#UnbreakableKimmySchmidt S3, Ep. 3-4 "Kimmy Can't Help You"/"Kimmy Goes to College" Recap/Review

"Kimmy Can't Help You"

Just as Kimmy fills out her application for college, she gets an unexpected visitor. 

If there was one thing about this episode that I enjoyed it was watching Kimmy and Titus deal with this kind of situation. When Kimmy is filling out her application for college, getting help from Titus on acting and made her think he was having a spell, until s knock on the door came and it was The Reverend's fiance aka the Mystery Bitch, played by Laura Dern. 

Dern's character delivers the divorce papers for Kimmy to signed and she talks about how they met and how she falls in love, in a way like women are with Charlie Mason in prison. Kimmy feels bad and tries to tell her how bad the Reverend is but she doesn't listen and Titus doesn't care what she does with him as he tries to get Kimmy to signed the papers and move on. 

Kimmy eats the papers and they had to wait a whole night for the papers to get printed. Titus sends Kimmy out to get away from the woman to get her application done, which she did from dance team to debate why people throw urine at Al Roker. As the next day comes, the tables have turned Titus cares for the woman and Kimmy doesn't but with Titus having a way to change her mind she doesn't sign the papers. Oh yeah the fiance is upset about it but Kimmy knows it's for the best and now will have to try to find a way to make money. 

Meanwhile, Jacqueline and Russ tries to convince Russ' father about renaming the Washington Redskins as they plan to do it at the old man's birthday party. The tables turned when Russ' father announced that his better son, Duke, will take over ownership. The plan backfires and Russ asked Jacqueline to marry him but that didn't work out. What also didn't work out is that no one stop backing into Russ and landed him in the hospital with a full body cast. The good news he's does marry Jacqueline with Duke and their father's blessing so they can have Jacqueline part of the family business. The bad news is that Jacqueline's parents don't approve. 

"Kimmy Can't Help You" is a fine good episode. Laura Dern was not only hilarious but amazing as the crazy fiance of The Reverend. I just love watching Kimmy and Titus hand these kind of situations. Just watching them in those scenes just puts a smile to my face even if it's bad or good. I did loved when Titus tells Kimmy to go and finish her college application and buttons her coat all the up and she didn't like it. Titus replies to Kimmy how she lost that scarf and this what happens. Jacqueline an Russ story was good. I did enjoyed that moment when Jacqueline told Russ' father how Russ can poop but wish that they knew about it before placing the body cast on him. I thought the writing was good. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

"Kimmy Goes to College"

In order to earn money for college, Kimmy signs up for the task app and bumps into an familiar friend. 

"Kimmy Goes to College" was very funny and enjoyable. When Kimmy signs up not only her but Titus on the task rabbit app, they get chosen for tasks. Titus gets to sing out some background stuff for an artist that doesn't freak him out but on the last task it does and it turns into one of the most catchiest tunes so far. 

Meanwhile, Kimmy does a lot of task from lifting refrigerator up the stairs to even put together that rowing exercise machine at Columbia University. But when she makes to the room of the requester, it turns out to be Jacqueline's step daughter, Xan. She wasn't the one who requested that it was her roommate. 

Xan tells Kimmy that when she was in high school everyone looked up to her because she came from a rich family, but now in college no one cares and makes fun of her and her rich family. After trying to be bad ass like she thought they were, turns out they're not like that. But Xan's roommates are amazed on how Kimmy can row on that exercise machine that in fact talked to their coach and she demand the Dean that Kimmy should be granted for a scholarship, which she did. 

Also in this episode, Lillian tries to filibuster an owner for planning a store in the neighborhood. Lillian tries her best to stop the owner but he ups one on her and at the end, he tells her that she has a job that nothing goes by her unless she says so The two seems to probably have a nice relationship. 

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. I loved the short tunes that Titus was singing, from older people should have an expiration date like milk does. Also that California song is a hoot!! Please! Please let there be a soundtrack coming soon!! I would love to listen to this on the road! That was probably my favorite thing of the episode. The writing was good and so was the performance from Carol Kane and Burgess as well. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

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