#ThisisUs - "Clooney" S2/Ep 12 Recap & Review

Just as I sat down to watch last night’s TIU episode, “Clooney,” a meteor hit in Michigan!  From my spot on the couch, I saw a big flash of light, heard a loud boom and then the earth shook! It was all very dramatic but the last scene of last night's TIU was much more impactful!  But we’re not going to talk about that yet.   We have too much too much to cover first.  

So, let's begin...


The first scene is that of a stray cat wandering through the streets dodging cars and people. It turns out that this was William’s cat, Clooney.  William didn’t bring him when he moved in with Randall, but William went back home at least once a week to check on him.  

It looks like Kevin is leaving rehab and his therapist is concerned about his return to his life in Hollywood so soon.  Flippant, “actor” Kevin is back. Does he try to charm Dr. Barbara by calling her? But she knows that he’s just trying to hide the fact that he’s worried about returning to his old life too.  So, Kevin will be staying with Rebecca and Miguel for a time.  Considering all the things that he said to his mom during the infamous therapy session and his animosity towards Miguel, oh boy, this is going to be interesting 


In this week’s flashback, Jack is building an entertainment center for Rebecca.  As they talk about it in the kitchen, Kate comes in and asks Rebecca to take her to the mall for a dress for the school dance.  Rebecca is thrilled!  Jack needs a new suit for work and they need batteries for the smoke detector. Randall wants to go too.  


Kevin is camped out on the sofa and in no hurry to leave it but Jack wins and the all of the Pearson’s head to the mall.  Once there, Kate and Rebecca head to the dress shop, Randall heads off on his own mission, Jack and Kevin shop for suits.  


Kate finds a dress and heads off to the fitting room with the same dress in several sizes. As Rebecca waits, Kate leaves the fitting room empty handed and bolts from the store without her mom.

Kevin and Jack run into Miguel at the mall.  Miguel tells them that his ex-wife is engaged. Miguel isn’t too happy about it.  Jack starts his usual, when God closes a door speech, Kevin speaks up and says that sometimes people just need a moment to feel bad.  Miguel agrees. Jack smiles and lets them have their moment.  As Jack, Kevin and Miguel have lunch at the Food Court, the conversation leads to Miguel’s revelation that Jack wanted to open his own construction business but didn’t because of his growing family, it wasn’t the right time.


Randall’s mall mission is revealed and it’s about asking a girl out.  First attempt was a fail. Second attempt seems to work.  It doesn’t look good at first but then he charms her when he says to let the 8 Ball decide.  She does and though she doesn’t actually say yes, it looks like mission accomplished.


As Jack and Kevin admire their choice of suits, they have a really good bonding moment. Kevin is pleased when Jack exuberantly tells him how great he looks.  You can see in Kevin’s face how much his father’s praise means to him.


Later, Rebecca finds Kate after looking everywhere. Kate tells her mom that none of the dresses fit.  Rebecca wants to try a different store but Kate refuses.  


Present day Kate is back at her group meeting and is telling them about her miscarriage and the junk food she’s been sneaking.  She also tells the group about the wedding and how stressed she is about finding a dress. Later, Madison tells her about a dress designer she knows that would create a dress for her.  Kate agrees to check it out and her and Madison head to the store.  Inside the store, Madison spies cookies and starts eating them.  As Kate talks to the assistant about a dress, Madison seems distracted and abruptly excuses herself to go to the bathroom.  Kate knows why and when they leave the dress store and Kate confronts Madison about her eating disorder.  Madison tells Kate to find her own way home and storms off.  


Later that evening, Kate gets a call from Madison and rushes to her apartment.  There she finds Madison on the floor of her bathroom with a cut on her forehead.  She tells Kate that when she came home, she started eating and then went to the bathroom.  She got dizzy and must have fallen.  This scared her enough to call Kate.  Kate shares her own story about how she once did lose all the weight and got really skinny.  But, Kate says, she wasn’t happy that way.  Madison tells Kate she’s her best friend.  Awkward.


Randall is helping the girls with a diorama for school.  Beth comes in to the kitchen and is upset about a failed business deal.  She is also feeling the stress of Randall not working and needs him to promise her that he will go to a job interview he has scheduled later that day. He won’t miss the interview but first, there is a box of William’s belongings that he is going to pick up at his old apartment.  At William’s old building, he picks up the box from a neighbor. Randall asks about Clooney the Catt and finds out that the cat took off a couple of weeks ago. Never fear, the man says, a stray always seems to end up just where he needs to be.  

NUP_180067_3293 (1).jpg

In the car, Randall looks through his father’s things.  He finds a book of poems that William wrote and is surprised to find that there is a love poem that seems to be talking about a woman in the building that he was in love with.  Randall sets off on another mission – to find this woman!  He leaves a note on the bulletin board requesting info about this woman.


Randall heads to the interview but stops by Beth’s workplace first.  He’s going on and on about this woman and Beth is clearly irritated because she is slammed with work.  She scolds Randall a bit, telling him that lately he seems to be walking above the clouds and she needs him to come back down to earth.  During the interview, Randall gets a phone call and excuses himself to take it.  It’s William’s friend and he thinks the mystery woman may be the building super and Randall heads back to find this woman.  He knocks on the woman’s door, identifies himself as William’s son and the woman says that William was a pain in her ass.  She cracks up when asked if they were romantic and she tells Randall that William took it upon himself to let her know when building repairs needed to be made.  He was relentless.  Randall shows the woman William’s poem. She takes Randall back to his father’s apartment and Randall sees that the woman in the poem is Billy Holliday, whose poster is on the wall.  


We haven’t talked about Kevin yet!  Kevin arrives at Rebecca and Miquel’s home.  It’s a little awkward at first and Kevin is looking forward to the opportunity to have some mother/son time to rebuild their relationship after the therapy session.  So when Rebecca and Kevin plan a trip to the grocery store, Kevin is irritated when Miguel says he’s going too.  At the grocery store, Kevin confronts Miguel and asks him why he had to tag along when he knew that he wanted alone time with his mom.  Miguel tells Kevin that after what happened at rehab, Miguel came with them to protect his wife, should she be hurt again by Kevin.  I’m not sure but I think Miguel standing up to him earned Miguel a little bit of respect from Kevin.  


Back at home, Kevin walks into the room and finds Rebecca and Miguel sitting on the couch cuddling.  They pull apart when Kevin walks in.  Kevin is feeling restless so Rebecca goes to make Kevin some tea.  He uses this time alone with Miguel to apologize and asks him if he was in love with Rebecca even when Jack was alive.  Miguel says NO!  There was never any feelings other than friendship.  The thought of that would have never crossed his mind.  

Kevin has a moment to Rebecca alone and asks her about her and Miguel.  Rebecca tells him that after Jack died, there were things she knew she had to give up.  Happiness was one of them.  Getting from one day to the next was the most important thing for her and the kids. But one day, she and Miguel found each other and he makes her happy – truly happy.  Kevin finally seems to accept that.  

Clooney, the cat is being chased through the streets by children in an attempt to catch him. One little boy does and Clooney finds a new home.  


Randall has found his new purpose and is excited to share it with Beth.  Beth is not quite so enthusiastic but is there to support Randall.  They pull up outside of William's apartment building where Randall has spent most of his day. Confused, Beth gets out of the car as Randall announces that he wants them to buy this building and fix it up so the people that live there can have the home they deserve. 


We end the show with Rebecca and Jack on the couch after the day at the mall.  Rebecca asks Jack to talk to Kate.  She knows that there’s something going on with her but Rebecca also knows that Kate won’t confide in her.  Moments later, Jack drops a bombshell announcement! He wants to quit his job and start the construction company he has always dreamed about. Rebecca is shocked but after a moment, she seems to be all in!  

This brings us to the final moment of the episode.  As the final scene fades out, we get a close up shot of the smoke detector with NO BATTERIES!  With so much going on at the mall that day, neither Jack nor Rebecca thought about batteries!  The camera hovers there for a moment to give us all the chance to realize what we’re looking at.  OMG! We don’t know the exact cause of the fire yet but now it appears that if the smoke detector had been operational, Jack might have survived!  The suspense is maddening. Slowly, TIU writers are giving us clues about Jack’s death, but the biggest mystery on television right now is still that – a mystery.