#Victoria S1, Ep. 4 "The Clockwork Prince" Recap/Review

When it comes to love, what seems to be a mismatch connection can become a real loving relationship. 

"The Clockwork Prince" was pretty much an episode of how Albert and Queen Victoria bonded and fell in love, in a way that was interesting and engaging. Even if we knew from the start that these two were to be married, it played so well with the characters, mainly Victoria of her feelings towards Albert. 

Given that she doesn't play but challenges him as Albert does the same thing as well, making it 100 percent better than watching any of The Bachelor shows. Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes chemistry felt so real that after watching this episode, I drove right into episode five to see how things go. 

And even Hell Hudson's character gave us an interesting story in this episode, showing how she's helping a family member and her child with money issues. As she tries to steal a few items from the Queen and that also includes a piece of her uniform.

The writing of the episode was so well written and had my attention from the beginning to the end. Not only the performances from Coleman, Hughes, and Hudson were incredible, but the rest of ensemble cast was as well. The scenes when Baroness Lehzen brings in a new guy, who speaks German, play with the remainder of the house servants and gets a taste when the head speaks to him in German. 

Overall, as I said before I mostly enjoyed this episode very much. The performances, chemistry and the even story was outstanding. Overall, I give this episode an 8/10. 

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