#ThisisUs - The Most Disappointed Man in the World - Recap and Review


Other reviewers have said that "The Most Disappointed Man in the World" was a boring episode!  It's true there weren't any bigger reveals nor are we closer to finding out how Jack died.  But Tuesday's episode was anything but "dull" or "slow." 

The episode begins with Kevin and Sophie.  Sophie is expecting Kevin to come home to New York. She knows that something is up with Kevin, but he refuses to open up to her.  When Sophie calls Kevin to check on his flight information, she wakes up a very hungover Kevin. She may not know exactly what is going on with him, but she knows that something is seriously wrong.  Kevin assures Sophie that he did not forget and is on his way. Sophie knows that's something not right but takes Kevin at his word.  Before Kevin sets his foot on the floor, he has popped another pill and washed it down with a beer.  

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Kate and Toby decide it's time to tell Kevin that they're pregnant. Kevin arrives at their apartment and have found the cutest way to say to him, but he doesn't get the obvious clues because he's still so out of it.  Kevin acts thrilled, but Kate realizes that something's off.  Kevin rushes off with the excuse that he's in a hurry to get to the airport.  Kate tells Toby she doesn't want to wait to get married and convinces Toby to go the city hall and just do it! 


They are at the courthouse and with paperwork in hand head home to prepare for their ceremony the next day.  However, Toby realizes that this is not what Kate really wants and Toby only wants whatever will make Kate happy.  In one of my favorite moments, Toby has a conversation with Jack's ashes.  He knows of Jack's reputation for romantic gestures and is determined to top him!  Kate comes home, and Toby nails it.  His proposal is funny and sweet, and Kate is thrilled.  No city hall! A big, beautiful Pearson wedding! 


Rebecca and Jack have loved baby Randall as their own from that day he was born. But, they must officially adopt him.  The long process of adoption begins.  Finally, the day comes when the social worker tells them that they have been granted the adoption, Rebecca and Jack are thrilled and relieved.  The final step is to meet with the judge, but they aren't worried because of the social workers glowing recommendation.  


However, when Jack and Rebecca face the judge he does not believe that a black child should be raised by a white family. He will not make a decision that day but reschedules another hearing a few weeks away.  They plead with the judge to meet with them and he does. Rebecca and Jack tell the judge how much they love Randall and that they are already a family.  While the judge is impacted by their story, he is resolute in his belief.  Jack and Rebecca are devastated!  What will they do if they lose Randall?  


When the rescheduled court date arrives, Rebecca and Jack are amazed to find that the previous judge has recused himself from the case!  The new judge approves the adoption and court are adjourned!  Randall is officially a Pearson!  

In the house of Randall and Beth Pearson, their relationship with Deja is going well.  She has started to open up and is feeling more comfortable in their home.  But, the court has ordered that Deja visit her mom is a prison.  Beth and Randall are very much against it but have no choice.  Randall and Deja arrive at the prison and there meet their social worker. Deja is so excited to see her mom - she is wearing her mom's favorite dress.  But time passes, and they are still waiting. The social worker motions to Randall and tells him that Deja's mom, Shauna, does not want to see her.  It is up to Randall to break the news to Deja. He blames it on an administrative error rather than tell her that her mom didn't want to see her.  


Randall is furious, and when he returns home with Deja, he tells Beth all that happened.  Beth is furious too. Randall can't let it go and returns to prison. Deja's mom agrees to see him.  The conversation begins with Randall judging Shauna about her life choices and the circumstances that landed her in jail.  At some point in the conversation, Randall begins to see that Shauna's life hasn't been easy but that she is sincere in her love for her daughter. He pleads with her to not shut Deja out of her life.  Later that evening, Deja gets a phone call from her mom.  A protective Randall stands nearby to make sure Deja is ok.  She is. 

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I am so glad that we still get to see glimpses of William and this week finds a young William, standing before a judge, having been arrested for drug possession. William is a broken man. The judge does not want to send William to jail, but he has no choice. Later the judge visits William at the jail and pleads with William to turn his life around.  William takes the judge's word to heart, and although doesn't always live an easy life, he does have a life. 


Flash forward to the day that William learns that his cancer has spread and there is nothing more to be done. William returns home and sits at his table looking at the heroin and needle he has just purchased.  Does he plan to overdose or just dull the pain?  As he contemplates his decision, there is a knock at the door. William opens the door and there stands Randall!  William doesn't know it yet, but the happiest time of his life has just begun. 


Inspired by Kate and Toby's happiness, Kevin decides to propose to Sophie. He picks out three engagement rings and heads to see Sophie.  At the airport, Kevin has a vision of life as a husband and father.  In it, he is terrible at both.  He is shaken and terrified by this vision. Kevin arrives at Sophie's door. He is sweaty and strung-out.  Sophie begs Kevin to talk to her. She can't help him if he doesn't talk to her.  Kevin tells Sophie of the vision of their life together and that he believes that he is not capable of giving Sophie the life she deserves.  Sophie closes the door on Kevin.  Watching Kevin spiral out of control is awful! 

Three more episodes are remaining until the fall finale!  Each episode will tell the backstory of all three Pearson children so we may finally get more clues about the events leading up to Jack's death.  Tuesday is Kevin's story!