#ThisisUs - "Love is a Manny Splendored Thing" - Recap and Review

Once again, another great TIU episode! 


Anyway, this week’s show took us deeper into Kate’s complicated relationship with Rebecca.  We know that Kate was a “daddy’s girl.”  Kate was always perfect in Jack’s eyes. She was his baby girl.  Kate’s relationship with her mother was another story, and as the family arrives to support Kevin’s return to The Manny, Rebecca’s arrival has Toby and Kate on edge.  Toby is still trying to win Rebecca’s approval while Kate struggles with insecurities she blames on Rebecca’s constant “nit-picking.”  Flashback to the school talent show where all three kids are practicing their acts.  An always self-confident, Kevin is convinced his Mister T impression was going to win.  Kate is going to sing “Lean on Me.”  Kate gives the family a preview. Jack praises her, Rebecca says it’s perfect, but…if she's just holding that end note a little longer!  Once again, Rebecca has made Kate feel like she will never be good enough.  But, when Kate returns from school, Rebecca shows her that she made her dress for the performance.  She’s altered the dress she wore for her first competition, and Kate loves it!  But her confidence is blown when she hears her mother singing, and she drops out of the show.  Even Rebecca’s gentle prodding won’t change Kate’s mind. 

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Back in real time, as the family waits for Kevin’s show to begin, Kate gets a call about a singing gig.  She heads off to perform leaving Toby with Rebecca.  Toby HAS to see Kate sing and doesn’t fight Rebecca when she wants to go too.  They arrive at the club and Kate is thrilled to see Toby, but when she sees Rebecca, she almost freezes.  She keeps her focus though and does a great job!  Toby is enthusiastic about her performance, and Rebecca is too.  But when Rebecca gives another of her critiques, Kate unleashes years of resentment at Rebecca’s feet.  Immediately, Kate can see that she has deeply hurt her mother.  Toby finally earns Rebecca’s respect when he tells her that he is and will always be “team-mate.”  As the 3 get back into the car for the awkward car ride home, Rebecca touches Kate’s shoulder and tells her that she likes her fiancé.  Ice broken. Relationship on the mend. 

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Back at the taping of The Manny, Kevin is very nervous about returning to the show that made him and then ruined him.  He’s describing his final scene with Sophie when the show’s writer walks on set.  Kevin is horrified when he realizes that he heard everything.  The man walks offset, but later Kevin learns that he has rewritten the final scene.  When Kevin sees the rewrite, it is humiliating, and Kevin goes to Sophie for support.  She gives Kevin the confidence he needs to pull this off.  It’s time for the last scene, out walks Kevin in a diaper, and he owns it.  The audience laughs, and the episode wraps.  I love Kevin and Sophie. As Kevin’s career grows, I hope he doesn’t blow it with Sophie. 


Time to talk about Randall and Beth.  They have made the decision to foster an older child rather than adopt an infant.  Beth is all in but Randall is having serious doubts.  After putting off filling out the paperwork, Randall decides to confess his fears to Beth as Kevin’s show is about to start.  Beth walks out and Randall follows her.  In the parking lot, Randall tells Beth about his fears about bringing a troubled into their home.  Later, after the show’s taping, Kevin finds Beth sitting alone in his trailer.  She opens up to Kevin.  Kevin reminds her that Randall never takes risks unless there’s a 100% chance he’ll succeed.  He tells her about the night Randall first called her for a date in college.  Turns out it was Kevin was with Randall telling him what to say to Beth.  Beth had no idea!  It’s a rare moment between Kevin and Beth, who don’t always “enjoy” each other’s company.   Beth finds Randall and the girls. She tells him she knows the story of that first phone call.  She tells Randall that the 2 of them can handle any situation.  Randall and Beth tell the girls.

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I seem to always end with Rebecca and Jack and today is no different.  Early in the episode, Rebecca has Jack back in the car and asks him how he stopped drinking before and we learn just how bad Jack’s drinking had become. 

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I seem to always end with Rebecca and Jack and today is no different.  Early in the episode, Rebecca has Jack back in the car and asks him how he stopped drinking before, and we learn just how bad Jack’s drinking had become.  So many things in Jack's past influenced him and led to his drinking.  He tells Rebecca that this time is different and he can't-do it alone.  She assures him that she knows and that she will be there for him – the whole family will.  At home, Jack decides to tell Kate first.  He enters her room as she is getting ready for school.  He gets emotional as he explains what’s happening.  Kate simply puts her hands on Jack’s face (as Jack has always done) and tells him it will all be ok. 

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Rebecca drops Jack off at the AA meeting.  This time Jack goes in.