#UnbreakableKimmySchmidt S4, Ep. 7-8 "Kimmy Fights the Fire Monster"/"Kimmy Is In a Love Square!" Recap and Review

"Kimmy Fights the Fire Monster" 


Opening up with a 90's throwback style introduction to what Titus's sitcom idea "Magic Boy," we come to see that Titus has been following around by Ilan from the car wash to the grocery store. As Titus makes the first move, they got to know one another. But apparently, Ilan isn't who he says he is as he's working for Mr. Frumpus and trying to get dirt on Titus so he wouldn't talk about what had happened. 

Meanwhile, as Kimmy tries to distribute her children's book, she reunites with Donna Marie. But she isn't too pleased to have seen her and tries to get distance with her projects. With their past in the bunker, Kimmy works to give her a friendship bracelet. Donna didn't want it until they talked and kicked a surprise birthday Elmo with sparklers that reminded them of the bunker. Donna realizes that she's not over and accepts Kimmy's bracelet.  

After meeting a young man, Jacqueline hangs out with Lillian at a Bed, Bath and Beyond type store where younger men win over 40 and older women. But she realizes that the man that Jacquline is seeing turns out to be the son of her friend and everyone shut it all down. 

"Kimmy Fights the Fire Monster" was amazing from the beginning to the end of a return episode. I couldn't just pick one storyline in this episode as they were both match point to one another as funny and strong character development. I couldn't get enough of "Magic Boy" intro, it made me want to watch a 90's sitcom. The Jacqueline and the girl's montage at the store was too hilarious, additional to the Kimmy and Donna's montage in the bunker are kicking the fire monster and kicking Elmo was also very funny. And even  Jon Bernthal was entertaining as Ilan. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

"Kimmy is in a Love Square!"


Should he tell or should he not? Titus learns that of reports against Mr. Frumpus, and it causes not only a #MeToonys movement but denials from news networks like Fox Kids. Lillian tries to get Titus to speak to Roman Farrow after he had called to interview Titus, while Jacqueline tries to tell Titus not to go for it. But after filling in for a commercial for Dairy Queen, Titus decides to speak out. But at least he got his story out but no fame when it comes to going to the Tonys. 

Meanwhile, Kimmy goes out on a date with a co-worker, Josh, but instead of liking him, she like his parents. It becomes a triangle affair and one that Jacqueline finds weird. It gets to the point where Kimmy and Josh's parents go behind Josh's back to hang out together from watching late night TV to playing board games. But Josh catches them, and Kimmy leaves Josh's parents. 

"Kimmy is in a Love Square!" was an excellent episode. It had moments of hilarious with mainly Kimmy hanging out with Josh's parents. The episode too another stab at the #MeToo movement that had the balance of funny but yet felt awkward at times. Excellent writing, performance and character development. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

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