Wynonna Earp S3 Ep3 : "Colder Weather" (A Time To Mourn)


Xavier Dolls gravestone.jpg

Dolls is dead. It appears with all certainty that he is dead for good.  Death itself is easy for the one dying, but the ones that get left behind are trying to pick up the pieces and figure out a way to mourn the loved one that passed away. That requires some time.  What I like about this show is that they never just pass over the feelings.  This is a big one and the greatest thing this show did was to allow an entire episode to see how all of Dolls' new "family" deal with him being gone and to allow us fans to mourn right along side them.

The opening is stunning. 

Wynonna close up tears.gif

A beautifully haunting song and Melanie Scrofano's close up of her face, mainly her eye with tears and the tears falling down on Dolls' dog tags.  No other way to describe the feeling of losing Dolls. Dolls was the voice of reason, the rock that helped to anchor Wynonna and even helped to keep the team together.  What are they to do now? 

Wynonna is definitely not taking it well. 

Wynonna in woods.jpg

She is outside in the cold weather and snow in the woods near the Earp Homestead shooting off Peacemaker and screaming for Bulshar to show himself and come and face her.  She is stone cold drunk off her ass.  Bulshar doesn't show up, but a revenant does.  "Not the prick that I was looking for, but a prick none the less." she tells him.  He smiles and says " That's what my first wife said and I killed her for it."  He goes on to say that he is surprised to even see her there.  Doesn't she have a funeral to plan?  She swings at him and misses him by a mile (yes, she is that drunk) and falls down.  See raises the gun and then basically to hell with it.  "I'm too tired to kill you."  But he isn't too tired to try to kill her, but before he can, Waverly and Nicole come out and Waverly fires a shot and the revenant runs off.  Wynonna has to chuckle "You shot him in the dick!  That is so sweet!"

Wynonna and girls in woods.jpg

They help Wynonna back and Waverly says "No one goes anywhere for awhile until we ....."    "Until we say goodbye." Nicole finishes.  Wynonna stares at the fire and says "I don't know how I'm gonna put Dolls in the ground."

It should be noted here that the theme song that came after this scene was still the same opening song, but acoustic and mournful sounding in honor of Dolls and how everyone is feeling.

We go to Doc's bar and he picks up a piece of clothing and hears a noise.  Kate is sitting at the bar.   "The last time we met you had me tied to a stripper pole."  he says.  "You used to like that kind of thing. However, if we are keeping score, you shot me!"  "And you did not die." Doc points out.  

Kate and Doc at bar.jpg

  Kate tells Doc that the cards (her tarot cards that go everywhere with her) told her about the death of the great warrior (as she turns over that card).She apologizes for Dolls' death but Doc stops her and says "I am sorry, but that is not for you to apologize for."  He means that she didn't know Dolls, so she doesn't get to give him (Doc) sympathy for someone who meant something to him and not her. "I can tell you where he's gone."  Doc gets closer and stares her down.  He knows exactly where a man like Xavier Dolls is and he is at peace.  "My hero, the one who took down your vampire kin, she is hurtin'.  She is the one who needs my help.   Kate tells Doc "You might as well stop chasing that girl. You'll competing with a ghost for the rest of your days. It never ends well."  This doesn't help to improve Doc's mood and tells Kate to leave. He asks what does she want from him.  She replies that she just wants him to say her name (real name is not Countessa), but if he won't do that can she at least meet his friends.  "Absolutely not!"  Doc says to her.  As she walks to the doors she says  "We always did have terrible timing."   "No, we were just terrible." Doc replies.

Back at the Earp house, there is a funeral director showing Nicole and Waverly types of coffins and all that good stuff.  The funeral director at first assume they have husbands, but they hold each other and he gets the message.  Nicole tells Waverly that when she dies, she wants to be put on a high platform, eaten by vultures and pooped out back to the Earth.  The look on Waverly's face is priceless.  "Wow.  That's.....very graphic."  Waverly brings up that she will probably be buried with her family.  However, the funeral director points out that Ward Earp only had 2 additional plots besides the one for their mother.  One for Willa and the other for Wynonna.  Ouch.

Wynonna comes in, sees the coffin photos, etc and says she is definitely not dealing with that.  Death is permanent and they have all the time in the world.  She heads outside with her gun and a bottle of booze.

Wynonna shooting stuff.gif

Doc comes up and finds her shooting stuff off the rail with precision.   "Finally planted that left foot I see." he says to her.   "No, more like I stepped in a frozen cow patty and now I'm kinda stuck."  Doc reply?  "Well, it looks good on you."  LOL.

Wynonna says how she is supposed to face the facts, again.  She's done this before.  WIth Daddy, Shorty and Willa.  Doc says "Twice."  and Wynonna agrees that yes, she dealt with it twice with Willa.

"This was a real kick in the box." she tells Doc  

"Yes, ma'am." he replies.

Doc and Wynonna talk.jpg

Wynonna goes on to say that she just doesn't understand what happened to him out on that ledge.  

"We were dyin' Wynonna.  Dolls, he saved us."  Doc says

Wynonna begins to cry and falls into Doc's arms.  He hold her tight with a hand in her hair and on her back.  

Doc hugging Wynonna.png

"Oh, love.  Love, sometimes you get and sometimes you get got."  he says and then starts a  conversation of "Back in my day...."  He tells how gunslingers would die and be buried with their boots on.  To be buried on Boot Hill and it became a popularity contest.  

"However, the ritual of it.  Setting a man's horse loose to run, placing a fine bottle of whiskey on his grave."  Doc says and Wynonna thinks that sounds nice.  "Whiskey, I would then steal because a good liquor should never go to waste on the dead."

"Death must have been cheap then." Wynonna comments.

"Death is never cheap."  Doc replies 

Wynonna tells Doc that (as he gently wipes a tear away from her cheek) that they need to get Bulshar.  Doc informs her that they really should do right by Dolls first.  Wynonna asks if Doc knew Dolls was from Arizona.  He did not ask to go back there.  "Dolls chose his family and we are it." she tells Doc.  Doc smiles a little and says "Poor asshole."  They shut up then and hug some more, silently holding each other on the hillside.

I LOVE LOVE this scene.  First, I love the Wynonna and Doc love that is there, but they fight it like it is something so scary, but then fall for it again and again just to run away once more.  You can see how much Doc really loves Wynonna when he is holding her and talking to her.  He even makes her smile, which is something no one else has been able to do so far.

Back inside the house, Wynonna sits in her spot on the couch while Waverly and Doc argue about the idea of a wake.  Waverly thinks it is a bad idea to celebrate and be merry when someone has died.  Doc says it is necessary and is the proper thing to do.  When a man dies, you celebrate his life.  Nicole agrees with Doc.  Waverly then decides a wake it is and starts manically listing sandwiches she will need to make and how can they eat when Dolls will never eat again.  She starts to nervously giggle.  Doc tells her she is being disrespectful and Waverly calms down and tells Doc that what, to be more like him.  Lifeless with no feeling.  Doc pauses then slaps his glass across the room and it smashes against the wall.  "Is that enough feeling for you?" he asks.  He then gets up, and walks out.

Wynonna finally speaks up and asks what do they do now.  Nicole suggests that maybe she and Waverly can go to Dolls' hotel room and find him something nice to wear.  Waverly asks how are they going to get in.  Nicole discloses that she has a key (which gets a look from Wynonna) and explains that it was in a professional capacity.  Two officers in the line of duty.  There is more to that story, but we will never see that side of the conversation.  Wynonna puts out there that she doesn't even know where Dolls is.  Nicole says that Jeremy is doing the autopsy which upsets Wynonna greatly and she rushes out of the house.

Doc back at the bar is in his basement.  Apparently there was a break in and he is none too happy about the lack of respect.  However, all he sees missing is the banana liquor.  However, what he doesn't see is that the BBD serum for Dolls is missing. He hears a noise upstairs and pulls his gun and goes to investigate. He finds a man in his bar saying he just got off the bus and could use a beer, but instead has found himself at gunpoint.  He is also pointing a gun at Doc.  Doc says it seems they have "a classic Mexican standoff" to which the man points out that is is probably not very PC to refer to it that way anymore.  Whatever.  Doc informs the man that the bar is closed and will remain closed due to them having a wake.  The man claims he knows that it is for Xavier Dolls.  Doc is still not convinced and cocks his gun.

At the hotel room, Waverly and Nicole are looking through what there is of Dolls' stuff.  "I have seen monks who have more shit."  Waverly observes  Nicole chuckles. Somehow the conversation turns to Nicole's story of when she was young and went to a music festival here in Purgatory with her aunt and uncle.  There was an attack and a lot of blood and screaming. She thinks it was the demon that dolls killed.  She was lied to for years that it was a forest fire, but as she has looked into it, it seems that Black Badge didn't want info leaked and burned the forest to cover stuff up. 

Waverly comforting Nicole.jpg

She made it to a boat and someone eventually saved her, but she couldn't save Dolls.  She begins to cry.

Back at "basecamp" Wynonna comes bursting in yelling at Jeremy to put down the scalpel.  He puts his hands up.  He has no scalpel and there is no body as she can see. 

Jeremy in lab.jpg

He doesn't need to do an autopsy on Dolls because he knows exactly what killed him.  Wynonna knows now that Jeremy knew something was wrong with Dolls and didn't get told about it.  She's mad.  Jeremy says that he was ordered by Dolls not to tell anyone and that he was respecting his wishes.  Wynonna doesn't care.  She thinks that more could have been done, but Jeremy tells her that there is absolutely nothing anyone could have done.  He himself had tried.  It was the Black Badge serum.  Wynonna tells him that she will never forgive him for this.  Jeremy pauses for a sec and then says, "I get it.  It's easier to blame me than the dead dragon."  Wynonna gets pissed and tells him to pack his stuff and leave, he is not needed here anymore.

Wynonna meets Quinn.jpg

Wynonna goes back to the bar, only to find Doc laughing and drinking it up with a man she has never seen before, but his hands are bound with christmas lights.  Doc introduces him as Ramon Quinn.  But the man says that just "Quinn is fine."  Wynonna asks Doc if he knew about Dolls dying.  Quinn steps in and says that of course Dolls was dying.  His body couldn't handle the stress of it anymore and it was amazing he lasted as long as he did.  "Probably by sheer will." he says.  Wynonna asks if he knew Dolls.  "Better than anyone." he says showing a bunch of dog tags.  He adds that now that Black Badge is in the wind, no one has that serum anymore.

Meanwhile in some cafe nearby, a revenant shoots himself up with some of the stolen serum.  They want the power that the Black Badge agent had and then they will be unstoppable.  Or so they think.  He starts to change and goes bezerker mode on a fellow comrade.

Back at the bar Wynonna finds out that Quinn found out from an ad in the back of a magazine that Jeremy probably was told to do by Dolls when he was gone. Apparently it was in a special code that only their squadron knew so that when one of them died....they are all dead now.....they could attend the funeral without Black Badge showing up.  He talks about how Dolls was a rebel.  He escaped the facility six times in three months.  Wynonna wonders why Dolls, if he knew he was that bad, didn't seek help.  "Maybe he stuck around for you." Quinn remarks.  "No maybe about it." Doc adds.  Wynonna leans into Quinn and says he is allowed to stay for the wake, but then he is leaving and he had better not try anything while he is there.  Especially today.

Waverly and Nicole are still at the hotel room.  They had found an envelope for Wynonna that said "When I am gone" on it.  They are shocked to think that Dolls knew he was dying and didn't tell anyone.  They talk a bit about how Nicole doesn't want Waverly's pity and Waverly counters with that it is going to take a little bit to process the fact that her girlfriend was involved in a supernatual massacre.  They promise each other not to die and kiss.  Then they see a shadow of someone running past the window.  The only problem.....they are 3 stories up and no balcony out there.

They run outside and Waverly is trying to guess what or who it is.  A voice says, "You can call me Katelin." and Kate grabs Waverly's purse and runs.  They try to run after her, but as Nicole points out, she "can run pretty fast for a hot chick."

There is a sweet moment with Wynonna and Nedley in the morgue. 

Nedley with Wynonna morgue.jpg

He was there to make sure no one did anything with the body.  Wynonna admits that she used to think he was an asshole and Nedley says that he used to think the same thing about Dolls, but he saw that when it comes to saving the world one had to have some selfishness.  He tells Wynonna that the body will be there for as long as she needs.  Thank you Nedley.

The wake begins.  Whiskey is poured and a toast made to Dolls. 


Waverly got to make her sandwiches after all and everyone seems okay.  Waverly sees Doc across the way and goes to talk to him.  He interrupts her and apologizes for his behavior earlier.  Also, he wishes he could take back the last words he said to Dolls which was they were both destined for Hell.  Waverly is shocked and Doc confides in her that he himself has been there.  He went there when Dolls shot him in the alternate reality.  He has come to the conclusion that he is destined to return there no matter what.  (Somehow I REALLY don't think that is going to happen)

Waverly understands and feels for him, but she needs Doc's help in the now.  She explains about the envelope for Wynonna from Dolls and that a hot chick with a perfect purple pout came up and stole her purse and that was in it.  Doc curses under his breath and says he knows who the thief is but they need to keep it on the down low.  They quickly go out the back and take off.

A quick moment with Wynonna and Quinn.  Quinn wasn't one of the ones (who have some weird nicknames...like Jingles) who were experimented on because he was the wrong blood type.  However, Black Badge would never simply give up Dolls and that there is a good reason his other team members are in unmarked graves.

Jeremy and Nicole are in the basement.  Nicole looking for some more vodka and wonders why Jeremy is down there alone.  He is looking over the carnage of the break in and just shrugs when she says that he should be upstairs too.  He looks and sees that the BBD serum is all gone.  Someone stole it!  Just then you can hear demonic voices coming to the bar.  

Drugged up demons in bar.gif

When Nicole and Jeremy arrive upstairs, a bunch of revenants come bursting in totally high on the serum..  A fight ensues with Wynonna having a few good one liners as she shoots them back to hell.  "This is a memorial dipshit.  Did you even bother to bring a casserole?"   When there is a small lull in the fight, she quickly calls Doc, but gets Waverly.  They are on an errand Waverly explains and will be back real soon.  "In the middle of a wake?" Wynonna asks.  She goes on to explain what is going on there and for them to get the hell back to the bar ASAP.

Doc and Waverly arrive at the house.  Waverly asks who this woman is, even though she suspects who it might be.  "My wife." Doc says simply.  "Is there anyone in this town without a secret wife?"  Waverly asks.

She is my wife.gif

Inside, Kate is waiting for them.  Waverly gives her a talking to and Kate turns over a card and it is the angel card, but it is upside down.  Waverly says something to Doc about Kate being such a.....and Kate gets offended.  Waverly just threatens her with a stake.  She wants her purse back.  Kate gives it back and Waverly makes sure the envelope wasn't open.  Waverly points out that if they are to exist together in this town, they all need to learn to live together in it and leaves.  Kate stands next to Doc and says she sees why he likes the little one.  A lot like Wyatt, full of spirit.  Doc says, that Waverly isn't even an Earp and walks out,

Kate looking at angel card.png

 Kate picks up the angel card and says "She is something alright."

Wynonna has a quick conversation with Nicole who gives her some tough love.  The grief is not only for her to bear and the wake isn't for her either.  They all loved Dolls and they all can grieve for him.  Wynonna says she told Jeremy to pack his stuff and leave and Nicole tells her she had better go stop him.  

Wynonna gets to the station to find that Quinn has Jeremy tied up to a chair and is "doing bad things with [Jeremy's] best stapler".  He knows that Jeremy can synthesize the serum and wants it.  Jeremy of course is trying to tell him that is the problem.  It was stolen and even if he did make the same stuff, obviously it didn't work.  Of course, he gets hit with the butt of the gun.  Quinn says that he didn't do the experimentation, but he did help in other ways and he is pissed at Black Badge and wants to take the serum and storm the headquarters.  Jeremy is Black Badge, so in his eyes, shouldn't be trusted. 

Wynonna putting down gun.gif

She slowly puts her gun down (with the whiskey bottle of course). Wynonna says she trusts him and goes on to tell Quinn that he really shouldn't do what he is thinking of doing.  Being that angry and retaliating will not bring Dolls back.  Everyone, including herself, has had to deal with the death of loved ones, sometimes in horrible ways. It is how they choose to deal and mourn the death of those loved ones and it is their burden to carry throughout time.  Besides, she says, Dolls would not want any of them, including Quinn to do this.  Quinn hands Wynonna his gun. Later, he leaves on the bus and Wynonna hands him the dog tags and tells him that he had better not be seen back here or she will come after him.

A little later, Wynonna finds Jeremy at the morgue and he nervously replies that he is relieving Nedley to watch over the body.  They kind of talk and make up and Wynonna says that Dolls' body can never be used for currency.....ever.  There has only been one option.  Jeremy agrees.

The next scene is probably the saddest.  There is only a sad song playing about "going home" and Wynonna brings the ashes of Dolls in a wooden box up the hill.  The others are waiting at the grave.  She gently puts it in the grave and then everyone adds something.  Waverly adds a scarf, Nicole adds his credentials and badge, Doc adds that fine bottle of whiskey, and Jeremy adds Dolls' favorite mug. 

Wynonna hanging her necklace.gif

The last is Wynonna who puts the necklace she has worn forever not in the grave, but hangs it on the tombstone. 

Gang around Dolls grave.jpg

They all stand, some hugging, silently and mourn their friend Xavier Dolls.

Later at night, Waverly and Wynonna are sitting outside in the cold all bundled with blankets around the fire.  They talk of what their plans might be when they die.  Waverly tells Wynonna that she found out that there is no plot for her with the family.  Wynonna waves it off and says that is fine, she wouldn't want to be buried there anyway, because the view sucks.  It is a view of the high school and who wants to see that.  Wynonna says that in 80 years or so she and Waverly can be buried right there on the homestead anyway.  She has always watched out for her little sister and Waverly is stuck with her forever.  That is fine by Waverly.  When Wynonna says that Nicole can be buried with them too, Waverly tells her about Nicole's vulture idea.  Oookaay.  

Wynonna Waverly around fire.jpg

Waverly hands Wynonna the envelope from Dolls.  When she opens it there is a big picture of all of them at a restaurant at a table with Dolls taking the selfie so he is in the foreground.  Waverly says she remembers that night, but what does it mean?  "Keep going.  Keep fighting."  Wynonna says as she looks at a smaller black and white photo that was also in there.  One of just her, that must have been Dolls' personal photo he kept of Wynonna.  He wants them to LIVE.

The episode could have ended there and I would have been happy, but no.

Doc returns to the Gardner house to see Kate.  She is sitting by the fireplace playing around with her tarot cards again.  "Is there nothing you would do to get under my skin?" Doc asks her when he comes in.  "You keep pushing me away.  You gave me no choice." she replies.  "He (Wyatt) also never stopped looking for you. Spent thousands. Hired trackers. Ultimately, it broke his heart." she adds.  Doc says he thought he had a full life and died in Hollywood as a stunt rider.  Kate says that is true, but when she had learned Doc was gone, it nearly.......but when Wyatt told her before he died that Doc was still alive, she knew what she had to do.  "And what is that?"  Doc asks as he removes his gun belt.  Kate comes up to him, removes his hat and says anything she has to. "No teeth, Kate." Doc says to her, finally giving her what she wanted, for him to say her name.  I am both mad and confused at the same time.  What the hell is Doc playing at.  Does he still love his wife (who btw in REAL LIFE they were notorious for their loud and sometimes violent fights) and is going to screw over Wynonna's feelings, or is he playing both sides of the fence?  UGH.

Overall, a very satisfying albeit sad episode.  We didn't want to lose a main character, but if you watch enough of these supernatural shows, a character we love tends to sacrifice themselves to save others and we have to say goodbye.    Goodbye Dolls.  We loved you too.