#ThisisUs S1 Ep 17 "What Now?" Episode Recap

Last night's episode of This is Us was just terrific!  I have so many favorite moments, I can't pick just one!  

First let's talk about William's FUN-ER-AL!  I love that William asked his granddaughter's to plan his memorial.  Randall agrees to honor his father's wishes but he wants to do the eulogy, I mean the "toast."  As he prepares, the doorbell rings and it's the mailman.  They chat and the mailman asks about William.  When Randall tells him that William is gone, he learns that William touched the lives of so many people just by his daily walks through the neighborhood.   Memorial day arrives and begins with the family enjoying William's favorite breakfast. Beth confides in Randall that she resents William for not giving her a chance to say goodbye. It's time for the toast but instead of speaking, he asks Beth to do it and it's beautiful. However, the toast triggers painful memories for Kate and she heads for the door.  Toby follows her and tries to help but Kate shuts him down.  Randall understands what's happening and tells her not to shut Toby out. When she comes back inside, she tells Toby that after the play tonight, she will tell him about Jack's death.  The party ends with everyone putting on hats and going on William's daily walk. The girl's give Randall his father's hat to wear. At first he doesn't want to but when he puts it on, it feels right. As the family hits the road, Rebecca using this time with Randall to apologize for keeping William from him and tries to explain why she did it. Mother and son reconnect.

It's opening night #2 for Kevin's play! He has been trying to convince the New York Times theater critic to come a second time.  Sophie and Kevin grow closer but Sophie is cautious. She will be at the play but isn't ready to be with the whole family so she'll watch from the back. Kevin rocks it!  As the family gathers back stage, Randall hugs Kevin and says he's never been prouder of his brother.  Kevin and Sophie meet after and Kevin tells her that he will never do anything to jeopardize their relationship and the relationship goes to the next step.  Kevin's phone rings in the middle of the night. It's Ron Howard! He was at the play and offers Kevin a film role!  Problem is that it's in Los Angeles! How will Sophie react?  

After the play, Toby reminds Kate that she promised to share her secret about Jack's death. She tells Toby that the reason she has a hard time talking about her dad is because it is her fault he's dead. 

After the play, Randall tells Beth that he needs to stop by his office to attend a late night meeting.  Beth heads home as Randall joins the others at work.  His boss is relieved to see him but Randall is not there to work! Randall surprises everyone, including me, when he walks away from his job!  The last straw? When the box of pears the firm sent as a sympathy gift arrives with a note signed "THE TEAM."  Seriously?  Adding insult to injury, Randall is allergic to pears and they knew this because they almost killed him on his first day on the job. 

In what I think is my favorite moment of the show, Beth, home alone after Kevin's play, looks at the mail and sees a postcard from Memphis from William. It's her goodbye note.


We return now at the point where Rebecca is leaving Jack and the kids to go on tour with the band. Jack is still angry that she's going and their final moments before she leaves are very strained. Randall and Kevin don't notice the tension between their parents, but Kate does. Later, Jack takes all three kids to a friend's house for a party. Kate stays behind in the car to talk to Jack. She is concerned that her parent's marriage is in trouble. Jack assures her that everything will be alright. Somewhat satisfied, as Kate gets out of the car, she tells Jack not to sit at home alone and be sad. She wants him to get out and do something fun. Back home, Jack is indeed sitting at home alone eating take-out and feeling sad. So, he decides to go to a co-workers retirement party. He is sitting at the bar and has had a few drinks when a female co-worker makes a pass at him. Jack turns her down and heads for the door. On his way out, he calls Kate and says that, yes, there are problems but he is going to make things right with Rebecca. The scene ends as Jack drops his keys and stumbles as he gets in the car and drives away. I believe we've just had a glimpse of how Jack will die.

This brings us to the season finale on Tuesday, March 14th and I think we all know that we're going to need a full box of kleenex!