#VictoriaPBS S1, Ep. 2/3 "Ladies in Waiting"/"Brocket Hall" Recap/Review

"Ladies in Waiting" 

I think the best word to describe this episode would be nature. As in you can't mess with nature that it should take it's time. That's what went running through my head after watching this episode.

As Queen Victoria takes her role on, her family from the uncle, mother's boyfriend to even some of the caretakers have taken their plan to make sure that she loses her position, making her look crazy, just like her grandfather. But also the Whig Prime Minister Lord Melbourne resigns because he feels that he lacks the requirement of mandate in the parliament.

Of course, this doesn't go so well with Victoria because he's the only person that she can trust out of all the rest of the people around her. Robert Peel comes in it doesn't quite go so well and everything that he would suggest, she just turns it down, like letting go a few of her lady friends because they're married to the opposite party. With that in mind, Peel leaves, and Melbourne comes back and takes his position as the Prime Minister again.

I thought that this was a suitable episode. The performances from actor were good. The reason I think that the word nature comes into play of this episode was that no one wants to let Victoria do her own thing and yet her uncle and Sir John tries to mess with her; it just seems that they're messing with the nature of her abilities. But with Melbourne leaving and then coming back, it sets things right with her. I enjoyed this episode and thought that the writing was very good. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.

"Brocket Hall"

"Brocket Hall" probably one of the most interesting match making episodes I've so far.

As everyone around Victoria trying to get her to marry, thinking that being an independent is a problem and that she needs a man to help control her. But she tries to turn them down, her uncle King Leopold of Belgium tries to get Lord Melbourne to go with it, but he doesn't think it's right for her to be force into marriage.

We do see Victoria express her interest in having a romantic relationship Melbourne but he turns her down in a nice way. Later the two of them do dance at a costume party, after dancing with other men, who are trying to win her over, failed anyway later on. 

Melbourne and Victoria danced and it just seemed to click just watching them. He wants her to choice someone who makes her happy long term, as he tells her later on. 

Meanwhile, Victoria confronts Sir John about taking a pay and leave the court, along with leaving her mother, for which he takes. But finally Victoria and her mother finally bonded for what looks to be the first time since. Finally, that guy was really getting on my damn nerves with how he acts around, thinking he's all high and freaking mighty. 

This episode really centers around it's historical moments like in this episode during the Newport Rising, Victoria learns about one of the house staff's nephew was one of many setting to put to death by hanging but stop it and instead exile them to Australia, showing that her reign of power can be a merciful one.     

The show ends in one of the best moments of a first meet, as Victoria plays the piano,  who pops up and catches her by surprise, her cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, who pretty much looks nothing like what she remembers or describes. 

I enjoyed this episode pretty much the same as the previous episode. The performance was good, just watching Coleman and  Sewell on screen is just amazing to watch. Also I've been amazed from Nell Hudson in these last couple of episodes, her character, Miss. Nancy Skerrett, just seems interesting to know more and more as she's quite different than the rest of the house staffers.  The directional visuals were amazing even during that scene when Victoria meets with Melbourne was wonderful. Overall, I give this episode a 8/10.

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