#Timeless S1, Ep. 14-15 "The Lost Generation"/"Public Enemy No. 1" Recap/Review

"The Lost Generation"

"The Lost Generation" is another amazing episode and story builder as we reach the last couple of episodes of the season. 

With Wyatt arrested and taken to a secret undercover blacksite, Lucy and Rufus still has to deal with Flynn as he travels back to Paris 1927 the day that Charles Lindbergh completed his trans-Atlantic flight, in this case almost did.  

During this episode, Lucy gets a little understanding of what her dad tells her about Rittenhouse, that it's not only a legacy, it's in her blood. She threatens to take down it but he doesn't believe that she would, hell he even said that he said and did at the time he learned about Rittenhouse. 

Just before the mission, Rufus learns about Lucy's dad, gets a bit upset, but they move on to the next mission along with a new solider ( I rather call it a new companion), Bam Bam (as Wyatt calls him). They go back sees that Flynn has been around and tat Lindbergh had crashed his plane. As they got word they bump into another famous face, Ernest Hemingway at the time a journalist and author of one book. I don't know about you, but I would probably enjoy having Hemingway as a life coach after this episode. 

Another famous face was Josephine Baker, back then she was the Beyonce at that time which was the best description. They asked for her help in finding Lindbergh and soon later Bam Bam spotted Emma with Flynn's hitch-man along. Soon they followed them outside where then gunfire was exchange, hitting Bam Bam and dying. 

Lucy, Rufus and Hemingway search for Lindbergh, they come to an abandoned house, as Hemingway asked for help (he was about to punk), Lucy looks around by herself and gets caught and taken to Flynn. There Flynn and Lucy talk: about Rittenhouse, her father and of course, Lindbergh. Lindbergh is one of Rittenhouse and Flynn wants some answers and Lucy offered a deal if she can get him to talk about them in exchange for his safety. Flynn agrees and hears the name Cheviot, as one of the members and soon went to meet him to have a chat about Rittenhouse. 

Rufus and Hemingway had some nice scene together one of them Hemingway trying to spark up Rufus that got him motivated and found both Lucy and Lindbergh. But on their way out Emma was there and after Rufus gave her the option to either come along or let them through and not get shot; she let them through.    

Meanwhile, while all of this was happening, Agent Christopher gets word that she is no long in command that the NSA has taken over. She goes to Wyatt about it and discuss why there are over a dozen of people just like that to come in and take over. It all made sense when it all connects to Rittenhouse. Christopher offers him a deal but Wyatt denies it but after she left, she leaves him with a paperclip to escape, which he did and soon meet with her, Lucy and Rufus back at their secret location (Warehouse).  

Just before the episode ended, Lucy talks with her mom about meeting her dad. She tells Lucy that she wouldn't have anything different knowing what a fine woman she has turned out, but also gives her a gift something to express her feelings when she's upset about something: which happens to be the journal that Flynn has been holding and getting his information. 

I enjoyed this episode so much. The writing was strong, and the cast from Spencer, Barrett and even Brandon Barash as Hemingway was fantastic and so much fun to watch. Even Wersching was good, and she only had a couple of scenes in the episode. As I said before, I loved that scene with Rufus and Hemingway talk about fighting the good fight. It made me want to do something bold that I never do before. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

"Public Enemy No. 1"

The team is reunited and it just feels so so good (even though it was only about an episode since Wyatt left). 

"Public Enemy No. 1" not only brings the team back together again, but gives us one hell of a cliffhanger that'll dive right into the season finale, that I'm sure we're all looking forward to. 

With no success on capturing Flynn, Agent Neville orders Rufus and Lucy to go back to 1963 and take out Flynn's mother and this time they have no choice otherwise. So as they take off with another solider (terminator look-alike), they make and took out or knock out their solider companion, headed back to present day to meet with Wyatt and Christopher. There we learn that Rufus placed a temporary virus to the computer's mainframe back at the post so Mason and Rittenhouse couldn't find them. 

Now, with a stolen time machine and not working with Rittenhouse, Wyatt suggested that they should go and save Lucy's sister. But as soon as they get ready to do so, Rufus gets word that Flynn jumped to 1931. Lucy doesn't want to go after Flynn but Wyatt tells her that they should take one problem at a time, stop Flynn from whatever he's doing and then go save her sister. 

There Flynn meets with Al Capone and informs him about he would be put in jail on tax evasion. After the charges being dropped by the court, Capone grants Flynn with a favor: to meet with the mayor and ask about the Rittenhouse meeting. 

After seeing Capone gone with Flynn, Lucy and gang heads to the one person that can stop Capone, Eliot Ness, who isn't happy. They talk at his place about Flynn and Capone and just before they plan to do something, Capone had a guy come and shoot the place up, killing Ness. So the one person now that Lucy and the gang can go to is the one person that knows Capone...his brother. 

Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus meets with Richard Hart and asked him for help to take down his brother. After some convincing, they headed over there and it was a family reunion until it turned into an argument of betrayal after Hart tells him he's taken him in. Guns go up in the air three get shot, Capone, his hitch man and Rufus. 

Lucy and Wyatt tend to Rufus, who was bleeding pretty badly. They get him up and drive back to the time machine. They get Rufus in his seat and set everything up but by the the time everything was a go, Rufus looses consciousness and we leave it there. 

Other things: With Rufus' plan of diversion, Mason takes things to his own hands and place Jiya in holding after she had made contact with Rufus on a burner phone. As Mason tries to get things back up and spotted where Rufus is at, Jiya builds her own computer and takes out the system again. IT's the first time I've enjoyed watching Jiya this season. Also, Flynn gets word from Chicago Mayor William Hale Thompson about the next Rittenhouse meeting would be in 1954, for which that's where he'll be in the season finale. 

This was just another amazing episode that had fun moments like Wyatt telling Rufus and Lucy to leave Ness' dead body behind because they didn't have no IDs and he's wearing button-fly jeans from the GAP. Trilling when Jiya and Mason butted heads, that gave me a coupe of chills. The writing was amazing once again and so was the acting from Spencer, Lanter, Barrett and even Goran Visnjic, who had an amazing first open scene at a church and talking to the priest about life and the possibilities to change it if it all matters in the end. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

You can catch the season finale of Timeless tonight at 10/9c on NBC.