#UnbreakableKimmySchmidt S4, Ep. 10-11 "Kimmy Finds a Liar"/"Kimmy is Rich*!" Recap and Review

"Kimmy Finds a Liar"


Titus finds another way to make Mikey jealous, while Lillian deals with Sheba's nonsense again. But Kimmy learns if people can change. Here's a recap!

Jacqueline tells Titus that she's found a way to get his name in the papers by dating one of the top HGTV host, Tad, by pretending he's gay, which he's not. Even though Titus accepts the challenge, it's another opportunity to win back Mikey. After the first dinner, it seemed that everything was going Titus' way till their next lunch date in which Mikey proposed to his boyfriend and Titus does the same thing but gets turned down and that Tad announced that he's not gay.

Lillian and Sheba are at each other's throats, but when Lillian learns that Sheba tricked her by sending her money to pay off her jail-bond, it turned out to be used for her Halloween store. Just as they sit and wait, they open up to one another til meeting with the judge. Sheba soon accepts responsibility for her actions, and Lillian surprises her that all of this was a trick, just like she pulled. Sheba takes over her father's Artie's Farties.

Kimmy, on the other hand, learns that someone has taken the rights to her book when she sees that someone has a book reading. She understands that's it's Fran and he tells her that it was his girlfriend that thought he wrote it and scheduled a public reading. He also mentions that her book changed his perspective on women and he gives his full support. But when it comes to hanging around with his guys, his word wasn't going to be it and decides to perform his flag dance from school.

After seeing that Fran can change, Kimmy tries to find something that she can do that wouldn't be so much as playing it safe. After looking at the book poster, she sees the hand knitted of the world that she got at the beginning of her journey and decided to travel the world but tells her boss that she's going to quit till he tells her to wait till next week because of big money.

I enjoyed the episode from the beginning to the end. There was one moment that was a bit predictable, and that was the storyline between Titus and Mikey.

After that first date night, you see that Mikey is thinking of marriage to his boyfriend. Lillian, on the other hand, is a surprise that I enjoy watching between her and Sheba, which was terrific and I think that Busy Phillips deserves an Emmy nomination for Guest Actress in a Comedy. And for Kimmy, we are seeing her grow and grow as she's push of not playing it safe and wanting to do something different, travel. Strong character development and writing. Amazing performances.

Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

"Kimmy is Rich*!"


Could Titus have found the gig that he's been looking for all this time? Is Jacqueline done for when her top client is moving to LA? Will Kimmy get rich? Here's a recap!

Kimmy decides to stay at her job until her boss sells the company. She realizes that her company spies on people through their phones and mouth to know what ads they would be interested in. She soon plays with her boss about telling the buyer about the sexual harassment case in exchange for him to get the company to sell ads about her book, which works.

After losing Mikey, Titus takes a school bus to see the play Cats. One of the kids doesn't think that Titus could be apart of the show. But Titus shows him and performs and gets accepted by the cast. Titus learns that Cats is just a fake Broadway show that is all improvised but discovers that he can't tell anyone about it in the style of Fight Club. Later on, he tells Jacquline, who's having a bit of crisis mode herself, and gets Titus kicked out of the play but gave an autograph to a happy kid to see a Broadway celebrity.

As for Jacquline, she's dealing with losing her big client to another agent who wants to take him to LA. Trying to win him over, it wasn't going so well until she sees that Greg Kinnear is his client too. After hearing about Titus' new play, she gets him in the play of Cats and wins not only the audience but the cast as well.

As Kimmy walks back home, Titus follows and tells about his day along with a happy Lillian, who won the dance contest with Bradley Cooper; the three saw all their stuff outside and learn that their place is going to be knocked down. Cliffhanger!!

I loved this episode from Titus arguing with the kid to performing with the cast of Cats that happens to be nonsense of a play that people like. Kimmy and trying to sexually dance for her boss trying to get him to help her sell her book was hilarious. Strong writing and character development. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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