#ThisisUs - "Deja Vu" - Episode 3 Review and Recap

Let's go....


First, let me say…Sylvester Stallone?  I’ve always loved Sylvester Stallone.  He just seems like a good guy and he definitely is in this week’s episode.  It’s awesome that Kevin that his film debut is directed by Ron Howard (who I’m sure is a very nice guy too) and working with Sly!  When Kevin invites Kate on-set and is giving her a tour when Sly approaches them.  Kate is definitely star struck!  While Kevin is in his trailer rehearsing, Kate meets up with Sly and tells him that her dad was a huge fan. Sylvester is genuinely touched to hear how much his movies bring them such happy memories. 


It’s time for Kevin and Sly’s big scene and Kevin has practiced and he’s ready to go. But, before they begin Sly brings up Jack and talks about memories and how much they must mean to him.  Kevin looks to be ready to jump out of his skin and as they begin filming the scene, all the memories of Jack that he has suppressed come flooding back and he has trouble remembering the lines.  Kate watches helplessly as Kevin struggles.  Back in his trailer, Kevin is angry with Kate for sharing all that info with Sly.  Kate tries to talk to him about Jack and he doesn’t like it.  She suggests that therapy might help and he turns on Kate, telling her that he doesn’t want to be all “sad and damaged” like she is.  He knows he’s hurt Kate’s feelings and tries to take back his words, but Kate leaves the trailer. 

Kevin returns to set to film an action scene, still distracted by memories and also his argument with Kate he falls injuring the same mysterious knee that was injured years ago. Kevin is clearly in terrible pain and unable to continue. 

Kevin apologizes to Kate when they speak on the phone and he tells her about his knee.  Kate is worried. We see flashbacks of Kevin in the hospital, presumably after his knee injury, with Jack by his side.  Kate is still trying to get him to open up about Jack but Kevin can’t handle it and can’t get off the phone fast enough.  Shaken and in pain, Kevin opens a bottle of pills and takes some.  What is it that happened between he and Jack on the night Jack died?  Please don’t let Kevin be a drug addict! 


Back to the past with Rebecca, Jack and a family in turmoil.  Kate feels like the family is falling apart.  Kevin is characteristically unconcerned.  But, Randall feels it too which is why he started looking for his birth parents.  Randall tells them about the meet up with someone he believes could be his mother and Kate and Kevin will not let him go there alone.  At the park, the woman shows up but she is clearly a drug addict who thought she could get some money out of Randall.  Randall bolts away and heads home.  Kevin and Kate find him alone in his room and do what they can to help him through the disappointment.  It was nice to see the closeness of the three siblings.


Jack is at his AA meeting and telling the group that it’s been very hard for him to open up and connect with Rebecca.  He doesn’t know how to talk about this with her.  That night Rebecca wakes to find Jack has not come to bed.  She finds him downstairs journaling as part of his recovery. 

Rebecca is at lunch with Shelly, Miguel’s ex-wife, who asks Rebecca how they are doing after their big fight.  Apparently, Rebecca hasn’t shared Jack’s drinking problem with her best friend.  Shelly asks how long it’s been since they’ve been intimate and Rebecca admits that it been awhile. Her friend encourages her to plan a romantic evening with Jack. 


Not entirely convinced it’s a good idea, Rebecca does plan a romantic dinner.  It is not a good idea.  Jack is surprised when she meets him at work with burgers and a mission.  Rebecca makes her romantic move with Jack but it doesn’t go well and Jack pulls away.  Thus ends the date and they head home.  However, when they get home and get out of the car.  However, Jack does not want to leave things this way between them and he opens up about what his life was like before her.  He tells her that someday he will share every detail with her but he isn’t ready. Rebecca will give him all the time he needs and will be there for him when he is.  Jack and Rebecca do husband and wife things finally. 


The big story this week is the arrival of Randall & Beth’s first foster child.  Now that they’ve made the decision to do this and the girls are on-board, Randall is anxious for them to get a phone call.  Just then the phone rings and there is no turning back.  Deja is a 12-year old who has been in the foster system for a while.  She was finally back with her mother but when her mom tested positive for drugs, Deja was taken away from her again.  Annie and Tess are excited and draw her a picture.  The social worker arrives and Deja is introduced to the family.  I like the way they filmed the introductions from Deja’s point of view.  The voices muted and the scene blurry showed that she is a child who has been here before and won’t let herself get attached.  As Beth gets Deja settled into her room, Randall talks with Tess and Annie who want to send Deja back.  Russell tells his girls that Deja has been through a lot and needs their help and support. 


While Randall is in the girl’s room, Beth is helping Deja unpack her things and finds a pack of cigarettes among her clothes.  When Deja sees them in Beth’s hands she lunges at Beth and tries to grab them out of her hands.  Russell rushes in and when he intervenes, Deja flinches.  Randall is thrown by this.  

Beth gets Deja calmed down and settled and heads to bed.  Annie and Tess are nervous with Deja in the house and decide to sleep in the same bed.  Beth brings the baby monitor with her to bed just in case.  As the house settles for the night, Deja comes into the girl’s room.  She asks who’s “in charge?”  This breaks the ice and the girls tell Deja that Beth is in charge.  Deja asks what happens next.  “You have to talk about your feelings for hours and then you lose your iPad” is the reply.  Deja can’t believe the girls have their own iPad and call the house “crazy.”  Because Randall and Beth have the baby monitor, they hear the whole conversation and feel a little more at ease.

This brings Annie back to William’s first night in their house before she knew that he was actually her grandfather.  William was sneaking out the front door to leave and Annie tells him about the time she was at a slumber party and was afraid so she had her parents come get her.  She says she always regretted that because she missed out of a lot of fun.  William hears what she’s saying and decides to stay.  It’s a very touching moment between the two. 


The next day, Deja apologizes for the cigarette drama and explains that they were her mom’s and she wanted to have them to give to her when she picks her up.  Randall realizes how similar their situations are. He shows Deja a picture of him, Rebecca and Jack and explains that he was adopted.  This seems to help the current situation.  Randall has to tell her, though, that they just received word that Deja’s mom is probably going to jail and won’t be with her for quite some time.  Deja is understandably upset and runs back to her room.  

Another great TIU episode!