Wynonna Earp S3 Ep7: I Fall To Pieces (aka...you will too)

Earpers falling to peices

Wynonna hugs Waverly.jpg


Okay, so, some are saying they think this is just a “filler” episode.  I don’t think that is entirely accurate.  I mean, at some point, Wynonna and Nicole would have to learn to work together.  Michelle was bound to take off at some point too.  I mean it is rather surprising that the cops haven’t shown up in Purgatory looking for her yet.  We wanted some more of Nicole’s past and we got a doozie and we cried.  Wynonna finds out the truth about Doc and she reacted just like I would have and I cried with both of them.  Damn it all!  This show is stressing me the hell out this season!

I swear.  I try, I really do, to try to type a small recap / review.  However, Wynonna Earp is one of those shows that is so well written and has such good stuff going on, that I can’t.  I just can’t.  I don’t want any of my readers to miss anything and to read this and say, “Okay, now I HAVE to watch the actual episode!”  So, here we go folks!

We open with, ugh….Wynonna and Charlie in a firetruck trying to get in another…..well…I can’t put that word here.  You know what I mean. Wynonna swears that this is going to be their last time.  Yeah, right.  Charlie thinks it is good stress relief and they should continue.  They almost get all their clothes off and get going when two familiar voices are heard.  By the way, they are in a firetruck IN THE firehouse!  It is Waverly and Nicole handing out fresh coffee to the fire crew and thanking them for their service and dedication.  They don’t think so fondly of Sheriff Nedley, but Nicole assures them that it will be different when she is Sheriff. 

Inside the truck, they are getting dressed and Charlie remarks that he actually didn’t know Waverly and Haught were a thing.  He assures Wynonna when questioned, that Purgatory Pride is his favorite event every year.  She is surprised to hear they have such an event and a firetruck gets painted the rainbow colors.  Charlie also says that Nicole warned him about her….how she is a hot mess.  Wynonna thanks him for the uh….”Pump?” she says and Charlie replies with “That’s gross.” Wynonna tries again….”Backdraft?”  and Charlie questions her “Did we do that?”  “Heeeeeaaat.”  Wynonna says and they kiss and fall back and her hand hits the firetruck alarm. 

A very embarrassed Wynonna climbs out of the truck and everyone is there staring.  She says there is nothing to see here but a grown ass woman with grown up needs simply leaving a firehouse.  Because, you know, that is a totally everyday occurrence.  Nicole asks if she needs a ride.  “I had a ride.  I need a nap.”  Wynonna answers.  Then admits that yes, she needs a ride.  Waverly asks if her and Doc are no longer a thing.  Wynonna answers curtly, “We were never a thing and I haven’t seen him in a week.”

Doc and Kate in morning.jpg

At Kate’s house Doc is lying on the floor with Kate in front of the fireplace.  He lifts his hand and suddenly jumps up as the ring of Bulshar is burning him.  He runs to a vase and ….oh, my…..I see ass cheeks.  His chaps are open.  LOL.  He takes his hand out and looks at the ring and says, “What have I done?” 


The bitch of a wife (sorry…I can’t stand her…) says that the ring is rejecting him as he is now a vampire that makes him compromised.  However, not to worry, because they are together forever like he wanted.  Ummm…..I think YOU wanted that Kate and took advantage of the situation.  Doc moves to a mirror and looks at himself, runs a hand over his chest and says, “Just like I wanted” just as his image is disappearing.

Frat boys singing it up in a jail cell at the station.  Sheriff Nedley tells Wynonna that they are from the city and their party bus was confiscated.  Waverly finds Jeremy asleep at his desk and wakes him up.  She asks what he is doing.  He has been working on trying to figure out where Bulshar might have moved his operation since they closed down the other one.  Waverly thinks that is great, but that Jeremy, not even knowing what day it is, really needs a falafel and some rest.

Nicole and Wynonna are in the Sheriff’s office and are moving a bookshelf while Nedley sits at his desk.  Behind the shelf is a door.   “We finally get to see your sex cave?”  Wynonna jokes with him.  He says it is more of a closet and hands them keys.  He explains that it is evidence and notes on cases that were a little on the supernatural side.  Wynonna asks why he didn’t give them to Dolls.  Nedley says he wasn’t sure whether to trust Dolls at first, but now he knows.  They look inside and there is quite a bit of stuff. 

Wynonna inside the closet.jpg

Apparently, he has been collecting this since he became Sheriff.  “It’s like Hoarders meets Storage Wars.” Wynonna jokes.  It is up to Nicole and Wynonna to work together to figure out what to keep and what to burn.

Nedley checks with Nicole on how it is going getting backing from City Council on her becoming Sheriff.  She complains that Bunny Loblaw won’t return any of her calls and still reigns over City Council with an iron fist.  Nedley tells her that Bunny can smell fear and she needs to learn to hide that and take control of the situation.  Nicole runs off to make another phone call to Bunny to set up a meeting. “Bunny’s gonna eat her for lunch.”  Wynonna remarks to Nedley.

Doc is at the Earp Homestead in the barn looking for a can or container to put the ring in.  He finds one and remarks that it will have to do when he hears the cocking of a rifle behind him.  It is Michelle.  She tells him it isn’t a good idea to go sneaking around with an armed mental patient on the loose.  “I thought we were friends.” Doc remarks to her.  She laughs and says that he bailed on her Christmas feast.  He apologizes and says that very important had come up.  He turns around and Michelle “You’re gonna make it up to me. Don’t worry.  I’ll drive if you’re too tired.”  She needs to leave for a while, to get out of town and to get going or she is gonna roll him for the keys.

Nicole and Wynonna start to argue about cleaning out the closet.  Wynonna is sitting reading old notes and finds a picture of a “baby” Nedley when he was just starting out and had a kids with him. With Nicole getting mad because of lack of help, Wynonna rushes in with attitude and starts throwing things out as “crap” or “not crap”.  Nicole goes to stop her just as she has a black weird looking mirror.  They struggle over it and Wynonna lets go, making Nicole lose control of it and it falls and breaks on the ground.  “Smooth move Ginger Spice.  You just earned yourself seven years bad luck.”  Wynonna says.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the Triangle, a small shed explodes (by the way there are creepy looking scarecrows on that fence) and a very ugly looking dude I nicknamed Mr. Fugly emerges carrying very large hedge clippers.  He’s a very happy, jolly sort.  If you bought that last line you have never watched this show.

Wynonna goes to the bar and meets Nedley there.  He is drinking Ginger Ale.  She orders her usual, a whiskey and leave the bottle.  She shows him the photo she found.  “It’s like your upper lip is wearing a skinny tie” she jokes with him.  He looks at it and smiles.  He asks how the evidence closet is going and Wynonna accuses Nicole of smashing stuff and complains what it is like trying to work with someone with a “pickle up their ass” and that the woman is all work and no play.  That someday she is going to snap and chop up someone with an axe.  Nedley says to go easy on Nicole and slides the picture back to Wynonna.  “You two have more in common than you think” he says as he points to the little girl in the picture.

Nicole is at home trying her best to get ready for the Bunny visit.  She turns her back for a second and hears someone behind her.  She is startled to see Bunny is there and has let herself in.  She offers to take the woman’s coat, but is told, “What.  So you can rifle through the pockets?”  Then she freaks when she sees Calamity Jane the cat and tells Nicole that either the cat goes or she does because she is deathly allergic. So, poor Nicole picks up the cat and runs her upstairs.  Bunny takes the opportunity to look around and sees a picture of Waverly and Nicole together.  She makes a face, slowly puts it down and says, “Disgusting!” as she walks away.

Michelle and Doc are at the Earp gravesite.  Michelle places flowers on the grave which has both Ward’s and Willa’s name on it.  Doc says he is very sorry, but Michelle says that Willa was Ward’s pet and was a spoiled brat with a mean streak. “She would have made a terrible heir.”  Doc reminds her that Willa was just a child. Michelle looks at the grave and touches Willa’s name and apologizes for not being there to protect her.  She suddenly gets up and walks off. Doc yells after her, asking where the hell she is going now.  “Come on. I’ll tell you which way to turn.”  She yells back to him.  Doc begins to complain, “It’s freezing out here.” And she tells him to “Stop being such a wiener. Besides, I know you have a bottle of Tequila stashed under your seat that will get us through.”

Back at Nicole’s, poor Nicole is trying to have a nice conversation with the wicked witch of the universe.  Nicole tells her that she has great plans of how to run the office more efficiently and ways to make the town safer.  “Well, that is all fine and good, Deputy Haught, but my main concern is this.  Randy Nedley is full of SHIT!  I am so sick and tired of being kept in the dark about all the strange occurrences in Purgatory.” She goes on to say that she refuses to be lied to about what is going on “in HER town under HER nose.”  Nicole asks what she means.  “Well, you tell me.  That is why I am here.  Unless, you don’t want to be Sheriff.”  She adds not to give her “that hooey” about costume parties gone out of control or escaped zoo animals.  Nicole tries to say that Purgatory is a “special” place with “special” challenges. 

Then Wynonna comes bursting in and says she needs to talk to Nicole for a minute.  Nicole says it isn’t the right time, but Bunny smiles and says that it is in fact the perfect time because she was thinking of backing Wynonna Earp as Sheriff.  Nicole can’t believe what she is hearing both her and Wynonna laugh thinking Bunny is joking, but she isn’t.  She says that Wynonna is “a straight shooter and one tough bitch”

Wynonna heyo offered sheriff.gif

and that the Earp family is one of the original families.  She calls Nicole nothing but “a fly-by-night outsider and a “little too…..different.”  Nicole has heard enough and grabs Wynonna and takes her to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, Wynonna is laughing “Wait until Bunny learns about Purgatory Pride!"  Nicole asks what she is doing there.  Wynonna says it is about her (Nicole) and Nedley.  But before she goes on she reverts back to the Bunny situation.  Laughing again, she says “Wait.  Did Bun Buns really just say I could be….”  Nicole interrupts her, “OH, no.  You can NOT take that job.”  “I don’t want that job.” Wynonna says.  Nicole says that is good because Wynonna would have been terrible at it.  She has no police training, is terrible with authority and isn’t even qualified to work at a Chipotle’s” Wynonna takes offense and says that maybe she WILL take that job and be “Sheriff Nedley 2.0” and would be Nicole’s boss. 

They are still arguing when Bunny turns around and at the window is Mr. Fugly and she yells out and falls face first on the floor.  Wynonna is coming out of the kitchen about to “go get stuff done” and sees Bunny on the floor.  “Balls!  Bunny’s dead.”  She yells to Nicole.  Nicole rushes out and sees Bunny there and the cat sitting on top of her.  Nicole rushes over and says that Bunny is “deathly allergic” and to get her purse.  “Right!  Cash!”  says Wynonna.  Nicole yells “No, for medicine!”  They dump the purse looking for an allergy medicine and find a lot more than just that.  Wynonna finds Oxy and Nicole hits it out of her hand.  They find one and give it to Bunny with some tea which makes Bunny cough and wake up. 

They help Bunny up and out to the police cruiser.  Nicole says it will be faster to use that with the sirens on. Bunny is complaining all the way.  She tells them not to take her to Purgatory General as there are “too many immigrant doctors there”.  Nicole just shoves her in the back of the car.  She tells Wynonna to go back inside and grab Bunny’s purse.  They argue over who is going to go back inside and Nicole finally says she will, but Wynonna has to be right, so she is going to.  As they argue back to the front door, two of the frat boys sneak into the police car and take off.  Bunny is screaming in the back seat about what is going on.  Nicole runs out into the road and exclaims, “You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!”  Wynonna chuckles and says, “Look who needs my help now.”

A little bit later, Nicole comes out of the house with Bunny’s stuff and finds Wynonna trying to hotwire the car.  She tells her she actually has the keys and that she should actually drive because she is the cop and it would be seen as commandeering the vehicle for official police business.  Wynonna says there are bigger fish to fry and shuts the door.  Nicole decides she will call Waverly then. 

At the station, Waverly is on the phone with Nicole.  Jeremy and she are logging into the computer to track the GPS of the police car.  Jeremy laughs and says that they are having some super bad luck today.  “Speed it up Jagged Little Nerd.”  You hear Wynonna say through the phone.  Jeremy quickly locates the car, and it is parked.  However, Waverly says that they need to hurry.

It seems the two stupid frat boys decided to go to a biker bar run over by revenants.  They get to the police car and Bunny starts screaming at them.  She tells Nicole “Get me out of here you white trash tart.”  Yeah….sure helping your situation there honey.  Let me get right on that.  I would actually move a hell of a lot slower just to make it more amusing to myself.  Nicole finds the extra key and goes to unlock the passenger side door and guess what…..it breaks.   Bunny of course screams at Nicole calling her a freaking moron.  Wynonna pulls her gun and aims it at Bunny who backs up, but Nicole stops her saying that the bullet could ricochet and hit Bunny.  Wynonna raises her gun again thinking it is worth the risk.  “OR US.”  Nicole adds.  Wynonna puts the gun away. Nicole wonders if they could call the fire department to come rip the door off.  Wynonna thinks that is a bad idea because the fire crew would never let the Sheriff’s office live that down.  Wynonna thinks their only option is to go inside and “find Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Douche” and get the original keys.  They wander to the bar and peek inside. 

WynHaught peeking in bar window.jpeg

There are quite a few demons in there.  Nicole says they are outnumbered and wouldn’t want Bunny seeing them shooting anyway.  Wynonna scoffs and takes off.

Along a roadside, Doc and Michelle are leaning against his car.  She is working on that bottle of Tequila.  She tells Doc how growing up, she couldn’t wait to join the rodeo circuit to get out of the hell hole of a town.  However, she came back one August weekend, got drunk and pregnant and ended up marrying Ward Earp.  “Well, he did give you three beautiful daughters” Doc remarks.  Michelle says, no only two.  “Waverly was Julian’s, remember?”  Doc pauses then asks, “What’s it like being with an angel?”  Michelle simply answers with a question.  “What’s it like being with a demon?”  She changes the subject in a way.  She tells Doc how Julian made her feel like she didn’t have to break her spirit to be happy.  That the night Waverly was born, Ward pushed Julian out of the Ghost River Triangle.  Right where they were standing now.  Doc asks how she knows this and she says that Bobo DelRay told her.  “You talked to him?”  Doc asks her.  She says she did more than talk.  She gave Bobo the dinner Doc refused and she gave Bobo his freedom.  “Are you out of your godforsaken mind woman?!”  Doc exclaims.  Michelle stays calm as usual.  “Yes, I think we have already established that.”  Doc tells her that she has unleashed a monster.  Michelle tells Doc that Bulshar is risen and it will take monsters to fight a monster.  Doc reminds her that Bobo has tried to kill her own daughters multiple times and she doesn’t get to make these life or death decisions for them. “Who’s gonna stop me?  You, Johnny Hank?”  Michelle asks.  “If necessary.” Doc says getting closer.  Michelle smiles and says it looks like they are finally really talking, so ….”Here are my terms.”

At the Revenant Roadhouse bar, the two frat boys are tied up back to back sitting on the bar.  The demons are trying to figure out the best way to kill them.  Wynonna and Nicole manage to sneak in and almost get the keys from the one guys pocket when they are discovered.  They want to kill both of them as well.  However, Wynonna says to the one who seems like the leader that he seems like a sporting type.  What would be the sport of “ripping Dumb and Doucher to shreds”.  She says they should let the boys go and they can have a contest. 

Wynonna and Nicole bar contest ideas.gif

A drinking contest.  If the girls win, they get to leave unharmed.  If the demons win….well…..they can kill them.  “You could have just offered them cash.”  Nicole tells Wynonna who realizes she really didn’t think it through to the end.

Back at the station, Waverly is getting worried because neither her sister nor Nicole are answering their phone calls.  Jeremy brings up a review of the events thus far.  How what has happened seems spectacularly unlucky.  That makes Waverly think and they rush to the office.  They find the broken mirror on the floor and hope that if they put it back together it will fix the problem.

The drinking game is on at the Roadhouse.  They have gone a few rounds already with shots.  Wynonna takes a shot and chases with a beer.  They call for another type of liquor which is gross tasting by the looks of it.  They count to three and drink.  The demon looks like he is about to puke.  He brings up the shot he just had.  Wynonna claims they have won fair and square and to uncuff them, but spills her beer bottle.  The leader demon grabs it and sniffs it and says she was cheating as she was spitting her shots into the bottle every time.  Nicole asks where she got that idea.  “I learned it from Coyote Ugly” she says.  “Oooooh!  I love that movie!” says a very drunk Nicole.  The demon says now he gets to break their necks and all the revenants shout. Wynonna and Nicole quickly get up, Wynonna pulls out Peacemaker and they make a run for it.  They are trying to run in knee deep snow with chain handcuffs on, through the woods.  Wynonna is telling Nicole to hurry up and Nicole is telling Wynonna she is too drunk to keep up.

Doc is at Kate’s house going through some of her things.  He comes across some ID’s and Driver Licenses.  “You’ve found my mementos.”  Kate says coming into the room.  Doc says they are more like souvenirs of people she has killed.  Kate says that it a vulgar way of putting it.  Doc says it is the truth.  Kate asks if he is helping Wynonna and Doc says “In a matter of speaking.”  Kate has to point out that she must be some woman if he is willing to give up one of his precious pistols as Doc wraps stuff up in a sheet.  Kate thinks it is sweet that he still thinks Wynonna will still want him.  “You know how your jealousy bores me” he says to her.  “As you are” Kate adds.  “Wynonna made me the way I am” he says and

Kate gets mad at Doc.jpg

Kate comes at him growling and bearing her teeth.  Kate suddenly does her thing of turning all sweet and says, “My Henry.  The greatest gunslinger that ever lived.  A filthy, rotten scoundrel.”  Doc slaps her hand away from his face.  She adds that how sad it is all this stuff he is doing for her.  For what?  Doc says that she (Wynonna) thinks I can be better.  “Than what?” asks Kate.  It’s beneath you.  Wynonna is breaking your spirit.  I love you.  At your worst, or even more.”  Kate says as she leans in and kisses him.  Doc pauses, then pulls away.  “Then you should know that I am a man that does not do ultimatums or likes to choose.”  Kate laughs.  “You and I are linked together forever.”  She challenges Doc to go see if Wynonna will welcome him back into her bed.

Back in the woods, Wynonna and Nicole run and then stop because they are arguing.  Nicole thinks Wynonna needs to get her head out of her ass because she isn’t the only one who has suffered through something.  Wynonna makes fun of Nicole and says in a whiny baby voice that oh, yeah, Nicole survived a massacre.  She quickly makes a face saying she regrets saying it like that.  Wynonna brings out her gun and Nicole yells how immature she is.  The damn gun is jammed.  She adds that yes, Nicole survived a massacre, but to get back to her when she is cursed.  She tries to aim the gun at the chain, but it is still jammed and then an axe comes flying out of nowhere and hits a tree nearby. 

Wynonna and Nicole see axe.jpg

They turn and find that the revenants have found them.  The leader says how they are “such catty little bitches” and that they are so deep in animosity that they are basting in it which will make them tastier.  Wynonna and Nicole face each other.  “You be Scott.”  Wynonna says.  “You be Tessa.”  Says Nicole and they start to fight.  Peacemaker finally after a few dead clicks decides to start working and that axe comes in handy.  The chain they still have on also is handy for breaking a neck.  However, when they think they have them all, the leader comes from behind and grabs them and bends them over backwards under his arms.  He asks if they have any last words.  They say a few, but then the revenant is killed by something behind him. 

Gnome kills demon.gif

It is Mr. Fugly.  “You owe me a wife!”  he tells them as he closes his clippers.  They both decide that this is a worse situation and make a run for it.

Back at the station, Waverly is just about done taping the mirror back together.  They are missing a piece she yells to Jeremy who comes flying into the room with it.  They have it all back together and hope that they fixed the situation.  Just then Nicole and Wynonna come running in yelling about a mountain man.  “A gross, scabby mountain man!”  yells Wynonna.  Jeremy looks at Waverly and says it looks like that it didn’t fix it.

Mr. Fugly comes marching in.  Waverly tells him to wait just a minute Gandolph but he throws her to the side.  Jeremy grabs a broom and yells, “You SHALL NOT PASS!”  and the guy just roars into Jeremy’s face and Jeremy tells him “Yeah, you just do you” and goes to help Waverly.  He looks at Nicole and Wynonna and tells them again that they owe him a wife and to choose.  Waverly hears wife and grabs Jeremy and they make their way to the office.  Meanwhile, Wynonna and Nicole are trying to tell Mr. Fugly why the other would make the best wife. 

In the office Waverly says that it must have been something else.  They find large pieces of what seems to be an oversized garden gnome.  Jeremy yells to the girls that he is a gnome, but Wynonna doesn’t see how that is helping their situation.  Waverly and Jeremy take the gnome figure to the desk to use the tape to try to put it back together.  Mr. Fugly gnome gets tired of the talking and yells at Wynonna and Nicole to stop talking and grabs them and lifts them up by the neck.  They have to choose who is going to be his wife.  Waverly says they have one more piece and it is……boobs. 

Waverly and the gnome boobs.jpg

It is a lady gnome!  She tells Jeremy to put that piece on but Jeremy sees a lawsuit just waiting to happen.  Waverly goes ahead and, wishing they had a gnome bra, tapes the last piece on and turns it towards the big guy.  Lightning strikes and the figurine is in one piece.  The big guy drops Nicole and Wynonna.  “Monique!  You are okay.”  He picks her up, hugs her and walks out.

At the Earp Homestead, Doc has arrived with a car he says he found at the roadhouse with the keys still in it.  Hmmmmm…looks a lot like Bunny Loblaw’s car!  LOL!!  Michelle looks in the sheet and sees the supplies Doc has brought her. 

Michelle checking the goods.jpg

There is some cash and a ‘new’ ID.  She remarks that she knew an outlaw would get what is needed when she needed to get out of Dodge fast.  However, she refuses to take Doc’s pistol, as he might need it in the future.  “Otherwise, nicely done Johnny Hank!”  she tells him as she puts the stuff in the back seat.  “Wish I could say the same.” Doc remarks.  “Is this where you beg me to stay?”  Michelle asks him.  “I do NOT beg.”  Doc tells her.  Michelle goes off on that it seems to be her lot in life to have to leave to save those she loves.  She says Doc knows what she is talking about, that he recognizes her and what she is doing.  Doc answers that she is leaving and putting her family in mortal danger.  Michelle says that if Julian is outside the Ghost River Triangle and if he is still there, she needs to find him.  Doc says that from the moment she walked into that barn she knew he would make her leave and would help her do so.  “Sometimes it takes a monster” she says to him touching his hat.  He grabs her wrist.  “Wynonna will be angry.” Doc says.  “She won’t be angry with you.  She always seems to forgive you.” Michelle replies.  Doc says that she still might not escape Wynonna’s anger because she is abandoning her family for….love.  “Oh.  Like I am gonna let a vampire lecture me on love.”  Michelle quips as she gets into the car and leaves.  Okay…..how the hell did Michelle find out? 

At the station, Wynonna is startled to find Bunny standing at the counter.  She claims it was only a “fancy faint”.  “Yeah, the cat made a bed in your ass crack.”  Wynonna remarks.  Bunny tells her that the doctors say she is as healthy as an ox.  “And the cankles to go with it.”  Another wonderful remark by Wynonna.  Well, Bunny says that she is there to let Officer Haught know that despite that day’s events, she will NOT be getting her support for Sheriff.  Wynonna drops what she was holding and goes over to Bunny.  She says that despite her best interests, Nicole did what was right.  She always does what is right and that is someone who should be Sheriff.  She reminds Bunny who saved her life that day.  “Perhaps.  But she does not belong here in Purgatory.  She is not our…..people.”  Bunny says with her nose in the air.  “Are you a xenophobe or a homophobe?”  Wynonna asks her.  “Why….pick….just….one?”  the bitch replies.  Bunny tries to leave, but Wynonna stops her and grabs her wrist.  She tells Bunny that they should talk about what really happened today……what she saw.  Bunny tells her that it was all a dream…..a very bad dream.  Wynonna informs her that in fact it wasn’t a dream.  That she really doesn’t want to know all those little secrets that Nedley has been trying to hide or cover over, because that monster she saw today was just the very tip of the iceberg.  Wynonna threatens Bunny saying that if she doesn’t back Nicole for Sheriff, she will personally bring that monster and all his demon friends right to her house.  Bunny thinks she is bluffing, but Wynonna assures her she is not.  Bunny leaves, claiming she needs to go to church.

Wynonna turns and sees Nicole standing in the doorway.  She has heard pretty much all of it and thanks Wynonna and offers her a beer.  It seems she can now hear space and time with this hangover.  Wynonna is shocked about having a beer at work.  Nicole laughs and says that some rules are meant to be broken sometimes.  Nicole calls a truce, but Wynonna calls it a win. 

Nicole and Wynonna make up.png

Wynonna tells Nicole that she used to think Nicole was an outsider too and that she would freak out and leave and Waverly would have a broken heart.  Nicole assures her that she loves Waverly.  Actually, she loves Wynonna too (not in the same way of course) and that she is often jealous of Wynonna for being….well….Wynonna.  “You’re staked to this land, same as me.”  Wynonna tells her and shows her the picture of young Nedley and Nicole.

Nicole goes and finds Nedley in his office.  She hands him the picture.  “You were so damned scared. But still so damned tough.” He tells her.  He tells her that somehow she managed to get into a canoe to safety and he found her down river.  “You’re the one.”  Nicole says quietly.  Nedley just says that he kept an eye on her afterwards and what kind of parents let a six year old go to a music festival in the woods.  Nicole smiles and says her parents were nothing but selfish and that they don’t talk anymore.  Nedley asks if it is because of who she is.  “Yeah, a cop” Nicole says.  Nedley tells her that when he heard she had joined the police academy, he couldn’t resist offering up the post.  Nicole says when she saw the post, she knew she had to take it and that is where she was meant to be.  “Everything good I have in my life now, is because I came back to the Ghost River Triangle.” Nicole says with tears in her eyes.  Nedley pauses and looks at her.  “You’re like a daughter….to me.”  He replies. 

Nicole hugging Nedley better.gif

Nicole starts to cry and gives him a big hug.  He has tears in his eyes too.  “Thank you.  You are a tough act to follow.”  Nicole tells him.  Nedley just looks at her and says, “I’m not going anywhere.  Not if you really need me.  Congratulations Sheriff Haught.  You’ve earned it.”

Wynonna returns home to find Waverly at the table crying and holding a letter.  “She’s gone.”  Waverly tells her sister.  “She’s gone to try to find Julian.”  Waverly gets up and Wynonna holds her little sister. 

Wynonna hugs Waverly.jpg

Waverly cries and says that they had just had a wonderful Christmas together and it was so nice.  Wynonna tells her that they can spend their entire lives trying to figure out why that woman does what she does….and they have.  Wynonna is facing the table and sees there is a letter from Momma just for her.

Wynonna has read the letter and is headed outside.  She stops short on the porch, startled to see Doc standing in front yard.   

“Good evening” Doc says with a tip of his hat.  He comes up onto the porch.  “I come bearing gifts” he says, handing Wynonna a handkerchief with something in it.  Wynonna opens it and is surprised to see Bulshar’s ring.  Doc tells her it should protect her in the upcoming battle.  Wynonna asks him how he got it as Nicole was the last one to have it. 

“Details are a little foggy.  You know how I like to day drink” he tells her.  “Why don’t you keep it?”  Wynonna asks.  “Anyone ever tell you not to look a gift horse in the mouth?” Doc replies not really giving a definite answer.

Wynonna changes the subject.  “Did you spend the day with my mother?”

“Well, she essentially treated me like her Ober.” Doc says

“Uber.”  Wynonna corrects him.

“What she told me may require some explanation.” Doc says to Wynonna coming forward.

“She thought so too” as she looks at the letter and Doc reaches for it, she pulls away.  “Lemme just read it to you.  ‘Dear Wynonna, Don’t trust Doc Holliday.  He is not what he says he is.’” Wynonna looks at Doc after each sentence.

“Did she also say she set Bobo free from the well?”  Doc asks, clearly trying to steer clear of where this conversation is going.

“She does love to burn a place down before she runs.” Wynonna says, not really acknowledging the Bobo being free thing.

“The recklessness of her actions- I do not see how she could remain here and keep you safe.”  Doc says, once again trying to steer the conversation away from the inevitable.

“Just tell me what you did.”  Wynonna demands straight faced, not losing eye contact with Doc.

Doc’s face at this point is pure fear.  His eyes are wide as he looks at Wynonna. 

“Who are you?”  Wynonna asks him when he doesn’t answer about what he did.

“Who I’ve always been.”  Doc says with a hint of pleading in his voice.

“Don’t talk to me in riddles!”  Wynonna says raising her voice and getting frustrated.

“How should I talk to you then?”  Doc asks her

“Like you give a shit about me!”  she yells at him.

Then it really starts…..

“YOU refused ME!”  Doc hisses at her.  Wynonna slaps his face.  Well, Wynonna THAT IS TRUE. 

“Wynonna, I DO care….” Doc says, but gets another slap across his face from Wynonna before he could continue.

Doc gets closer to her.  “You are runnin’ out of road woman!” You can see his eyes starting to water.  More likely from the emotions running raw than the slaps.

“Tell me what you are.”  Wynonna demands.  Doc doesn’t answer.

Wynonna slaps him a third time and this time the vampire anger emerges.  His eyes glowing and his teeth bared and a deep growl.  He suddenly stops himself, covers his mouth as he calms down and backs up away from her.

Doc vampire out to Wynonna.gif

“Kate.  You let her do this?”  Wynonna asks.  Doc has visible tears in his eyes.  “She had you.”  Wynonna adds.

“It was the only way.”  Doc says……a lame excuse.

“What about us?  What about….ALICE?”  Wynonna asks him now crying herself.  “What would our daughter say if she knew her father sold his soul?!”  Wynonna demands of him, digging the knife deeper.

“You, of all people, should understand the sacrifices that have been made.”  Doc says.  Again….not a great excuse dude.

“You wanted your immortality that badly, you…..selfish asshole?!!”  Wynonna screams at him tears streaming down her face.

“You watch your mouth!”  Doc yells, coming at her again without the vampire face.  Again, he quickly recedes realizing he snapped again.

“BITE ME.”  Wynonna says right in his face.

She starts to back towards the door.  “There are some…..advantages…..to you being a vampire”  she says to him.  Doc, tears in his eyes, shakes his head.  He knows what she is getting at.  “John Henry Holliday,  you’re not welcome in my home anymore.”  Wynonna says…sealing his fate of being able to step foot inside the house ever again.


Doc, tears running down his face, tries to plead with her.  “Don’t do this.”

Wynonna turns and opens the door.  “No, YOU did this” she says as she steps inside and shuts the door.

Wynonna takes a few steps inside and stops.  She is totally stunned by this, but most of all her heart is broken.


Okay….I am crying.  My heart is broken.  I love Doc and wish he and Wynonna would work this out.  I keep praying that maybe the vampirism is reversible somehow, but unlikely.  This final outcome is BOTH of their faults.  Wynonna….I mean come on!  You keep pushing away a man you love over and over again because you are afraid and don’t think you deserve him.  His wife is back in the picture.  Where the hell do you think he was going to go if he felt you didn’t want him?  You were busy screwing Charlie to try to forget your feelings!  However, Charlie is reversible.  He can be pushed out of the picture.  Whereas Doc……Doc, you were selfish as hell.  You have always worried about losing your immortality.  Even if your tuberculosis is returning, it can be cured in this day and age.  You don’t run to your wife and the second thing your do (first thing was sleeping with her) is fall for her bullshit and let her turn you.  Wynonna reacted just like I would have.

We don’t have too many episodes left, so this is going to stress me the hell out the rest of the season isn’t it? 

Please….Please tell me what your thoughts are on this episode and the whole Doc / Wynonna dynamic!