#UnbreakableKimmySchmidt S4, Ep. 9 "Sliding Door Van" Recap and Review

This episode asked that question, "What if this had happened?" Here's a recap!"Sliding Van Doors" was one of the best and special episodes as the ninth episode of season four. It asked that simple question what if this had happened would things be different, it would be so, but it all comes back around in the end. When Kimmy and Titus thought that they could have met each other in Indiana if Kimmy hadn't gotten in that van.

If Kimmy hadn't gotten in that van, Kimmy and Titus would have met at a movie theater and moved on their way. Kimmy went to college but got hit and lands in a coma for a long time till she wakes up and becomes a famous local reporter, who lost her husband to their maid. She flies to New York City, and when she gets there, it doesn't turn out the way she had hoped until she reunites with Titus.

After meeting with Kimmy, Titus gets to New York City but missed the audition and does the unthinkable thing, joining Scientology and becoming Tom Cruise's stunt double in his movies. He soon gets the role of a lifetime and keeps his perfect image during press screening until his fiance dumps him and has to find someone else which he finds Kimmy and becomes partners for life until a murderer comes in to kill them.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline's turns upside down when she tries to find a rich billionaire that turns out to be Mike, the construction worker. They have five children and tries to see that big break till they go into the witness protection program. And Lillian, who is looking for a renter, turns out to be a gang leader just like that and decides to kick out Jacqueline and her family out to do her business.

It's such a great episode with strong character developing and writing. The performance from the cast was outstanding. I couldn't get enough of this episode from start to finish. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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