's feeling optimistic about shaking the Man-ny.  Someone should tell his nieces this because all they want to hear is the Man-ny's catchphrase "baby say whaaat?"

Kate and Toby are having a normal happy moment in their own little bubble, till a beautiful mysterious woman stops Kevin for a chat and a quick hug. Mystery woman is actually Toby's Ex-Wife...Seeing Toby's Ex causes Kate to tail spin and stalk the woman.  Stalking gets out of hand quickly and before Kate can digest every thing that's happening she's working for the enemy...literally.  Toby is quick to point out that his woman doesn't have to be a size 2 she just has to be SANE.  Which even Kate can admit she hasn't been. Kate has her insecurities spanning a lifetime of body shamming.  In the flashback scenes we see the young innocent Kate's spirit be squashed out by the stereotypical mean girls.  Super dad Jack comes to her rescue with his magic shirt, (yes the shirt mom hates) he explains the shirts powers include making everyone see you how you see yourself.  Kate eagerly pulls the old raggy shirt over head exclaiming she wants everyone to see her as a Princess.  Jack's response is heartbreaking and perfect he already see her as a Princess and he always will.  Back in the future Kate and Toby agree that she cannot work for his satanic ex wife, and their relationship grows just a tad stronger.  I have to say i haven't been a huge fan of Toby's because to me his humor was always hiding something seeing him have a real moment without jokes or wise cracks was refreshing and I'm almost ready to board the Toby train...almost.

Randall and William had a big episode this week.  Randall refuses to apologize for his white bread lifestyle and William refuses to apologize for his activist fight the man lifestyle. Through their differences they find common ground in family, leading to a heartwarming moment where William calls Randal "son".  Flashback Randall had a hidden agenda for his pool day. Desperate for attention and friendship from people who look like him young Randall slips away to the other end of the pool.  Rebecca frantically searching for the lost Randall, finds him with Sterling K Browns (Randall) wife IRL.  At first the two moms butt heads, but Rebecca soon realizes she could benefit from having a friend who can help her with the challenges of raising an interracial family. 

Someone has to be the middle child, and Kevin is the middle child in the Pearson family this week.  Kevin was the biggest surprise this week.  He has left LA and Kate to pursue a new career in theater.  His first audition was not great, or even good. Kevin reads with a snooty British hipster, who sacrifices everything for her art and blah blah blah. This type character is not someone I can root for, and it seems like she's going to be around for awhile as surprise surprise Kevin did get the part! Well not so surprising when you realize the only reason he got the part was again because the Man-ny will sell tickets. I just hope they don't force a romance between the two, but I'm afraid that's the direction they are going to take.  I've been kind of hard on Kevin in the past for using his sister as an assistant (paid of course but still), for being shallow and self-centered, and a bad brother to sweet Randall, but this week he shined even as he was failing. Young Kevin had to fight for his parent's attention, and adult Kevin is fighting for career recognition, seemingly sewing the past into the future.  Which is what this show likes to week after week.  The moment that I fell in love with Kevin was at the end of the episode when he shows up at Randall's home and is introduced to William; Kevin embraces him warmly.  This show is all about the warm fuzzies and this week's episode delivered...see y'all next week!

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