#ThisisUs - "Still There" S2 E3 Recap

We’ve got lots to cover so let’s get started! 


The episode begins with the Pearson’s at the movie store looking for something to watch.  Randall is excited about his upcoming science fair. I forgot that Randall went to a private school.  Anyway, Kevin has a meltdown when he sees that all the Karate Kid movies are checked out.  As Jack tries to diffuse the situation with humor, Rebecca realizes Kevin has a fever.  Shortly after, the family is at the doctor’s office, and the diagnosis is chicken pox!  The doctor asks if Jack or Rebecca has had them.  Jack says no, but Rebecca has to call her mom to find out.  Rebecca is safe – she’s immune!  Kate has chicken pox too, and the doctor suggests that Randall is exposed as well so that all three kids get it at one time. 


On-set, Kevin is limping and in pain but is working through it so as not to delay filming.  But, in comes Brian Glaser, real-life mega-TV producer, who sees Kevin’s limp and asks to see his knee.  The knee is clearly swollen, and Brian orders him to see a doctor.  The doctor is not happy that Kevin waited so long to seek treatment and Kevin ends up in surgery.  The doctor promises Kevin that this is the quickest fix for his injury with a shorter recovery period.  Next, Kevin is on his way to the ER, Kate and Toby wait. 


As Kevin goes under, he recalls his high school football days and Jack’s enthusiastic support for his son!


The other Pearson family – Randall, Beth, Tess, Annie, and Deja are having breakfast as Beth gets ready for work.  Randall and Beth talk about Deja’s hygiene.  Deja has not washed her hair since she arrived and it’s an issue that needs to be addressed immediately.  Randall asks Beth to let him handle this one. 

Randall decides to take the girls bowling – it doesn’t go well.  Poor Randall. He is trying so hard to make Deja feel like family, but nothing he does seems to work. At the bowling alley, Deja refuses to give up her shoes even when Randall explains that she’ll get them back.  Then she’s grossed out when she learns she has to wear shoes other people have worn. I’m with Deja on that one.  So, as Randall deals with Deja, there are some teenage girls talking about Deja behind her back.  Deja hears and shoves the girl when she tells Deja that her hair is “nasty.” The girl’s dad steps in and gets in Randall’s face demanding that Deja apologize.  Randall does not back down, but when he sees the situation escalating, Randall and the girls leave.


Chicken Pox has taken over the Pearson house as Jack and Rebecca try to keep Kevin and Kate from scratching.  Randall is working so hard to get them.  In the middle of the melee, the doorbell rings and its Janet, Rebecca’s mother arriving uninvited and unannounced.  From the moment she comes, we can see that she and Rebecca have a difficult relationship. She is critical about everything Rebecca does. It’s evident right away that she cares more the Kate and Kevin than Randall and it’s clear to Randall as well.  Counting on Jack to help Rebecca survive her mom’s “help” Jack has a fever. It turns out he didn’t have chicken pox as a kid, but he sure has them now.  With the whole family in bed, Rebecca faces Janet on her own.  Rebecca is done tolerating her mother when Janet comments on the kids calling them “the twins and Randall.”  The confrontation ends with Rebecca calling her mom a racist. She tells Janet that as soon as the snow clears she needs to leave her house.  Rebecca turns around to find Randall standing there and knows that he’s heard everything.  Randall tells Rebecca that he has the chicken pox.  Back upstairs, Jack and Rebecca try to explain the meaning of racist to Randall.  Jack has had enough of his mother-in-law and sick as he heads outside to dig her car out so she can leave.  Rebecca tells her mother that she can leave and Janet apologizes for her behavior.  She doesn’t know if it’s the adoption or the fact that he’s black.  Rebecca tells her mom to get over it.  As Janet prepares to leave, she goes up to Randall’s room to see his science project.  She tells him that he is a very special young man and Randall’s response if “took you long enough to notice!”  I’m so proud that Rebecca stood up to her mom!  I love Elizabeth Perkins as Janet Malone and hope we see more of her.


Back to the present day, Pearson’s after the bowling incident. Randall concedes to Beth and asks her to talk to Deja about the hair issue.  In true Beth fashion, she breaks through with Deja by using the relationship with her sisters to ease into the conversation. The conversation ends with Deja asking Beth to do her hair.  As Beth begins brushing Deja’s hair, she notices that she has some bald patches, alopecia.  She explains to Deja that stress can be a cause and tells her she has a way to do her hair to cover it up.  Later, a very happy Deja admires her hair in the mirror.  Randall enters to apologize to Deja for the bowling thing and tells her how pretty her hair looks.  Deja is upset when she learns that Beth has told him the things that she told to Beth in confidence.  She takes the scissors to her hair and cuts off her braids.  The next morning, the family is shocked to see Deja’s hair all chopped up.  Beth is heartbroken. 


Toby is concerned about Kate.  It seems all she is doing is exercising and Toby thinks it’s become obsessive. Kate explains that she has her first singing gig and a dress that she needs to fit into.  Kevin’s surgery went well and he will recuperate at Kate and Toby’s.  As soon as they get home, Kate leaves for yoga class and Tony isn’t happy to be left alone to care for Kevin. Toby can’t understand why Kevin immediately starts to work out rather than rest. Kevin won’t even take the pain pills because they make him feel funny and will mess up his recovery.  Do you think that Kevin has had a problem with pain meds in the past?


Kevin tells Toby that he was a better-than-average high school football player.  On the night he injured his knee, college scouts were attending the game to see him.  His future was going to be football, but in an instant, it was gone.  Kevin was devastated because football was all he ever wanted to do and he felt that he let Jack down.  But he found acting and soon it gave Kevin all the feelings that football gave him and he has no intention of letting the same knee ruin that too.  Toby understands – sort of.  A knock on the door to bring well wishes from the movie set and a copy of the revised script.  Kevin is visibly shaken as he reads the revisions. Toby questions Kevin tells him that yes, they were able to work shooting around his recovery but they also gave some of his scenes to another actor.  Later, Kevin takes off the brace, takes some pain pills, and hits the treadmill.

So, turns out that Kate’s yoga class turns out to be no yoga class – Kate is at the doctor’s office.  I assumed she might be thinking about weight loss surgery but NO – KATE IS PREGNANT! SIX MONTHS PREGNANT! 

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