#Victoria S1, Ep. 7-8 "The Engine of Change" & "Young England" Season Finale Recap/Review


"The Engine of Change" 

In a way, the change would come into the mind of Victoria.

In "The Engine of Change," Victoria deals with her first pregnancy and wonders if something should happen to her during childbirth, she has to choose a regent for her child. She believes that Albert should be, but the Tories doesn't think so.

It all changes when Albert gets his interest in the railroad and believes that it's the future for Great Britain, not only does he think so, he took a ride as well. This, of course, angers Victoria but soon changes her mind when she sneaks out and hopped on and gets a real thrill from it.

With Sir. Robert Peel is supporting that Albert should be named regent, all of the board members of the Tories followed along as well.

The episode was majestic with scenery that it took away some of the performance of the cast. There would be times that I was just so amused of just seeing the castle and even watching the locomotive run. The scenes with Skerrett and Charles were interesting enough to see how these two grew throughout the season and yet he impresses her with all the lavishing dishes he has served to her for that evening with her, while Victoria and Albert were away. Talk about taking advantage of the Royal place, right?

Overall, I give this episode an 8/10.


"Young England" 

In the season finale, Victoria not deals with a baby soon but deals with a matter of threats that could be ordered from a royal family member.

"Young England" was genuinely not an epic finale but a superb on at that, with high drama coming in with Victoria and her final days of her pregnancy to even the moments of threats of death. As one that got close to her and asked to take her away from the prison German of her husband to an assassination attempt from Edward Oxford, the first of eight to assassinate Victoria, that pretty much got you on the edge of your seat.

Take what you will, but we would all know that Duke or Cumberland was the one masterful enough to set up an assassination since he was the one in line to take the throne if Victoria dies. It dives into some dramatic scenes most of which watching Victoria standing up to Cumberland and walking away from him. And even a talk with King Leopold kind of gave a gentle reassurance between the two after a rocky start to the season.

And of course, the birth of the future Queen as Victoria gives birth to her first child, a daughter named Victoria. It was most impressive that during her labor that Victoria finally calls her mother for support after what those two have gone through throughout the season as it was a lovely mother-daughter moment time.

The performances from everyone from Coleman to Hughes, even from Alex Jennings and David Oakes and Daniela Holtz too. The writing was strong that it closed out the season as it started off. Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10 and the season a 9/10.

You can catch Victoria Season 1 on Blu-ray and DVD available now, and the season two will begin Sunday, Aug. 27th on ITV and in the US will air Sunday, January 14, 2018.