#UnbreakableKimmySchmidt S4, Ep. 5 & 6 "Kimmy and the Beest!"/"Kimmy Meets an Old Friend"! Midseason Finale Recap/Review

"Kimmy and the Beest!"


With Titus, the head of the school theater, he tries to put on a play that'll make the students special, even if he has to star in it. After getting rejected for their auditing, Titus decides to bring them back to put on a play "Beauty and the Beest." Tries to meet his vision for the show, the lead leaves to join wrestling, and after trying to keep the play going, the students think that Titus should play the best. But when he realizes that the student who does the lights can hit those notes, he tries to place him with the wrestling team. 

Meanwhile, Jacqueline and Lillian are trying to scalping to make money off the school play. After trying to convince the parents to pay $30, they decided to sell them on the streets of Broadway and got an idea of how to get people to buy and come, which pretty much worked. 

As for Kimmy, she tries to confront the man that is a follower of the Richard Wayne about how bad the guy was to her. But he wouldn't believe it and gives her crap about how men have it harder than women, but he got a dose of his own medicine when she challenged to an arm wrestling contest and broke his arm and later get the butt kicked out of him. 

She later joins Titus' play and sees how much he's trying to make the play all about him and not the students. After trying to convince him to change the lead role, she brings a secret weapon: his high school football coach. After getting the light guy out of wrestling and into the play, the play went successfully for both Kimmy, Titus, Jacqueline and Lillian but not so much for the students as their parents weren't there. 

"Kimmy and the Beest!" was another amazing and hilarious episode from start to finish. This could easily be Titus' best episode of Part 1 of Season 4. Burgess gives an outstanding performance, and with Kemper in scenes, it was just another priceless moment. Strong character development and writing. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.


"Kimmy Meets an Old Friend!" 

After trying to find Titus at the school, Kimmy recognized a backpack from a kid, which happens to the one she lost at the club in the pilot episode. When she exchanges it, it's like her, and an old friend is reunited. When she meets with Titus, who's trying to write his pilot to The Capiest, she helps him by using her book bag, which happens to be alive in her mind, to explore ideas. 

After spending some time outside along with Titus and her book bag and seeing guys playing a game of Quidditch, she comes up with a concept for a children's book. But when the book publisher turns her down because they want her to write a book on her experience in the bunker. She gives her story to Titus, who happens to use it for his pilot script for The Capiest, which happens to get turned out but gets an offer for another show. 

Meanwhile, Lillian comes to let Artie's family know that he had passed, but his daughter Sheba tries to get her away from the family and the family will. But it would be Artie that would have the last laugh on her as he announced in a video that Sheba's inheritance would not go to her but be in the hands of Lillian. 

Jacqueline gets a visit from her stepdaughter that fears to be pregnant. After trying to be the old Jacqueline, she finally realizes that Xanthippe wants her there and gets there just in time to hear that Xanthippe isn't pregnant. The two soon go after her boyfriend, who dumped her and was spreading rumors after she told him she was pregnant and turn his life and his room into a mess.

Kimmy realizes that she must grow up and dump her book bag by placing rocks in it and toss her into the river. But when she gets a phone call from an executive producer's son who'd read her story and wanted to know more about what will happen next. She saves her book bag and heads back with a smile and celebrates with everyone with a fudgie the whale cake. But ends with a camera set on the four and someone communicating about phase 2.

"Kimmy Meets an Old Friend!" was just as hilarious as the previous episode but left a fantastic cliffhanger for it to be a midseason finale. There were so many good moments from Kimmy dealing with whether she needs to grow up or not, Lillian fighting against Artie's daughter and the one that I enjoyed the most was Jacqueline and her stepdaughter dealing with a pregnancy. For Jacqueline and Xanthippe storyline, it humanized Jane's character that it was both funny and heartwarming at the same time. After all, I'm dying to see what is Phase II that this mysterious person is talking about. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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