#ThisisUs - S2, Ep5 - "Brothers" Review and Recap

Let’s talk about “Brothers.”  


It’s time to tell Toby he’s going to be a dad so Kate decides to surprise him at work.  When she asks if they can talk in his office, Toby literally “clears his desk” expecting a little afternoon delight.  Amused, Kate makes her announcement.  Toby is shocked and at first and it seems that he’s freaking out but as he walks slowly toward Kate, he tells her that it’s the best news he’s ever heard in his entire life!   Thrilled and relieved that Toby is 100% on board, Kate explains all of the things that could go wrong because of her age and her weight. She makes Toby promise not to tell anyone.  Kate will not celebrate until the baby is healthy and in her arms.  Toby understands and agrees, reluctantly. 


Switching from present to past, Jack is taking Kevin and Randall camping.  The boys are not getting along and Jack thinks this will be a great bonding experience for them.  Rebecca is not so sure but off they go. 


Rebecca and Kate have their own weekend planned and are excited about their movies and manicures.  Unfortunately, before their weekend can begin, the phone rings with bad news about Jack’s dad – her father-in-law whom she has never met.  When she learns that Stanley, Jack’s father is dying, when she is unable to reach Jack at the campground, she leaves a message and heads to the nursing home.  Once there, she awkwardly introduces herself as Jack’s wife. Stanley is on oxygen and appears to be unable to speak. 


At the campground, Kevin and Randall are arguing about putting up their tent.  Randall is proud when he gets it set up but then Kevin knocks it down with Randall inside and Jack has had enough. Kevin is confined to the tent.  Jack attempts to get Kevin to explain why he's so as a kid, it seems that Kevin has trouble talking about his problems.  When Kevin is, once again, alone in the tent notices Randall’s notebook and opens it.  Randall has notes on what to do and not to do about Kevin.  Kevin reads it and he realizes that he has been too hard on his brother after all. 


Just then, a police officer pulls up to the campsite and tells Jack that he has a call on the speaker from Rebecca.  When Jack hears about his father, he tells her that he is not coming because the man has been dead to him for years.  Jacks return to their campfire and finds both boys roasting marshmallows and getting along.  Jack is proud of his boys and joins them by the fire.

Rebecca returns to her father-in-law’s room and tells him that Jack is not coming.  Kate sticks her head in the room, and Stanley asks if that’s his granddaughter.  Rebecca does not allow Kate to meet him.


Back to Kate…she is at her support group where once again, skinny Madison is talking about her struggles with food.  Madison’s struggles are real but all Kate sees is a skinny girl with no real problems who doesn’t belong in the group and, as she often does with Madison, she loses her cool. Madison is hurt.  In the parking lot after group, it’s Madison’s turn. She confronts Kate they argue. Retreating to her car, Kate backs out and hits Madison’s car.  When Madison gets out of her car, ready to go again, Kate apologizes and blurts out that she’s pregnant.  Madison immediately forgets that she’s angry at Kate and they embrace!  Kate realizes that Madison is not so bad.  She also realizes that it feels good to say it out loud. 

Still, in real time, Kevin is back at Beth & Randall’s house and Deja has developed a crush on him.  Everyone is getting ready to attend a big charity event, organized and run by Sophie, in which Kevin will be auctioned off. 


Kevin knows that this is an important night for her yet the only important thing to Kevin is his need for more pain meds. Kevin can find no one will fill his prescription.  If the family notices that Kevin is in bad shape, no one says anything. 


Deja, who will still not speak to Beth or Randall, asks if she can go to the event. Randall says yes.  Beth thinks it’s too much but Randall talks her into it.  In the car, Randall tries so hard to be cool but he just can’t pull it off.  The event is starting and Deja and Randall take their seats.  Deja is just looking around and taking it all in.  She tries the shrimp for the first time and as she starts to eat the tail, Randall grabs her arm and Deja freaks out.  Randall apologizes and explains that he just didn’t want her to eat the tail and get sick.  Deja bolts from the room. 

The auction begins and Sophie is introducing Kevin except there’s no Kevin.  She introduces him again.  Nothing.  Kevin is still desperately trying to get his pain meds.  He is jittery, sweaty and in pain.  And, he has no idea that he is missing the auction.

Kevin finds Randall standing outside the ladies room door.  Randall explains what happened and the brothers discuss all the reasons that Randall should not go in after Deja.  Kevin knows, though, that Randall will definitely go in.  At this point, Randall does finally notice that Kevin doesn’t look good but a charming Kevin says that he’s fine and Randall doesn’t push.


Randall enters the bathroom.  When Deja realizes that Randall is going to stay there until she talks to him, she tells him why she doesn’t like to be grabbed.  Randall is horrified when Deja tells him that she was sexually abused at the last foster home she was in.  Deja opens the door and the pair leave the bathroom.

Let’s lighten things up for a moment and go back to Kate and Toby.  Kate returns home after group and tells Toby about the accident.  When she tells him that it was Madison she hit, Toby is amused.  She tells Toby that it felt good to tells someone she was pregnant and gives Toby permission to tell someone too.  They head to a diner and Toby breaks into song and tells the whole diner that they’re pregnant.  It’s a super cute moment. 


Back at the charity event, Kevin finds Sophie and realizes that he missed the event.  Sophie is not happy and Kevin is sorry but really the only thing he can think about is the meds he needs.  Sophie knows that something is wrong with Kevin and when she tries to get him to talk, he tells her he’s fine and just needs air.  He’ll meet her back at her place.  He is now trying every connection he can think of to find his drugs.  Seeing Kevin spiral downward is going to be tough to watch.  Kevin is a master at masking his feelings but the time will come when he no longer can. 

We end the episode with Jack and the boys returning from their camping trip.  Rebecca greets Jack and tells him that he is a miracle.  The miracle is that he is the man that he is, the father he is being raised by a man like his father. 


During this whole episode, Jack has been thinking about the time that he and his dad were on a fishing trip.  It looks like it is one of the few good days that Jack had with his dad. But, when his dad sees a bar, he stops and goes in for a drink.  Jack’s dad is in there for hours and Jack knows that he’s not coming back for a while.  Just then, a head pops up from the back seat!  Its Jack’s brother!  Jack has a brother?   Jack has a brother who has been asleep in the back seat this whole time.  It’s clear that the boys are very close and as adult Jack looks back on that moment, he also goes back to a photo taken in Vietnam showing Jack and his brother who served together. 

I’ve said this before but I will say it again…the TIU writers are incredible!  Every week there is a moment you never saw coming!  Well done!