#UnbreakableKimmySchmidt S4, Ep. 12 "Kimmy Says Bye!" Series Finale

Will Kimmy help save her apartment building? Will Titus pick career over love? Is this the end for Lillian? Here's a recap for the series finale of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Trying to come up with the money to save their apartment, Kimmy tries to figure out what to do from doing live streaming cash and go pron video with her and the bunkers members but that doesn't work. She thought that website that her boss helped build seems to have not worked as it comes up as an error.

Kimmy tries to help Lillian, who isn't taken well of losing her apartment. Lillian tries to go out with her building until the blast wasn't strong enough to take the whole building down. Lillian gets another calling thanks to Kimmy.

Titus gets the role that he's been waiting for, a spot in The Lion King. He's second in line of another star, but soon gets hurt in a bike accident. Later Titus gets a call from Mikey, who wants him to sing at his wedding, but does he? He chooses career over true love, but Kimmy steps in and helps Mikey decided whether to cancel the wedding or go with it. As Titus gets a break, he realizes that he still loves Mikey and tries to go to the wedding but Mikey gets to the theater first and tells him that he loves him and the two kiss.

Jacquline deals with Eli again. As her business is falling apart, he hits on her in a way that she questions of whether to do or not. But soon, she declines until he tells her that it was an offer work as a junior assistant for him, which she agrees only after learning that he's blind.  

Kimmy tries to figure out what's her next thing, and when she sees Xanthippe, Kimmy realizes that she's been reading her book. Xanthippe tells Kimmy that her book is a hit and that the reason that her website isn't working is because of the many, many people trying to visit it. She confronts Jacquline and Eli and worked up a deal.

Four years later... Lillian is the voice of the New York Transportation, Titus and Mikey are happily married with two kids as Titus is a hit movie star. Jacquline and Eli are a hit top movie agent duos. And as for Kimmy, as big as her book become, she opens a theme park at Universal Studios.

"Kimmy says Goodbye" is really the circle of life wrapped up in a nice and lovable bow. There were many laughs, but many, many tears shedding during this episode that I lost it fully during that montage of Circle of Life. So well written finale with amazing and outstanding performances from the cast. This should be in line with some of the greatest series finales like The Office, 30 Rock and Parks and Rec. Overall, I give this episode a 10/10.

You can catch the entire series of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt available on Netflix.