#Suits - Season 7, Episode 4 “Divide & Conquer”, Review/Recap

Rating:  8

(air date 8/2/2017)

I was a disappointed that the writers didn’t explain Louis’ breakdown at the end of last week’s episode.  Louis seems angrier than his usual angry self.  Hopefully, it’ll be explained in upcoming episodes because next week’s episode looks very interesting… But I digress.  So on with the 704 review/recap…

Suits open with Rachel showing her father Harvey’s apartment as the venue for her and Mike’s wedding.  Daddy Zane says no way to having his baby girl’s wedding in Harvey’s “love shack.”  So she books an appointment with the wedding planner at her dream location:  The Plaza Hotel.  However, she and Mike are way too busy with work to concentrate on planning their wedding, much less setting a date for their nuptials.

The only time we don’t see Louis yelling is during his dinner with Alex.  Alex helps Louis with a client.  It seems that Alex’s old firm Bratton & Gould have been busy trying to either poach Pearson Specter Litt clients or sue them.  One client, in particular, is Louis’ client Delta Securities.  While Harvey is in court arguing for a dismissal (Mike shows up at the last minute with evidence convincing the judge to dismiss the case) and Alex helping Louis.  The two (Louis and Alex) bond over dinner about being underappreciated (Alex at Bratton/Gould and Louis at PSL).  However, PSL’s victory against Bratton/Gould is short lived.  Tom Bratton tells Harvey & Louis that he plans to keep going after them until he gets his clients back, to the tune of $30 million of billable hours!  Bratton knows that PSL can’t handle any long, complicated lawsuits. 

Harvey tells Donna that she needs to find out who is leaking information to Bratton/Gould and find out fast!  Donna is already ahead of that and thinks it is Stephanie, who she fired in last week’s episode; seems that Ms. Stephanie went to work for Bratton/Gould after she was fired from PSL.  Donna asks Rachael to go to Stephanie and find out, even offer her the job back at PSL.  Rachel goes to Stephanie and apologizes and even offers the job back.  Stephanie tells Rachel that she would never come back, but more importantly, it’s not Stephanie who has been leaking information.

Remember the case that Mike handed over to Oliver (and Mike signed an agreement that he would not be involved with the case) in last week’s episode?  Well, Oliver did the right thing and got an offer for Oscar.  He shows Mike who tells him to convince Oscar NOT to take the offer because there are more cases like Oscar’s son.  Oliver won’t do it, so Mike steps in and convinces Oscar not to take the money.  Oliver does really good again and finds not one but dozens of the same type of cases.  They have themselves a class action!  However, Oliver doesn’t have the resources, but in the end, Mike agrees to help Oliver, telling him he’ll handle Harvey.  Because you know when Harvey finds out about Mike helping… Harvey is not going to be happy!

Harvey goes to Robert Zane about merging or pretending to merge to get Bratton/Gould off their backs.  Zane is intrigued but says no because he doesn’t want his firm to look bad because his firm isn’t doing all that well either at the moment. 

Alex even offers to resign PSL to stop the attacks, but Harvey, Louis, and Donna agree that they don’t want that to happen.  Alex has an Ace up his sleeve and goes to Bratton.  Seems that he and Tom Bratton did something … something bad of course in the past.  Alex offers to sign an agreement taking full responsibility for the shady deed but only if Bratton signs an agreement that he will leave PSL’s clients alone.  Alex saves the day at Pearson Specter Litt!

And speaking of Pearson…Harvey finally figures out who the leak was and it was…None other than Jessica Pearson!  I admit I did NOT see that coming!  He calls Jessica, and she tells him that Bratton called her looking for info on PSL after she left.  So she thought this was an opportunity to help Harvey and Louis unite; because nothing unites a divided house like an attack from the outside.  Her plan worked!  Harvey didn’t look too pleased.

Next week’s episode is called “Brooklyn Housing” and looks interesting as Harvey admits to Louis he’s been dating his (former) therapist, and then we see Louis with said therapist.  Until next week Suitors!


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