#MacGyver S1 Episode 4 "Wire Cutter" Recap & Review

In Ankara Turkey at a rogue intelligence agency Mac finishes uploading a virus he makes a smoke bomb with baking soda, vinegar, and water. Back in LA Jack, Riley, Patricia, boxer and a friend are waiting for Mac at his apartment because they are worried about his obsession with Nikki. At Phoenix Foundation, the team gets a call from Agent Carla banister telling them she found Shevchenko and a ten megaton Soviet warhead in Moscow. While Thornton goes to Moscow, the other three go to Virginia to locate Alexander Orlov to help them disable the warhead.

They need Orlov to take them to his former handler Viktor Levkin who has the passwords needed to help them stop the warhead. The team also needs a Cheget which is a cold war era computer used to talk to the warhead. In Moscow, Thornton extracts information that Shevchenko is planning to detonate the warhead in Serbia. 

In Zhukov ka, Viktor kept a Cheget behind a picture of him, and Orlov Mac uses Riley's backup laptop battery to make the old computer mobile. In Serbia, sevchenko takes Orlov to help him make more bombs. The team finds him in an abandoned building driving into the building they rescue Orlov and stop the bomb

Viktor dies while protecting him

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