#Victoria S1, Ep1 "Doll 123" Series Premiere Recap/Review

(Note: I will not compare this show to The Crown (Netflix) in any way because I haven't seen ALL of it yet. I'm reviewing/recapping it as how I see it.)

When we last saw Jenna Coleman, we said goodbye to her as Clara Oswald over a year ago on Doctor Who, in one of the most heart-wrenching goodbyes on the show. But now she returns to television in a role that is royal and dramatic in Victoria on Masterpiece Theater.

In the series premiere, "Doll 123," we come to the late night/early morning of the death of King William IV (Victoria's uncle) and news traveled to Victoria's home about it. There the can't sleep Victoria gets the news and proceeds of the Royal exchange of power at the age of 18.

Throughout the episode, she holds and plays with one doll that she got from her mother at the age of 11 and didn't put a crown on it til she learned about her taking over from her uncle at the age of 13. But at the end of the episode, she does put her doll away and move on into business by signing papers.Throughout the episode, she tries to take things on her own, one of which not having her mom and dad with her during some important business. 

She makes one of the biggest mistakes, one of which accusing Lady Flora of having a child with her step father. That was proven wrong after she ordered her to have an exam by Flora's doctor and when the news came it wasn't a pregnancy but a tumor at a massive size too. Taking a backlash from her family to even the press (that leaked from her family).

There's really good moments, one of which the relationship between Victoria and Lord Melbourne. At first the two might seem to be a fit for a couple, if Victoria had the idea, but I believe or can tell that they'll have a nice working relationship like the classics of Jack and Liz (even though that this isn't a comedy).

The episode displays a lot of beautiful scenery even though some of it might have been CGI at times. The music score through the episode was stunning and at times when the score during the scene of Victoria's crowning or Coronation, I couldn't stop humming it out of my head.

Coleman shines in this episode. I can really feel through the eyes of her what her character's emotions. Also the cast is impressive as well. Rufus Sewell is great and shows chemistry with Coleman. The writing of this episode was strong. Overall, I give this episode a 8.5/10. 

You can catch Victoria Masterpiece Theater (in the United States) at 9/8c on PBS.