Wynonna Earp S3 E2 : When You Call My Name (aka Bring the Tissues)


Wynonna over Dolls.png

Wynonna Earp fans know that this show can sometimes make you so stressed you lose a few nails in the process while sitting on the edge of your seat.  I have been known to yell at the TV sometimes too (not like the characters ever listen to me).  This is one of THOSE times.  This time, they just shocked the hell out of us.  The gang pays an ultimate price when it comes to facing Bulshar for the first time.  Hopefully, this is not an outlook to future run ins with that S.O.B.

The last episode ended with Wynonna and Waverly being in a very bad car accident, having swerved and rolled over and over down a hill landing near a cliff.  Waverly is grabbed by someone and is pulled away screaming for Wynonna.  In my opinion, Holy Shite. This could have been a season finale because it left you hanging just like one!

Wynonna on ledge.jpg

Well, in this episode we get to see that Wynonna is not in the truck, she fell over the edge and is oh, 50-80+ feet down the cliff on a ledge. She wakens from being unconscious and screams for Waverly a few times. She starts to slip back to sleep when she hears her mother reprimanding her to stay awake. "You can't be here." Wynonna replies and adds that by hearing Momma and talking back to her means she is going into shock or going insane like her. 

Wynonna on ledge sees Momma.gif

We start to learn and see that Michelle Gibson (aka Momma) is all about tough love.  She seems to be what motivates Wynonna in some of her darker moments.  For example, Wynonna complains on that cliff that all she wanted one year was for her mother to take her to a Hanson concert (love some of the references in this show!), but what happened?  Momma decided to take them on a survival of the fittest camping trip.  All Wynonna wanted was a mother, like any girl does, but what Wynonna gets is a soldier boot camp instructor instead.  I just watched one of the Terminator movies the other day and I started getting flashbacks to Sarah Connor training her son.  All training = no fun= a rebellious child.  It seems that Momma also favored Wynonna over Waverly (probably because Waverly is something special),  My question is, what about Willa then?  Or was Willa all perfect and didn't need the special attention paid to Wynonna?

Momma might be emotionally abusive at times, and refuses to allow just the male Earp name dominate her daughter, but she is a badass none the less and knows how to survive and will help Wynonna do the same.

Waverly on the other hand, could use a little help at the present moment. 

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Having been dragged away, she was taken to a very remote cabin in the woods by a demon that hunts and the apparently the hunting has not been so good lately.  If you remember, the woods seem to have "come alive" and changed since Bulshar awoke. His trails are gone and the traps for the animals are all empty. So, he has changed his eating habits and Waverly is the second girl he has taken and there seem to be traces of her here and there.   I actually begin to see an episode of Criminal Minds at this point. Beyond creepy is an understatement. He moves across the room to her in a weird way,.  Because Waverly was yelling for help, we find out that this demon is the Ursula of the demon world.  He takes her voice.  He then uses that voice when Nicole calls Waverly's phone and tells her all is good.  When he leaves her alone for a bit, a young man / forest ranger comes knocking and opens the door.  Unfortunately, he steps inside and gets a wire through his neck.  Creepy demon dude returns and drags the man off.  Yay...more food!  Waverly silently screams.

Waverly in cage.png

Back at the cliff ledge, Wynonna is trying to reach Peacemaker, which miraculously didn't fall all the way down.  However, it is just out of reach.   Her mother's "voice" is still there egging her on, telling her to focus and she can get out of this.  Wynonna deduces the distance to climb the cliff and figures she can do it, but finds that her shoulder is our of joint.  In a lot of pain, she begins to doubt she can get out of this mess.  Her mother yells at her to basically stop being a pussy and focus.  Rules of survival, what do you do, in order?  Wynonna recites them all, then decides to get on with it and pops her shoulder back into place against a rock and begins to climb. 

Wynonna running to truck.gif

She manages to make it to the top and sees the trail of blood and Waverly's scarf so she knows a general direction.  She grabs her coat and a few odds and ends from the truck and heads out towards the forest.

Dolls and Jeremy are back at the station still working on the Cult of Bulshar murders from last weeks episode.  Jeremy deduces that since they all basically died within seconds of each other they might be looking at a very strong and fast demon.  They part ways, with Dolls heading to the bar to talk to Doc, and Nicole heading to the Earp Homestead to find Waverly.

Doc throwing knife in bar.gif

Dolls finds Doc throwing his knife at the dart board.  Doc admits to him that in that alternate reality the Iron Witch put them in (Season 2), that when that Dolls shot and killed him he went to hell.  After all he has done so far, how can that be his reward?  Dolls tells him there is time to do even more good, but Doc says that is a fate he cannot avoid and that Dolls and him are the same.  Dolls' fate is already set too.  As we will see at the end of the episode, if I was Doc, I would eat those last words.

Dolls leaves and Jeremy arrives of course to the basement.  Doc wants to know what he is up to, but deduces that it is for Dolls' drugs and that there is a problem with them.  If Dolls keeps taking them like he is, it will be disastrous.  Jeremy is a great character.  He adds the goofy nerdy person, but he is also a great friend.  He tries to look out for Dolls, or at least he tries to.  I mean, Dolls can be difficult at times and Jeremy isn't trained in combat like him, but that won't stop Jeremy from trying  However, now that Doc knows, Jeremy and Dolls are not the only two that know that there is something really wrong with the dragon suppressing drugs and it won't be a good outcome for Dolls if he keeps taking them.  On another note, Jeremy realizes too, that you cannot save everyone every time.  You can't be there to protect them all the time.  You can't save someone if they don't want to be saved (or are so damn stubborn, they don't care). 

Nicole finds truck.gif

Nicole is on her way to the Earp home when a man waves her down.  He says there is a vehicle overturned down the hill.  When Nicole goes to investigate, she is horrified to see it is Wynonna's truck.  She immediately calls Doc who tells Jeremy to call Dolls ASAP and to have him meet him there.

While the they meet up and try to figure out what happened (aren't we glad Doc is such an expert tracker?), Wynonna finds the cabin where Waverly is being kept.  When she opens the door and sees her sister in a cage, her first instinct is to rush in. 

Wynonna and booby trap.gif

Waverly stops her and a strange game of charades is played.  Wynonna is obviously a little slow, but gets the term BOOBY trap when Waverly grabs her own breasts. Once she figures out that the place is trapped, it is hilarious even more to watch Waverly try to guide her sister through the maze of traps to the cage.  Wynonna tries to hit the lock, but it isn't helping.  Then they hear the creepy demon coming and Wynonna darts upstairs and watches through the floor board.  The demon seems to "smell" something else in his cabin, but decides to leave again.

Waverly tries to use a sort of sign language to discuss the Momma situation.  Wynonna tells her she was so young and Momma ordered not to tell her.  Wynonna decides that there is no way she can safely fight that demon in the house, so tells Waverly to stay put (like she has a choice?) and heads outside to find the bastard.  She yells insults at him and upon mentioning Bulshar's name, he freaks out and gives Wynonna the chance she needs to send the S.O.B back to hell.  When she does that a little ball of light escapes and heads back to the cabin.  Waverly gets her voice back. Nicole and Doc finally catch up and they free Waverly and head back to the scene of the accident.

Nicole ties a rope to the wench of a truck and climbs down (she reminds people protesting that she is the one with the most cliff climbing experience here) to get Peacemaker.  Dolls is there, but we see that Jeremy did not want him to go because of what might happen, but Dolls takes the vials in a case with him and leaves and come to help out his "family" anyway.

In the distance, we see Bulshar and his soldier boy watching this from the distance.  As everyone is focused on Nicole getting down the cliff, they don't see Bulshar's minion come rushing forward and cutting the rope.  Waverly and Wynonna catch the rope in time and have to hold or drop Nicole.  Doc gets thrown and Nicole upon finding out what was happening, demands they let go and help. 

Nicole telling Wynonna let go.gif

Of course the girls do not agree to this, but watch in horror as Dolls grabs the demon on the shoulders and prepares to fight.  He realizes there is only one way to defeat this guy and he lets his inner dragon fire come out.  

Dolls faces demon.jpg
Nicole reaching for Peacemaker.jpg

Nicole gets Peacemaker in the meantime then they pull her back up.  They rush over to check on Dolls, but he isn't moving and not breathing.  Wynonna heartbreakingly tries to do some CPR on him, but they stop her and say he is gone.  He is dead. Wait. What?  Noooooo!  You can't kill Dolls!  He is the glue that held Wynonna together!  Wynonna seems to take it extra hard. Momma Earp appears and tells her that they need to let him go.  

group around dead Dolls.gif

The episode ends with everyone just in total shock at this death.  Again......the ending to this episode feels like a cliffhanger for a season finale.  I hold false hope that Dolls is really not dead, but.......This is going to be a stressful season isn't it?